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This podcast brings you top entrepreneurs who have mastered their craft whether that is marketing, sales, law, or anything you can think of to teach you actionable tips to put into your business today. This show is provided by the Small Business Resource Association in Reading, PA. The SBRA is here to provide your business with the resources necessary to be successful and profitable through loyal, engaged employees with happy, united families.

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Creating Organization and Funding for Your Non-Profit with Mary Chown

Mary Chown is a non-profit fundraising consultant specializing in strategic planning, project development, and increasing capacity through organizational development and fundraising. She specializes in grant writing and grant management and provides guidance and training to non-profit leaders throughout the region, the nation, and around the world.  Originally from Chester County, Pennsylvania, Mary Chown served as director/coordinator and manager for more than 17 years within several various social service organizations throughout PA, CA, and NY before settling in Berks County in 2008. Mary started MECAdvising in 2017 to provide consultation and training for nonprofits and grants colleagues with a specific focus on her regional community.  Mary has provided tailored professional training and guidance in the areas of project development, strategic planning, budget planning, grant writing and grant management to include risk management, grants accounting, and the ever daunting 2 CFR 200. Through strategies and plans, grant acquisition, organizational management, project development, donor relations, and community partnerships, Mary has helped numerous and varied nonprofits achieve great success in advancing their fiscal activities. She has written, received and directed grant programs and projects both nationally and internationally to include a diverse portfolio of funding sources; Federal, State, Private and Corporate and boasts nearly $10M in grants awarded to date.  Mary is a prolific speaker/presenter and has presented on grants and other non profit advancement topics to include Federal grant management, the importance of Strategic Planning, maintaining requirements and ethical standards, and keeping current with federal and state legislation impacting funding and organizations as a whole. She has been sponsored by AFP Berks Chapter, EPGN, CASE, the United Way of Berks County, and others, and presents to a consortium of non-profits from Berks, Chester, Schuylkill, and Philadelphia counties regularly.   Mary achieved her Master’s degree in 2012 in STEM education and held teaching certifications in both Secondary Education and AP Science Education. She has also achieved certification from Villanova School of Business in The Principles of Fundraising, and is a nationally certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS) specializing in Federal Grant management. Mary has received multiple awards for her work and dedication to include “Unsung Hero Award” from Caron Foundation, “Partnership Award” from Raise Your Hand Foundation, and has also gained national and international recognition via newspaper, magazine publications, and social media to include; The AD Times, The RI Catholic, CNA (global), and Holy Family Radio. She served on the AFP Berks Chapter Board, was the POC for the Eastern PA Grants Network (EPGN), and is a member of several local, national and international organizations.  Mary is driven by the achievements she believes are only possible with partnerships, teamwork, and a mission to do great things for others.


9 Dec 2019

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Living Healthy, Living Good with Joel Moceri

Joel Moceri is the Founder and Managing Director of Good Life Organics. In this episode we talk about the importance of what you put in your body so you have the energy and the ability to live the best life possible.


12 Aug 2019

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Creating a Stress Free Work Place with Mark Owens

Mark has been helping clients buy and sell homes since 2000.   Mark comes over from RE/Max where he was in their Hall of Fame. Mark is a lifelong resident of Berks County.  He is a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Industrial Relations.  His philosophy is simple: clients come first. They pledge to be in constant communication with their clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. They believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, they haven’t done their job. They don’t measure success through achievements or awards, but through the satisfaction of their clients.


3 Jun 2019

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Growing Business Through Strong Team Work and Vision with Brennan Reichenbach

