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Green infrastructure, green cities, biophillic design, green architecture, green engineering. Whatever you want to call it. Bringing Nature into the City. Connect with me: instagram: jungle_capital twitter: jungle_capital linkedin: John Lieber

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Environmental Professionals: Episode 24 with Twinamasiko pasco

Happy to introduce Episode 24 of Environmental Professionals.  This episode is about conservation and eco-tourism is Uganda.    Twinamasiko pasco is a staunch environmental conservationist with a diploma in wildlife tourism management(wetland management, mammology, botany, ecology, environment management, biostatistics, travel behaviour, eco-tourism, tourism business, range land management, taxidermy, ornithology), and a founder of Bunyaruguru Environment Conservation Association And African pearl tourism information centre and a consultant in biodiversity inventory particularly wetlands.  You can contact Twinamasiko here:  Whatsapp: +256703301628 /+256784391805 Email: twinamasikopasco@gmail.com  Facebook pages: Twinamasiko pasco  Bunyaruguru Environment  Conservation Association : African pearl tourism information centre    "LOVE FOR NATURE BROUGHT US"


22 Feb 2021

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