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Spirit of Design delves deep into the unseen elements of design and holistic sustainability. Join us for open conversations with creatives, scholars, activists and others, to envision alternative design futures that are diverse, inclusive, community-centric, and in symbiosis with ALL life on this planet.It is our hope that these thoughtful conversations offer new guiding imageries for designers, creatives and anyone else feeling the disconnect of these turbulent times, so that we can work toward envisioning regenerative and connected futures. Your hosts: Amie B. + Ania Z.

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Truth Telling & Call-Out Culture

This week's new episode is another chat between us on a topic that is effecting us all - truth telling and call-out culture.  In order to be able to bring in our desired futures and do expansive visioning we need to be able to hold space for multiple truths and creates safe spaces to share our truths.  In this episode we explore: + our own experiences surrounding the current paradigm of calling people out and online shaming  + why there is no ultimate truth and truth as being contextual + how dogma in various environmental and social justice movements keeps us from missing the point + how we need to focus on what we actually want for the world  and loads more... We hope you enjoy this conversation, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on this pertinent topic.  Ania & Amie xx


11 Feb 2021

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Future Fashion Visions

Welcome back to season two of Spirit of Design Podcast!We are so excited for all that we have to share with you on the podcast this year, but to kick off 2021 our first offering for the year is our vision for the future of fashion. Visioning is such a powerful exercise, and we encourage you to make it your own and bring it with you into 2021! - Amie and Ania


27 Jan 2021

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Connection to Place with Amie & Ania

Today's episode is an exploration the importance of connection to place for sustainable fashion futures. Ideas we explore in this episode: Asking where does connection to place fit within fashion? How do you connect with a place when you are displaced from your traditional roots? Reponsibility to place. Being in a reciprocal relationship with place  Rethinking fashion education- what if we began with place? Truth is never absolute but emerges from place and therefore multiple truths can exist.  and so much more... Mentions and Resources: Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson Yunkaporta Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sustainability5.0/ Website https://sustainability5.world


10 Dec 2020

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Rest as Power with Amie B. + Ania Z.

Ep. 22 Rest as Power This week we’re finally back after a long hiatus to chat about rest as power.We pressed record planning to do a follow up episode to one of our last conversations but the topic of rest as power was so relevant and something we’ve both been leaning into over the last couple months. We deep dive into:-the idea of rest as power and rest as a revolutionary act-the different kinds of rest (hint: it’s not only naps)-how rest allows us to be in relationship -why test is important for the future of fashion-expanding time through relationships -time as a social construct And so much more!Guiding questions for this week: “How can each of us lean more into rest, even if it’s initially uncomfortable”Resources and mentions:Nap Ministry on InstagramSand Talk by Tyson Yunkarportawww.sustainability5.world@sustainability5.0


10 Nov 2020

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Responsible Fashion Photography with Eunice Pais

Date: 03/09/2020Ep. 21 Responsible Fashion Photography with Eunice PaisThis week our guest is Eunice Pais. Eunice is a self-taught ethical fashion photographer based in Portugal.Her journey in photography started three years ago with a question: “Can photography be responsible ?”Through partnering with ethical fashion brands she was able to develop and implement environmentally and socially positive methods of work in her fashion productions.This year, she decided to elevate the initial personal project even further. By creating an agency that promotes carbon neutral and regenerative systems of opportunity in photo productions, she can champion ethics in image making while pushing for a more equitable industry.Using photography as an agent of change.This week's episode with Eunice was a deep exploration of what it means to be a responsible photographer, artist and storyteller.We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!We explore:-What it means to be a responsible photographer and storyteller-Representation and inclusion in image making and fashion-Elder wisdom-Sustainability as not only a political and  social, but also an artistic stance-The need for reconciliation in the fashion industry...and much more.“There is a difference between working with responsible fashion brands and being a responsible photographer. You can tag along with the former but you must be the latter.” -Eunice PaisResources and mentions:You can find all of Eunice’s tutorials on Responsible Fashion Photography on her Instagram profile.You can find Eunice online at:Website: http://www.quasi-australis.com/aboutInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/quasiaustralis/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quasiaustralis/To find out more about Sustainability 5.0 and Spirit of Design podcast you can go to:Website: www.sustainability5.worldInstagram: www.instagram.com/sustainability5.0