Brennan Reichenbach’ s focus is in D&B Elite’s Home Remodeling Division. Brennan, like Dan Gring, also started in construction while attending Elizabethtown College. Brennan worked for Ryan Homes in the Washington, D.C. metro area. After receiving his degree in Business Administration, Brennan moved on to become a construction site superintendent for Richmond American Homes in the company’s Delaware Valley Division, building homes in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In 2010, Brennan founded D&B Construction Group with Dan Gring. With 13 years of construction experience, Brennan has built 250 houses and won awards for community of the year and customer service. D&B Elite is a full-service, design/build construction company located in Berks County, Pa. We provide complete construction services for residential and commercial construction services. From new homes, custom homes, and remodeling projects to office, retail, medical, and industrial projects. At D&B Elite, they believe their people set them apart from the competition. Whether it’s building new homes or communities, a home remodeling project, or commercial construction, D&B Elite is committed to the highest level of service. Offering a combined 58 years of construction industry experience, D&B Elite’s goal is to meet every individual clients’ residential or commercial needs with quality materials, vast design and build experience, attention to detail, and most importantly, superb customer service. Satisfying their clients and seeing their vision come to life is their number one goal. They work closely – from beginning to end – with all of their clients; incorporating all of their ideas and needs into their individual project, while providing practical solutions to problems, and recommendations for every aspect of their home, commercial office or development project.


8 Apr 2019

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The Importance of Working Capital in Any Business with Elvin Rodirguez

Elvin Rodriguez and is a Business Loan Broker with American Capital Express. He helps entrepreneurs and small business owners acquire capital ranging from $30,000 to $5,000,000 dollars. Often times business owners face challenges in qualifying for their best business loan options, they may not have their finances in order, taxes or might even have credit issues. That can limit their ability to secure the capital they need to operate and grow. Elvin specializes in assisting entrepreneurs and business owners understand where their business and them as owners stand financially, so that they can have an idea at what banks are looking for when underwriting a business loan. It is very important that business owners have all their ducks in order before applying for a loan because if not it can lead straight to a automatic denial. He hands on help business owners address all the issues if there are any that might prevent the business from getting a Loan. Issues can be anything from Tax related, poor accounting records, business credit and personal credit issues, inadequate documents, and anything and everything that is preventing the business from acquiring a loan. I work with the business owners to fix all issues so that they have the ability to get in a position to qualify for the most appropriate loan. By acquiring capital we help businesses scale, grow and seize opportunities that can take them to the next level. Elvin loves all entrepreneurs and business owners. His passion is being able to truly help Business owners achieve their dream and run their business the way that they envision it!


30 Sep 2019

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Using Nutrition to Cure Disease with Eric Shultz

Eric Shultz is a Distribution Specialists For the Juice Plus+ company. Juice Plus+ is a international 50 year young health food company. They are a global leader in encapsulated plant power and produce concentrates. They have revolutionized a vertical aeroponic growing system. Their mission is: Inspire healthy living around the world and TO BUILD A STABLE AND LASTING COMPANY THAT WILL HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE REALIZE THEIR DREAMS. Through Healthy Living and giving Around the World.


15 Jul 2019

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Building Business Credit and Securing Loans with Bladimir Mercedes

Bladimir Mercedes is a Business Loan Broker and Executive Director of American Capital Express. He helps entrepreneurs and small business owners acquire capital ranging from $30,000 to $5,000,000 dollars. Often times business owners face challenges in qualifying for their best business loan options, they may not have their finances in order, taxes or might even have credit issues. That can limit their ability to secure the capital they need to operate and grow. His company has services to get them working capital and have the ability to get them in a position to qualify for the most appropriate loan.By acquiring capital they help businesses scale, grow and seize opportunities that can take them to the next level. Bladimir's Specialties: Business Loans, Business Funding, Business Credit, SBA Loans, Advanced Credit Restoration, business strategy development, process creation, advanced automation.


13 May 2019

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Living a Better Life at Any Age with Lynne Ernst

Lynne Ernst has been an independent business owner since the mid 90's; working in the real estate, property management and insurance industries; it is tough out there for the small business owner.  Overhead expenses like insurance, taxes, payroll, fuel and materials make it extremely challenging to maintain a comfortable cash flow. Lynne chose the company she is with for various reasons; superior cutting edge products, no inventory requirement, extremely minimal start up cost, global market at her fingertips with a universal platform used in each country, and phenomenal leadership who give freely of their time.  The goal is not always just to sell but to build relationships; creating community to show support for each other. 


26 Aug 2019

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The Art of Staffing Properly with Kristi Gage-Linderman

Kristi Gage is the owner and COO of Gage Personnel and a Bilingual HR professional and workforce development enthusiast who partners with local businesses to provide best practices and resources for hiring in today's competitive market. With more than 30 years of business and community involvement, they have established themselves as a trusted source for both job-seekers and growing businesses. At Gage, they understand that every organization is unique and so are its hiring needs, which is why they offer employers a blend of workforce solutions that contain both traditional and non-traditional staffing and recruitment services.


