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Feel the power of thinking again about tough issues that so easily divide us. Hosted by award-winning journalist Julie Rose, these conversations will leave you feeling empathetic, empowered, and hopeful. Top of Mind is a production of BYUradio.

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S2 E18 Hope or Dread? Let’s Rethink Aging

Aging brings inevitable changes to our bodies, abilities and lifestyle. But it’s not all bad. Surveys show time and again that people in their 80s are happier than young adults and people in middle age. Yet we all dread the prospect of growing older. In today’s episode, we explore what aging is really like in America right now and how the experience might be better if we stopped fearing it. Guests:Katherine Esty, therapist and author of Eighty somethings: A Practical Guide to Letting Go, Aging Well, and Finding Unexpected HappinessBill Rodgers, decorated marathon runner and Olympian Marc Agronin, geriatric psychiatrist at Miami Jewish Health and author of The End of Old Age: Living a Longer, More Purposeful LifeAshton Applewhite, activist and author of The Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against AgeismDonna Butts, Executive Director of Generations United


4 Jul 2022

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ARCHIVE BONUS: The Other Talk - Why White Families Need to Talk About Race

In this bonus episode from the Top of Mind archive: "The Other Talk." Most kids of color in America grow up talking about racism at home, but most white children don't. They should, though, says author Brendan Kiely. His new book is a guide for starting the conversation about race at home. Then, a short, inspiring chat with a doctor who collects flower arrangements and delivers them to patients in the hospital where she works.


27 Jun 2022

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Featuring: The Lisa Show

We're featuring another one of our great BYUradio podcasts on Top of Mind. The Lisa Show discusses how we can navigate life and parenting. And in this episode, host Lisa Valentine Clark seeks advice on how to be a good parent when the internet and technology are ever-changing.

1hr 4mins

20 Jun 2022

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S2 E17: Finding Family in Child Welfare

Once a child is placed in foster care, they’re reuniting with their parent or guardian less than half of the time. But many child welfare agencies say reuniting families is a top priority. Is it possible to have a system that both protects children and prioritizes families?Guests: Aby, a Mother who reunited with her childDalton Shump, Permanency Case Worker, KVCMolly Tierney, Managing Director, North American Public Sector at Accenture, Former Director of the Baltimore City Department of Social ServicesLynn Price, Founder, Camp to Belong


13 Jun 2022

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S2 E16: Where’s the Middle Ground on Affirmative Action?

The US Supreme Court has repeatedly held that some amount of race-based discrimination is okay in college admissions, if the goal is to create a more diverse campus. But, no one wants to be rejected because of something they can’t control – like their race, or their parents’ income. In this episode, we’ll explore the effects of affirmative action and consider other ways schools might create diversity if the Supreme Court bans race-based admissions decisions. Guests:Zachariah Chou, author of USA Today op-ed "My race may have played a factor in my college rejections, but I support affirmative action"Wenyuan Wu, Executive Director of Californians for Equal Rights FoundationMonica O'Neal, psychologist in Boston and faculty at Harvard Medical SchoolRick Sander, economist and law professor at UCLAAudrey Dow, Senior Vice President of The Campaign for College Opportunity


6 Jun 2022

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S2 E15: Making Room for Refugees

One out of every 95 people on Earth has fled their home because of conflict or persecution. What is the experience of leaving – when you’d rather stay – and resettling in a place where everything is foreign? In this episode, people who came to America as refugees share their stories of heartbreak, healing, and new friendships. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) Guests: Warda Mohamed Abdullahi, Somalian refugee, author of "Warda: My Journey from the Horn of Africa to a College Education"Luma Mufleh, founder of Fugees Family, author of "Learning America: One Woman's Fight for Educational Justice for Refugee Children"Liz Jevtic-Somlai, Associate Director at Their Story is Our StoryAden Batar, Services Director at Catholic Community Services of Utah


30 May 2022

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S2 E14: What Happened to “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”?

18 years. That’s how long Anthony Graves spent in prison for a crime he never committed. Unfortunately, his story is not uncommon in this country. Can we stop wrongful convictions, or are they just the price we pay to keep communities safe? In this episode, we look at how such big mistakes are made in the American justice system and efforts to prevent wrongful convictions.Guests:Anthony Graves, exoneree, author “Infinite Hope: How Wrongful Conviction, Solitary Confinement, and 12 Years on Death Row Failed to Kill My Soul.”David Rudolf- author, “American Injustice: Inside Stories from the Underbelly of the Criminal Justice System”Emily Galvin-Almanza, co-founder of Partners for JusticeWalter McNeil, sheriff of Leon County, Florida


23 May 2022

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ARCHIVE BONUS: The Organ Thieves - A History of Transplants in the Segregated South

Before we were a weekly podcast, Top of Mind was a daily radio show. We were on the air – live - for two hours every weekday. And we did that for seven years. This means there’s a ton of great material in our archive. So, today we’re giving you a taste of that archive. First, we take a deep dive into the history of organ transplant surgery – and its darker side. You’ll hear how the TV world of Star Trek has influenced real science. We’ll be back with a new episode of the podcast on Monday, May 23rd.


16 May 2022

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S2 E13: Finding Our Way Out of Toxic Polarization

Division is nothing new in America, but something about this moment feels different. Why are we so angry, fearful, and ever more deeply entrenched in our safe little bubbles of like-minded people? More importantly, how do we get out? In this episode, the root causes of toxic polarization in America today, practical advice on bridging our differences, and the story of one man trying to change the narrative one difficult conversation at a time.Guests:Dylan Marron, author, “Conversations with People Who Hate Me.”Amy Chua, Yale Law School professor, author, “Political Tribes,” and “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.”Peter Coleman, social psychologist, Columbia University, author, “The Way Out: How to Overcome Toxic Polarization.”


9 May 2022

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S2 E12: Thinking Differently About Mental Illness

The way we think about mental illness from a Western medicine perspective doesn’t fit everyone. More and more people are taking antidepressants, but rates of depression aren’t declining. Meanwhile, some unconventional methods, like indigenous practices and psychedelics, are helping people cope with symptoms. In today’s episode, we show the power of thinking differently about mental illness.Guests: Sam, mental health patientTerrie Moffitt, clinical psychologist, professor, Duke UniversityJoseph Gone, cultural clinical psychologist, professor, Harvard UniversityReid Robison, chief medical officer, Novamind


2 May 2022

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