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Need a laugh? A pick-me-up? A hot-button topic to debate with your lady (or lord)? Tap into C & C for weekly chatter about sports, music, food, & a bunch more stuff you sort of care about... Jason Papagan & Anthony Pisch love Boston & Philly sports, respectively. But this isn't just a sports podcast. Transplanted to their new world suburbia outside Raleigh, North Carolina, the boys chat weekly about movies, TV, music, sports, food, beer, reindeer games, winning their men's softball league championship, and whatever else topical comes up. Drop in for a minute... #thatsright

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Ep. 177: Back on the Casting Couch

It's another session of casting couch - America's second favorite game, where we recast a current day reboot of some of our favorite childhood TV shows. Today we tackle Night Court and Who's the Boss. But before we get there, we have a few hot takes on football, some shout-outs, including Andy Cohen for preaching about the REAL Journey!


20 Jan 2022

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Ep. 176: Sitcom Casting Couch

Inspired (or uninspired) by Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear's casting in their recent Facts of Life/Different Strokes reboots, we decided to do our own recasting of a few of our favorite old sitcoms, as if they were rebooted today for some ridiculous live performance with random actors who were too old or completely miscast for the parts. We bring you a NEW cast for Three's Company, Gilligan's Island, Happy Days, and Cheers! In our version of this game, we take all the allowable C&C liberties and talk through which actors of today, regardless of age, would make up super fun casts for these reboots.


2 Jan 2022

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Ep. 175: Ugly Xmas Sweaters, White Elephants, & Sports Hate

It's a bonus holiday/football episode! We play a round of America's Favorite game, "Who Sucks More?" and ask why ugly Christmas sweaters are still in my life. And what's the difference or the best (or worst) among white elephants, yankee swaps, and secret Santas? And why are these a thing? Then some sports takes and a bunch of ways we'd make the NFL better in a classic "If We Ran It."


23 Dec 2021

Rank #3

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Ep. 174: Holiday musings - part 2

As we tend to do, we rambled long so we split out holiday episode into two parts. Here's part 2, where we ask the questions of why the Sex and the City gals are still in my life? (along with adults playing teens on 70's sitcom remakes). Some debate about family size vs. party size vs. king size vs. super size, and an "If we ran it" about how we would organize things if we ran the National Snacks Classification Commission (NSCC). We discuss the Mac Jones era and Jason eats a tiny bit of crow for welcoming Bill Belichick back into his life. After a little discussion of the current states of Boston and Philly sports teams, and an on-air reveal of the new Bean Bag Studios cards that Santa left in our stockings, Anthony calls himself out in this week's "Get your ass back on track."


11 Dec 2021

Rank #4

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Ep. 173: Family Size Holiday Pod - part 1

Thanksgiving stories, B.O. vs. T.O. (taco odor), and all kinds of bitching and moaning about the holiday season. We cut it into two parts because it went so long so here is the first 40 minutes.


5 Dec 2021

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Ep. 172: Homecoming Weekend

Tom Brady returns to New England, and why is The Addams Family still in my life?


2 Oct 2021

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Ep. 171: Mac, Shaq, and Uber Whack & Jack

We put up the Scram signal and Jason can't hold back his excitement over the start of the Mac Jones era (and the end of the Scram Newton era) for his beloved Patriots. We take a bite off the Shaq-a-Roni pizza pie when Shaquille O'Neal endorses C&C. Upon discovery of "Swimply," the VRBO-style swimming pool rental app, we workshop our own new "shitty" ideas including "Uber Johns" and "Uber Jacks." And why is the McRib still in my life?


11 Sep 2021

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Ep. 170: Gold Medalists in Podcasting

We've got 99 reasons why the Olympics would be better if we were in charge! By 99, we mean a few, but who's counting. I don't know, but I know who's NOT counting... Olympic Cyclists. Let's get to it...


5 Aug 2021

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Ep. 169: Salad Not Salad

Does a salad have to have greens to call itself a salad? We discuss the shortcomings of starch slathered in mayonnaise, an impromptu stud envy cherry-picking fantasy draft, and a whole lot more!


18 Jul 2021

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Ep. 168: Willy Waveman All-Stars

You've heard of famous athletes whose names suit their job perfectly - like basketball's Tim Duncan, football's Joey Goodspeed, or professional poker player Chris Moneymaker. Well, in this episode we give you a few of the lesser-known folks that belong to that club... aka, the "Willy Waveman All-Stars." Also, why is the Noid back in my life???


13 May 2021

Rank #10