9 Sep 2019

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How Chiropractics Can Help Grow Your Business with Dr. Liz Hansen


23 Dec 2019

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The Importance of Having Strong Legal Representation with Larry Miller

Larry W. Miller, Jr. is a partner with the Miller Law Group, PLLC in Reading, Pennsylvania. He received his Bachelors of Science from Greensboro College in North Carolina and his Juris Doctorate from the Villanova University School of Law. Larry is the author of the book Success and is also a Professor of Law, having taught at the Lancaster County Association of Realtors as well as other institutions. He is currently a member of the Pennsylvania and Berks County Bar Associations and has served on the Rotary Club, Small Business Association, and the Berks Elder Network. In addition, while serving on the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee in 2002, Larry personally investigated many Living Trust scams and other illegal practices of law and reported his findings back to the committee. Larry’s investigations resulted in the prosecutions of several entities by the Attorney General and the elimination of several more illegal practices by others. Larry has written for various magazines and newspapers, including Morgantown’s Tri-County Record and Today’s Reading Woman Magazine, and speaks at many organizations on subjects ranging from motivation to intellectual property law. He has been awarded the American Bankruptcy Institute, “Medal of Excellence” as well as the “Business Person of the Month” by the ABWA. He has been featured on many local television and radio programs, including the Channel 69 News (Berks Edition), a frequent guest on Comcast Tonight, WEEU 830 AMRadio’s Feedback Live, the talk show Berks County Tonight, and his career has been featured in the Reading Eagle’s Sunday Lifestyle Section. Larry’s areas of practice include Estate Planning, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Contracts, Trademarks, and others. He has been very active within the community, raising money for charitable institutions, delivering for Meals on Wheels, and offering Pro Bono services to those in need. He has been a spokesperson for the Meals on Wheels program, having appeared in television, radio and billboard ads to promote volunteerism. He is married to his wife of ten years, Brandy, and they have two children.


27 May 2019

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Keeping Your Business Safe from a Cyber Attack with Mike Rowley

Mike Rowley works for CompassMSP. After realizing he wouldn't make it on the pitch as a pro soccer athlete, Mike Rowley decided to pursue what's not out of reach.. a career in sales and business development, focused on technology services and solutions. It's rewarding and he gets as excited today as he did on day 1. Partnering with leaders, finding resolutions to problems, helping them think differently about their organization is what motivates me to continuously improve in this ever-changing industry. Mike also focuses on putting his skills to good use by supporting organizations and projects that he really cares about, such as the Fleetwood Soccer Club (Registrar + Girls Head Coach), Evergreen Soccer Club (parent, development, Asst Coach), A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence (campaign volunteer). CompassMSP is a leading managed service provider of Enterprise-Quality Managed Services focused on the SMB Market. We offer comprehensive on-premise and cloud solutions to meet your Managed IT and Managed VoIP needs. With our IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) solutions, we become your IT partner by providing powerful, secure, efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure, operations, and services to help you grow your businesses.


24 Jun 2019

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A Deeper Dive Into the Sales Process with John Whitehall

John Whitehall returns to the show for a second time to do a deeper dive on what it takes to master the sales process.  For over 30 years John Whitehall has led and coached high performing, winning sales organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries. John work with CEO’s, business owners and sales leaders who rely on their salesforce to expand the customer base and consistently generate profitable sales… but find that their salespeople are not always up to the task. By helping the salesforce reorganize its sales process around a defined set of activities and specific, measurable benchmarks, they are able to identify, qualify, and close high-quality opportunities more quickly, profitably, and consistently, even in markets where there are larger, more established firms. His company, Strategic Sales Training Solutions is located in Reading  Pennsylvania and is a part of the worldwide Sandler training network.