3 Sep 2020

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Zero Waste Fashion Design with Holly McQuillan

Date: 19th August, 2020.  In today’s episode we chat to Holly McQuillan. Holly McQuillan’s work in the field of zero waste fashion design, articulates sustainable fashion systems and practice. She focuses on issues such as transition design, the impact of technology and how these can challenge established design, production and use practices. Holly co-authored Zero Waste Fashion Design with Timo Rissanen and together they are currently writing the second edition. She also co-curated Yield: Making fashion without making waste, the first contemporary exhibition focussing on zero waste fashion, and developed the award winning open-source zero waste resource Make/Use. Her work always seeks to broaden the impact of zero waste and sustainable fashion design through research, publication, workshops and lectures. Currently she is a PhD candidate in Artistic Research at the Swedish School of Textiles exploring zero waste systems thinking through the innovative design and production of textile-forms.  We chat about zero-waste design thinking, aesthetics, using technology for fashion futures, evolving designer roles, fashion post-covid and so much more. This was one expansive conversation that we hope you’ll enjoy!  Resources + Mentions:  - Website -  https://hollymcquillan.com/ - Instagram - @holly_mcquillan Make/ Use - https://makeuse.nz/ - Zero Waste Design Collective - https://www.zerowastedesignonline.com/ - Timo Rissanen - https://timorissanen.com/about/ - Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth - https://www.kateraworth.com/doughnut/ - Clo3D digital fashion software - https://www.clo3d.com/ - Kathryn Walters Textiles - https://www.kmwalters.com/ - Earth Logic Fashion Action Research Plan - https://earthlogic.info/ - Fully Automated Luxury Communism - https://luxurycommunism.com/about/

1hr 22mins

19 Aug 2020

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Expansive Visioning for Fashion

Expansive Visioning for Fashion - Podcast Ep. 19 This episode was our favourite joint episode we’ve recorded together so far. We’ve been feeling the need to really explore visions for a new fashion future and in this episode we share some of our ideas, some of the visionaries whose work has inspired us, and we try to push the boundaries of imagination for what is possible in the future of fashion.  We chat about things like:  - Encompassing a balance of the feminine and masculine energies  - The role of technology in our futures  - A balance between the spiritual and physical worlds.  - Returning Earth to the commons - Gifting economies - De-gendering fashion - New money systems and questioning and rethinking the social agreements we have made  - Dismantling the hierarchy of fashion with percentage based salaries. - Partnerships vs. “representation and inclusion” Guiding questions:  - 10x thinking: Think of what you want and expand it by 10, 100 (question borrowed from Hayley Carr). - What would this ideal future look like 10 times? 100 times? (question borrowed from Hayley Carr).  - If we were already there, in our ideal fashion future, what would we be doing differently? (Hayley Carr)  - What does fashion/ design look like when it goes beyond creating more things? When it is based upon cultivating relationships, community, care towards ourselves, one another and the Earth?  Resources: - Hayley Carr - Dissolve Problems by Thinking Bigger (a guide) podcast episode: https://blubrry.com/superfreak/65164640/dissolve-problems-by-thinking-bigger-a-guide/ - De-gendering fashion by Alok Vaid-Mennon, on the Conversations with Jason Campbell and Henrietta Gallina: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/conversation-alok-vaid-menon-is-degendering-fashion/id1328893989?i=1000459631480 -Sacred Economics by Charles Eistenstien - https://charleseisenstein.org/books/sacred-economics/ - Robin Wall Kimmerer - Braiding Sweetgrass

1hr 13mins

3 Aug 2020

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Reflections on Race and Privilege with Amie & Ania

Ep. #18 - Reflections on Race and Privilege with Ania & Amie Date: 16th June, 2020. In today’s episode we come together and reflections amongst us about the current racial issues happening within our world. These are musings from our own current experiences, where we chat about race, privilege, the importance of self-reflection at this time, shame and guilt, and we finish off by posing some questions that may help us imagine more inclusive and diverse futures. As always, this comes from our own personal experiences, where we believe that there exist multiple truths. Take what you want and leave the rest. Lots of love, Amie & Ania. Resources + Mentions: Our BIPOC resource list we have started putting together (a good starting point). Podcast - The Conversations - ‘Can we talk more about black trauma in fashion?’


