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Listen to the Best Old Time Radio programs in crystal clear sound!Your host, Bob Bro, has been publicly playing classic radio programs for more than ten years. Programs like Gunsmoke, Dragnet, Jack Benny, Fibber McGee & Molly, Our Miss Brooks -- and many, many more. Bob's show uniquely combines an assortment of the greatest comedies, dramas, westerns and mysteries from the golden age of radio. Along the way he throws in a few nostalgic songs and some wonderful stories and memories. It's great fun!So come along and give a listen. But watch out! You will quickly be hooked on the Best Old Time Radio Podcast!

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02-24-21 OTR Mysteries - Tales Of The Texas Rangers - Quick Silver

Best Old Time Radio Podcast with Bob BroWednesday, February 24, 2021 - OTR MysteriesTales of the Texas Rangers - "Quick Silver"On May 22, 1947, an intruder entered the ranch home of Jim and Flo Stockholm and murdered them both along with their ten year old son.Jace Pearson is called in to assist in the investigation.Jace quickly pieces together the approximate time of death by analyzing some hog feed. He later tracks the killer to a specific ranch in Texas by analyzing some mud found in the house.Exciting story with a tense showdown at the end.Featuring: Joel McCrea, Tony Barrett, Lou Krugman, Russell Simpson, Byron Kane, B.J. ThompsonOriginal Air Date: August 5, 1950 on NBCTo hear more of the best old time radio programs, visit our website:https://bestoldtimeradio.comContact: Bob@bestoldtimeradio.com


24 Feb 2021

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