2 Dec 2019

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Bringing Your Clients Vision to Life with Mitch DuGuay

Mitch DuGuay Provides Professional Media and Online Services for small and medium size businesses, Specializing in start up consulting and coaching practices as well as retail company development. He can meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to Superior Web Development, SEO/SEM strategies, Marketing Campaigns, Video Production, Creative Graphics and more. A leader in the development and implimentation of custom Learning Management Systems to train your staff or to use as a very profitable business tool. 


16 Dec 2019

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Involving Community in Your Growth with Charlene Lang

Charlene Lang is the office manager at Skys Dental Art.  Skys Dental Art is a state of the art dental office that specializes in cosmetic dental work. In this episode, we talk about the importance of mouth health, improving your look to improve your business, and how to utilize community to grow your business.


4 Nov 2019

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Building Strong Communities with Michael Kaucher

Michael Kaucher is the executive director of the Conference of Churches. Now for over twenty-seven years ago he began a journey that has consistently woven in and around the arena of marketing and communications. Each work environment, from a small college print shop to a county-wide church support organization, has allowed him to grow as a skilled communicator & relationship builder, team player, leader and positive contributor. His perseverance and enthusiasm equip him to successfully work through new and challenging situations. He has continually been promoted to positions of increased responsibility due to my ability to learn from and apply life experiences. He has met any new opportunity with optimism and energy and, he's not afraid to learn something new and learn it well.


2 Sep 2019

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The Specific Way for Chiropractic Solutions with Dr. Bill Moss

Born and raised in Shillington Pennsylvania, Dr. Moss received his bachelor’s degree in education, and taught high school emotional support/special education prior to receiving his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta GA. "I made the decision to attend chiropractic school after experiencing complete resolution of debilitating anxiety and panic attacks" says Dr. Moss. After seeking treatment from multiple doctors, receiving multiple medications, with little help and little success, he met a chiropractor that taught him what chiropractic is, and how the body can heal naturally with a high functioning nerve system. Dr. Moss has taught and trained chiropractors and chiropractic students in Upper Cervical Chiropractic throughout the country and around the world. He established Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center in Wyomissing, PA in 2014, followed by his 2nd Keystone Specific, the first Upper Cervical Chiropractic office in Barcelona Spain in 2017.


16 Sep 2019

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Why Self-Care is Important in Business with Amy Hendrix, CRNP

Amy Hendrix worked at Northwest Dermatology while earning her Bachelor of Nursing degree from Madonna University in Livonia, MI, continuing to work there for one year as a Registered Nurse. After seven years as an intensive care (ICU) nurse at both Providence Hospital and Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital, she desired to further her education by pursuing a Masterís degree in Nursing Administration from the University of Phoenix.  Amy became proficient at balancing her work as a full time nurse, mother, nurse practitioner student, and nursing school professor at the University of Detroit Mercy in Detroit, MI.  She gained further experience in treating disorders of the skin, hair and nailsómedically, surgically and cosmetically at a private dermatology practice in Bloomfield Hills, MI, before furthering her dermatology training in Pittsburgh, PA.  Amy continues to further her education on the latest in cutting edge treatments in anti-aging, as well as address groups on the techniques of maintaining healthy skin to look and feel younger.      Amy is a CRNP at Reading Dermatology Associates and quotes, ìWith intensive attention to detail, my goal is perfection in medical as well as cosmetic results in caring for my family of  patients. Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, four children, and is an avid tennis player and gardener.


6 May 2019

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The Power of Good Photography in Business with Don Carrick

Don Carrick is the owner of Studio 413 Photography based in Reading, PA.  He is a commercial photographer who helps businesses and business professionals put their best foot foreword. With roots in Cartography, Graphic Design and Marketing, Don brings a well-rounded aesthetic and understanding of business to his photography. While he strives to perfect the technical skills of his craft his clients know him mostly for his candor, humor and ability to help people feel comfortable in front of his lens. 


10 Jun 2019

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Retail Growth and Prosperity with Linda Stricker

Linda Stricker is the Co-Owner at Cartridge World. Cartridge World is the largest refiller of ink and toner printer cartridges. We help you savemoney by refilling your cartridge and help you preserve the environment by not throwing awayyour cartridges in the landfill. Our motto is "Refill not Landfill". Call 610-927-9202 for more information today.


28 Oct 2019

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