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A podcast about underappreciated music - whether simply underrated and forgotten, or overhated.

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Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush - With Fire the Canon

Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights is an absolute classic, and in this episode, I'm joined by Fire the Canon: Theo, Jackie and Rachel are here to talk Emily Bronte's original novel, and the classic prog song based on it.Check out their podcast! https://firethecanonpod.com/


19 Oct 2021

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What Is Progressive Rock?

WHAT IS PROGRESSIVE ROCK? Beyond being the coolest genre ever, of course.Well, in this episode of the Underrated/Overrated I tackle this MOST important of subjects. I talk about all the classic prog bands from Jethro Tull, to Yes, Rush and ELP, and what distinguishes this genre from other similar genres.Why is it different from art rock and jazz fusion?In fact, IS IT different? Who knows! Well, you will once you've listened to this.Check out this playlist of prog rock if you're new to the genre https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1G6BrJ4ez7U1Edn9llFtLR?si=e0a90835b85e4d33


25 Sep 2021

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Repetition Legitimises - Adam Neely's Idea Applied to Songwriting

Repetition legitimises is an oft repeated phrase - basically a meme unto itself these days, and Adam Neely's videos on it are great... but what if we take that idea and run with it a little?This video is about applying 'repetition legitimises' a bit more widely in songwriting.


6 Sep 2021

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Music for Gawain and Chill (From Genesis to Renaissance)

With the recent release of the Green Knight film - based off of a medieval romance - I thought I'd make a shorter video recommending some songs worth listening to get into that medieval vibe. If you love prog or folk, check out the songs I talk about:Gryphon - The Plowboy's DreamRenaissance - The Vultures Fly HighStan Rogers - Witch of the WestmorlandGenesis - Dancing With The Moonlit KnightAnd honourable mentions to: Magna Carta, The Strawbs and Carolanne Pegg.The playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leQMXTmucOE&list=PLjFvLpebHshXXlOgbmqx2uWkkbS2m-vXjAnd a full playlist with even more songs:https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6FW1o7QSUxabRln5bMjOnE?si=57b597cc37884115


16 Aug 2021

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Slowhand and Van - The Rebels (Two Legends Ruin Their Legacy) with Elections, Generally

This is another episode where instead of talking about underrated music, we look at something worth mocking.This time we look at the latest song released by Eric Clapton and Van Morrison. Not only is the song a real disappointment, but both Clapton and Morrison have been upping the ante on their wacky political views recently.Joined again by Elections, Generally: go check them out!


11 Aug 2021

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Lawrence Fox's Awful Music (with Elections, Generally)

Ahh Laurence Fox - more famous these days for talking rubbish on TV and radio than for being an actor, this man of many *ahem* talents has also had a go at writing and recording music. Which went about as well as you might expect.In this episode, I am joined by Michael and Alex from Electrions, Generally, talking about Laurence's godawful music. We talk about this playlist of dreck:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s9F8IEVH10&list=PLjFvLpebHshULr7qTMVP_s5q0-waKJdMwThe DistanceThe Distance (live on Jeremy Vine)Trainers


4 Aug 2021

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This Song Is Terrible and I Love It - God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood

Hmm - I still can't work out whether I love this song or hate it. A bit of both I guess.In this video I talk about patriotic songs generally, and go on a bit of a historical and cultural journey through right wing nonsense. It's a wild ride, but a fun one.If you want to hear what a Brit thinks of American patriotic songs, you're in the right place. In this video I talk about everything from Lee Greenwood and Toby Keith - to Elton John and Woody Guthrie


27 Jul 2021

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Cute or Cringe? The Small Faces - Lazy Sunday

This 60s classic is wacky, eccentric and silly - but is it cringe? Or maybe cute...?Or maybe (just maybe) it's actually neither, and this is a silly false dichotomy. Listen and find out what Jackie from the Fire the Canon podcast thinks of this song (which was totally new to her), and is guided through it by me, BigYellowPraxis/Jacob.Is this is the kind of song that only makes sense to Brits, or can Americans find a place in their hearts for the cockney silliness?


8 Jul 2021

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Is Tennessee Whiskey By Chris Stapleton A Rip Off?

Chris Stapleton's song, Tennessee Whiskey is awesome - but is it a rip off? What even *is* a rip off? Where is the line between 'inspired by' and 'taken from'? Should we even care if a song is a rip off?All these questions and more are explored in this video essay - there are tangents a-plenty, so hold on tight!


4 Jul 2021

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What Makes This Song Work - Ep. 2 Brothers in Arms

What makes a song work? In this episode I talk about The Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms and why it works so well as a song. I go through some music theory stuff, as well as what that actually does for or to the listener


26 Jun 2021

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