16 Jun 2020

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Meaningful Sustainability with Bandana Tewari

This week our guest is Bandana Tewari. She is a lifestyle editor, bad-ass sustainable activist and formerly held the prestigious position of editor-at-large, as well as the fashion features director of Vogue India. She now writes for Business of Fashion, and speaks internationally on India’s fashion craft traditions, the lessons of Ghandi and the place of consciousness in fashion. In this episode we talk about everything from spirituality and fashion, to the Western world's long history of appropriation and extractive relationships with Indian and other cultures, the impacts  of colonization and capitalism, and importance of culture and diversity moving forward. Its a rich and deep conversation and I hope you get as much out of it as I did. We chat about: -The lessons of Ghandi and the khadi movement -Cultural appropriation and extractive relationships with ‘developing’ nations -The importance of cultural diversity -Spirituality and sustainability -Ancient wisdom of Vedanta Resources + mentions: Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative: https://www.culturalintellectualproperty.com/ Craftsmanship for Green Future https://2ed60751-dfd5-4fb8-a9d3-737773398787.filesusr.com/ugd/d5b008_75e700c55bd84fe4a702cafc2df27b7a.pdf Follow Bandana on: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/behavebandana/ Twitter https://twitter.com/behavebandana?lang=en Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bandanatewari/ Business Of Fashion  https://www.businessoffashion.com/community/people/bandana-tewari


2 Jun 2020

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Post-Corona Futures with Peta Kelly

Date: 21 April 2020This week our guest is Peta Kelly. Peta earned a first-class honors degree but at the age of 22, following an unseen pull towards something more, she dropped her Ph.D. and future career as a science nerd. Driven by a desire to retire her mum and change the narrative for the millennial generation she started her first business pursuit in network marketing and went on to be earning 7 figures a year by the age of 26. Setting her up to be able to do all the things her soul called her to. She's the jeaniius behind The New Way Live events, Supercharged program, Earthess and a bunch more. She is one of the most generous angel givers I know,  the author of Earth is Hiring, Earth is Hiring for kids and last week launched her newest book Stop Missing the Point. When it comes to business and creativity she has so much grounded brilliance to share with our generation. With the offering of this episode, we honor everyone's experience of this moment right now.  For some the global pandemic has been a time of heightened creativity and a welcome break from the chaos of everyday schedules, a time to spend with family. For others its been a terrifying experience facing financial insecurity or the loss of loved ones. Without bypassing any of the very real experiences that people are going through right now this conversation is a very forward-thinking one. We explore what the coronavirus means now and for the future and how essential personal choice is for creating a future that is fairer for all. Peta shares thoughts on the future of money and business and a whole bunch more. As always, take what feels good for you and leave whatever doesn’t. I hope this episode leaves you feeling energized about our shared futures. In this episode we explore:Why the coronavirus pandemic was the only way we could have a collective shift in realityShifting focus from on our systems and money being to blame to self-responsibility How important owning your own choices are and on consciously choosing for things to be differentRethinking our stories about how “it’s not realistic” and “the systems not set up to support me” The role of culture in the futureMoney and business post-coronaWhen our souls work can become self-neglect Humility and the collective and individual lessons brought by coronavirusResources + mentions: Find Peta on instagram- https://www.instagram.com/petajean_/Buy Petas books/programmes: https://www.petakelly.com/shopEarth is HiringEarth is Hiring for KidsStop Missing the PointScripting Mess-ta-classCharles Eisenstein podcast- https://charleseisenstein.org/podcasts/


21 Apr 2020

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