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The Psychedologist is consciousness positive radio. This show engages with topics of psychology, non-ordinary states of consciousness, culture, sexuality, sustainability, wellness, and community. Sometimes all at once... and, sometimes with special guests!

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Healing Sexual Trauma with Psychedelics: Laura Mae Northrup of Inside Eyes

Laura Mae Northrup is the creator and host of the podcast Inside Eyes, a series that explores the use of entheogens and psychedelics to heal sexual trauma.  She is a practicing psychotherapist and educator. Her work focuses on defining sexual violence through a spiritual and politicized lens and supporting the spiritual integrity of our collective humanity.  She is a champion of living more fully engaged and responsible lives through the healing use of entheogens and psychedelics.  She lives and works in Oakland, CA. Shownotes: https://thepsychedologist.com/laura-mae-northrup-of-inside-eyes/ Website: http://insideeyespodcast.com/ Instagram: @lauramaenorthrup   Twitter: @inside__eyes Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LauraMaeNorthrup Email: insideeyespodcast@gmail.com


24 Aug 2019

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An Audio Journal of My Iboga Experience

This episode is an audio journal of my journey to take Iboga to address my lifelong problematic relationship with food and body dysmorphia. Part I was recorded in the car on the way to the ceremony.  Part II was recorded 5 days after the experience- it’s a conversation with one of my partners, Matty, who brought me to and from the ceremony. Part III are my reflections at two months post-ceremony. Between the sections we have included recordings of the Bwiti songs which were played during my ceremony.

2hr 3mins

22 Mar 2018

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Fungi Academy

Fungi Academy is mushroom education center, a creative and educational co-living space, nestled in the hills above the mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.I interview two pairs of amazing folks from Fungi Academy in San Marcos Guatemala. Tabea, Leo, and I discuss the Academy, their backgrounds, and what they've learned from joining the core team at the school. Then Alessandra and Seth dive into ecology, psilocybes, bioremeditation, psychology, and what led them down their individual paths.

1hr 37mins

11 Mar 2018

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Psychedelic Summer School - Week 2: What's Happening to my brain?

In this episode we talk about different psychedelic substances and how they work on the brain and body.Jake is a paramedic with 4 years experience, first aid and mental health first aid instructor, and harm reductionist. He is currently studying addictions and mental health to expand his knowledge and advance his skill set.


26 Jun 2018

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Life, Death and the Ultimate Happiness with Ixchel Yaah

Ixchel Yaah, [ee-shell ya], life coach, originator of fun anklets, in service of the divine feminine, goddess of light and love, joins the show to talk about death, life, and the ultimate happinessLinks:https://www.facebook.com/inthepresenceoftrees/ https://www.facebook.com/getupliftedmindbodyandsoul/


18 Jul 2018

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Tantra Punk Episode: Psychedelic Sexuality

In this episode, originally aired on Tantra Punk (tantrapunk.com), Matt and Leia engage in a round table discussion on responsible psychedelic sexuality with Ben.

1hr 24mins

3 Oct 2018

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David Nickles and the Dire Need for Systemic Critiques in Psychedelic Communities

http://the-nexian.me/14-news/250-an-open-letter-regarding-the-statement-on-open-science-and-open-praxis http://the-nexian.me/14-news/251-considerations-on-the-breach-of-the-statement-on-open-science-and-open-praxis

1hr 18mins

21 Aug 2018

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Joe Moore from Psychedelics Today

Trigger warning: this episode briefly mentions suicide.Permaculture, the state of the psychedelic movement, diversity is intelligence, ableism and counter-indications of psychedelics and the gray areas of psychedelic use for people with mental conditions, cultural and religious tolerance, patriarchy, suicide and my radical idea about cognitive liberty and our right to kill ourselves, ritual, secret magical mystery societies, ethics in psychedelic facilitation, Michael Pollan’s new book, and much more.

