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Here we explore everything there is to know about the global live streaming industry, covering the latest trends from the top platforms both in China and the West (including MOMO, YY, Huya, Inke, MeetMe, Twitch, Live.me, Bigo and Younow). Stream Wars features interviews with top streamers who share their tips and tricks for hosting a popular stream, what motivates them to stream, and how live streaming has impacted their lives. We’ll also talk to engineers and product developers to learn what it takes to build a popular livestreaming platform.

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3: Grow an Audience & Get More Gifts w/ Top Streamer Will Smith

Streamer Series interview with Will Smith. Today we chat with a popular streamer who goes by the username Will Smith. Will is one of only 2 streamers who’s successfully maintained a Top Streamer badge across three of The Meet Group’s apps, MeetMe, Skout, and Tagged. In our interview, Will candidly shares his tips and tricks and gives advice on how others can become top streamers too. Some of the highlights include: -How he incentivizes viewers to give him virtual gifts-What he does to get more viewers-What does #litfam mean and how has it contributed to his streaming success -Why it's important for streamers to develop genuine relationships with their top gifters and how he does that-How live streaming has benefitted his career and other areas of his life Will is a ball of positive energy who truly loves connecting with people, and he seems to have found his perfect medium with live streaming. If you would like to learn even more about the live streaming industry, check out our blog at themeetgroup.com/blog.


25 Sep 2018

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