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Join us as we explore the far reaches of the universes within our collective imaginations and tag along on our adventures as we uncover the various worlds that exist there.

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Episode 23 - Clowncraft and Mimery

Join us as we explore where few dare to tread, as we dive into the heavily face-painted, tightly packed oft shunned depths of the world of clowns (and mimes). And boy howdy do we ever redeem those creepy porcelain bastards! If you aren't pining for a 20 movie, hollywood backed clown and mime focused franchise by the end of this then all hope is lost.


3 Apr 2018

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Episode 34 - The Picture of Tom Selleck

What would happen, you ask, if all the worlds governments operated on a strict UFC based caste system, where every time a person breaks a bone they can glimpse 30 seconds into the future? And on top of that what if every painting acted like a horcrux and kept the subject alive forever until the painting was destroyed? We answer all these questions and more in episode 34 of Disposable Worlds!


4 Sep 2018

Rank #2

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Episode 31 - The Palace of the Damned

Dueling is coming back in a big way! And there's only one place that'll satisfy all your dueling weaponry and comfortable slacks needs. You guessed it; Walmart! Join us as we destroy our loved ones in fully refundable sacrificial rituals for soulbound dueling weapons in The Palace of the Damned!


24 Jul 2018

Rank #3

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Episode 33 - Carl Sagan's Rainbow Six

In a world where puberty can change you into any random fantasy creature, you can easily catch magical STDs and potatoes are scarce, the only way to really get by is to grab the joint Carl Sagan hands you when he busts down you door and go with the flow!


21 Aug 2018

Rank #4

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Episode 22 - My Life Eating Chimps

Join us as we explore our tastiest world yet. If you thought you were pretty fond of your loved ones before, imagine how much more keen you'd be for them when as you get to know them better they become the tastiest thing you've ever enjoyed! What could go wrong?


20 Mar 2018

Rank #5

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Episode 36 - I.C.P. Insane Clown Planet

In the episode we explore one of the oldest and most culturally rich subsets of human civilization: The Juggalos. On The Insane Clown Planet there is no crime, no hatred and no pain, only peace, love, good times and of course Faygo as far as the eye can see!


3 Oct 2018

Rank #6

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Episode 29 - PokeWorld

Join as we explore a peaceful utopia as imagined by our divine sexually frustrated and pokemon obsessed savior, little Timmy. A world where sex isn't real, babies evolve like pokemon and you can be Beetlejuiced from out of nowhere at any freakin moment!


26 Jun 2018

Rank #7

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Episode 27 - Fly or Die, Bro

Join us as we reach terminal velocity on the remote chance that we're one of the lucky few who can spread our flabby human arms and fly! And even if we can't, better to die in pursuit of a dream than of boredom, literally.


29 May 2018

Rank #8

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Episode 42 - The Krampus Clause

'Twas the night before Christmas, you could tell by the smell, by the blood and the carnage that made it feel like hell, grab your axe and your cod-piece and prepare your best licks, for the Krampus is coming wielding Satan's guitar picks, but if you should slay him or have a hand in his death, then you'll become Krampus with blood on your breath. Merry nondenominational holiday season ya'll.


25 Dec 2018

Rank #9

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Episode 35 - Manscouts

How do you make the perfect world you ask? 3 words: Macgyver VS Predator. And maybe throw in the organization Manscouts and make the leading international industry shoes for animals just for fun.


18 Sep 2018

Rank #10

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Episode 28 - Face/off 2

In a world where your temperature determines your social worth, people can absorbed by other people, and the earth isn't flat for a change, the question on everyone's lips is who would win in a fight between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson?


12 Jun 2018

Rank #11

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Episode 30 - Gastastrophe

Join us as we explore a world, not unlike our own. A world that heavily diverged from our path long ago in the past. A world that has never known the power and science of electricity or simple machines. An organic flesh based utopia!


10 Jul 2018

Rank #12

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Episode 32 - The Swap N' Pop

Help us unravel the vast witch-based conspiracy behind the addictive nature of online streaming and join us in a world that never had to experience the pain of losing the worlds greatest movie rental franchise! Relive the past and imagine with us a better today in episode 32!


6 Aug 2018

Rank #13

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Episode 41 - The Upworlders

Join us as we explore where E.T. situations with kids and illegal aliens from space is an everyday occurrence, where cowboys are coming back in vogue in a big way, and there's a 50% chance that gravity will inversely effect you.


18 Dec 2018

Rank #14

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Episode 40 - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button World

Hop aboard your weed powered spaceship, take a massive rip from your control bong and take to the stars in the perfect utopia that is the Benjamin Button World! In this world all living beings begin their lives as perfect beautiful bouncing Benjamin Button babies, at least until puberty when they get to select their appearance down to the DNA. Be a dog, a cat or even a ninja turtle and live out life as your authentic self!


27 Nov 2018

Rank #15

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Episode 39 - 00Poppins

Join us as we finally get to the bottom of Mary Poppins magical abilities and uncover her insidious plan to indoctrinate all the worlds children into her magical sleeper cell program. As you might have gathered, this episode is a little buckwild, but what else would you expect from a world where you belch to cast magic, your arms grow and shrink constantly and the most deadly gang in the world is The Platypuses.


13 Nov 2018

Rank #16

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Episode 38 - The Day After Groundhog Day

Feeling lonely? Well, cover all your orifices and dive on in to a whole new world filled with nearly infinite potential sexual options as we explore a world where all living beings can crossbreed and everyone can relive one single day as many times as they wish!


30 Oct 2018

Rank #17

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Episode 37 - Halloween Spooktacular 2018

Join us in an unfamiliar world where the father of the automobile, Mr. Henry Ford, used his dark black magic to cursed the world to suffer the strange fate of growing exponentially relative to how far they are away from their ghost infused cars, where your are randomly assigned both your own personal meaning to life and an object you can summon with your mind, and where ghosts roam free and need to be busted!


16 Oct 2018

Rank #18

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Episode 26 - The Piltdown Man Paradox

The whole world gets Truman Show'd by aliens for the entertainment of a galactic republic. What will you show be? A sitcom, a family drama, an action movie or a time traveling manhunt back in time to inseminate the first man? Choose wisely, your life depends on it.

1hr 2mins

14 May 2018

Rank #19

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Episode 20 - The Megathunderdome

Battle to be the last one standing in this death fueled episode as we explore a world where your limbs leave you in the night, death is a government employee and half the population has to duke it out in a no holds barred, balls to the wall, blood feast, non stop action packed Megathunderdome

1hr 1min

20 Feb 2018

Rank #20