1hr 31mins

16 Jun 2018

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Ryan Westrum

In this episode, Dr. Ryan Westrum comes on the show to discuss psychedelic integration, sexuality, transpersonal psychology, current trends and issues in the psychedelic community. We ended the conversation and then went on to have an even more fantastic conversation, which I decided to include with Ryan's permission. :) enjoy. Show notes and links: https://thepsychedologist.com/dr-ryan-westrum/

1hr 2mins

8 Aug 2019

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Psychedelic Summer School - Week 3: Holding Space

What does it mean to hold space? How can a sitter effectively support someone through a difficult experience? What does it mean to hold space for yourself? We go into all of these things and more in this episode of Psychedelic Summer School with Kyle Buller of Psychedelics Today.


3 Jul 2018

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Psychedelic Summer School - Week 6: Crafting Intentions

What is an Intention? Why create an intention for an experience? What is the difference between an Intention and an expectation?In the 6th week of Psychedelic Summer School, Leia talks about creating intentions and how this may influence journeys.


24 Jul 2018

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Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy with Jessica Petrone, LPC

Jessica Petrone, LPC, has a passion for the natural world and a heart for being helpful. She has been lucky in her path to find the field of Ecopsychology, through which she has been able to blend her worlds of interest into her work as a Holistic Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Ecotherapist, and Psychadelic Integration coach.

1hr 13mins

2 Sep 2018

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Psychedelic Summer School - Week 10: Integration

How can one begin to convey the messages from visions and experiences in states of altered consciousness? Is there a way that these revelations can live on in my daily life? Yes! It's called Integration.


30 Aug 2018

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Bett Williams

In this hilarious, wise and heart-filled episode, Bett and Leia share some back and forth on the current climate of psychedelia. Bett graciously reads us two amazing excerpts from her upcoming book, The Wild Kindness, and we reflect on the moments that draw us to ask ourselves, "what do I stand for?"

1hr 35mins

16 Apr 2019

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Daniel Sitaram Das of Mt. Tam Integration

Daniel Sitaramdas comes on the Psychedologist to talk about Integration and our 6 week intensive online course coming up this September, 2018.Tam Integration’s 6 week Integration Online Intensive is designed to create a powerful container for people with emerging spiritual visions. The six sessions will offer group members an opportunity for community connection, coaching, guidance, and accountability.


21 Jul 2018

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Kristopher Stone - Conscious Cock

Kristopher Stone is a Sex educator, relationship skills teacher and author. He works primarily with heterosexual men and couples to help them get what they really want out of their relationship and sex life. https://consciouscock.com/


17 May 2019

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Dawn D. Davis, Peyotist

Dawn D. Davis is a mother, a wife to Dr. Cleve Davis, a micro-farmer, a Ph.D student at the University of Idaho and an Indigenous researcher. Dawn continues to discuss endangerment levels of peyote and perpetuation of wild peyote populations among peyotists. She exercises laughter and practices humor often. Dawn will be presenting about her research in Peyote at Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics this October, 2018.


30 Sep 2018

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Danielle Negrin of the SFPS on Psychedelic Support and Recovery

Danielle Negrin of the San Francisco Psychedelic Society comes on the show to talk about the SFPS and its current events, including the Psychedelics and Recovery support group. website: psychedelicsocietysf.orgemail: Psychedelicrecovery@gmail.comFB: Danielle Negrin, Psychedelic Recovery Insta: @entheogenicrecoveryInsta: @connectwithdInsta: @psychedelicsocietysf


24 Feb 2019

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Cosmic Sisters

This episode is a riveting mashup of three short convos with women I had the pleasure of meeting on Cosmic Sister’s trip to Peru this March! Dawn is a Biochemist and Ecologist with a passion for sustainable agriculture development and bees! Chioma is a massage therapist, yoga instructor & meditation facilitator. Sarah Baldwin is immersed in the world of herbalism, writing and teaching about the physical and spiritual benefits of healing plants.

1hr 26mins

18 Apr 2018

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Sea Glassman, Humanitarian Philosopher and Creative Entrepreneur - The Benevolent Net

Sea Glassman is a visionary performance artist, director, playwright, painter and conceptualist whose belief in the better and infinite nature of humanity makes for lots of talking to strangers and fallings down rabbit holes. She is on her 14th of 50 Living Rehearsals of a new original rock opera and hopes to tour in 2019. She is in development on two humanitarian projects with historical and literary themes. Follow or contact her on Instagram or Twitter @seaglasswoman

1hr 4mins

20 Dec 2018

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