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Hello and welcome to The Silver Lining. My name is Line Paras (Counting Clouds) and I'm thrilled to be offering you this opportunity to take a look behind the curtain of my life as a professional bookkeeper and financial bosslady. I am to provide you with loads of information and help you navigate some of what you've been hearing from your accountant, from the ATO, from social media, from your annoying friend who's got their finances in order and really think they can help you. Let me be that friend.

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Episode 2 - From Pandemics to Ponchos feat. Tom Harris

This week Line is joined by founder and managing director at White Sky Group, Australia's largest music and entertainment accounting services business. Tom also manages kids entertainers Teeny Tiny Stevies. They had a fascinating conversation that touched on how small businesses are surviving, or hibernating, how COVID-19 is affecting the hospitality vs entertainment industries, what we can do to support Australian businesses throughout the international travel lockdown, and they maybe got a little bit political towards the end if you make it that far. Which you should. Also you will be kept up to date with all the latest in our regular segment News From The Bosslady. 00:55 Introspective Introduction04:20 News From The Bosslady06:15 Conversation w/ Tom Harris (White Sky Group, Teeny Tiny Stevies mgmt) Produced by Gus RigbyTheme music by Josh Barber @barbershopsoundsJazz Guitar by Sam O'Halloran @ohalloransam


21 Apr 2020

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