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The only podcast that is 100% focused on investing in the Denver metro real estate market. Listen to interviews with investors and real estate professionals. Enjoy discussions on Denver real estate trends, local news, and stories from our own investments and those of our clients.

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#124: Create Your Denver Real Estate Investing Strategy

Do you have a strategy for your real estate investing? Is it written down? Most likely your answer is no! Creating a rental income stream for retirement is the main reason people invest in real estate. The goal of this episode is to help you create your real estate investing strategy.

1hr 27mins

31 Dec 2019

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#56: Fourplex House Hacking in Denver with Jeff White

Our guest today is Jeff White, a Denver real estate investor and house hacker. Jeff is the Vice President for a commercial finance company that helps small businesses with financing. He has invested out of state, wholesaled deals, and house hacked.Show highlights: His experience in out of state investing in Murfreesboro, TN (outside of Nashville) Jeff's experience successfully wholesaling a few deals around Denver, and the advice he has for people interested in wholesaling All the details on the fourplex he purchased in August 2018 with FHA financing What's he learned from renovating two of the units His entire screening process for finding and placing tenantsContact Jeff at 720-951-6868 or jwhite03458@gmail.com


25 Oct 2018

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[1 of 3] Building a 10 Property Portfolio - 20% down

Many investors conceptually understand how to build an investment portfolio, but get stuck on understanding the path to building a portfolio for achieving financial freedom. Almost all the real estate investing training focuses on individual deal analysis, which is important, but it's only one aspect of building a rental portfolio. The series covers the three most popular ways for acquiring 10 Denver rental properties:

1hr 16mins

4 Dec 2018

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#38: The Politics of Real Estate Investing

In this episode Lucas Miller discusses the political environment and how it impacts real estate investing. Lucas has spent the last the last eight years working on State, Federal, and local politics. Most recently, he was an in-house lobbyist for the Colorado Apartment Association, which advocates on behalf of apartment owners, managers and developers in Colorado. He shares incredibly interesting details about how the lobbying process works and tips for connecting with various representatives.Lucas recently transitioned out of lobbying to pursue a full-time career investing in multifamily apartments and creating passive cash flow for him and his family. Lucas has two boys ages three and two as well as a wife of six years.Connect with Lucas at lucas@bannockcapital.com


22 Jun 2018

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#118: IPAC #1 - The Four Returns in Real Estate: Cash Flow is NOT Everything

Cash flow is NOT everything when it comes to analyzing rental properties. Yes, it's important, but if you're only looking at cash flow, then you're missing a few very important pieces to the puzzle. This show covers: (1)The four ways you make money in real estate investing. (2) Defining your true total initial investment to accurately measure your ROI. (3) Using a powerful visual aid to calculate the four returns to determine your complete ROI. (4) Two real-world Denver rental property analyses and their ROI.Most likely, it'll be a different property analysis perspective than you've learned elsewhere. As the title states, cash flow is NOT everything!

1hr 4mins

27 Nov 2019

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#147: Coronavirus Denver Market Update - March 30th 2020

Updates on how the coronavirus is impacting landlord and the Denver real estate market.


30 Mar 2020

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#135: Denver Real Estate Trends - 2019 Q4

A couple of weeks ago Your Castle Real Estate published their 2019 Q4 Denver Real Estate Trends packet. They do an impressive job of gathering and analyzing the data. I went through the packet and annotated the parts that jumped out to me that are relevant for investors.


13 Feb 2020

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#37: Denver Rentals w/ Annemarie Sunde

Annemarie Sunde of Legacy Property Management is the guest on today's episode. She discusses the Denver rental market from her perspective as a property manager. This podcast is taken from a live webinar, which had a few technical difficulties. Bear with it as the content from Annemarie is great!Topics and questions include: Market trends from a rental perspective What property types are renting better than others (condos vs townhomes vs single family homes.) Rent by locations (downtown vs the burbs) Tenant clientele in different areas (Wheat Ridge vs Highlands, Corey Merril vs Wash Park, etc) What repairs and amenities get you the most rent? Have you found Marijuana in rentals to be a problem? How are the areas between Santa Fe and Lakewood, like Athmar park, etc? The house price is relatively low but wonder about the rent Do you usually make the renters pay for new painted walls when moving out? What is a very common tenant problem you see often and what do you do to help prevent it? Is listing 45 days prior to term optimal?Learn more about Legacy PM and connect with Annemarie at http://www.legacypmco.com/Listen to Annemarie on podcast #29 "The 411 of Leasing Around Denver w/Annemarie Sunde" at https://www.denverinvestmentrealestate.com/podcast-29-411-leasing-around-denver-w-annemarie-sunde/


15 Jun 2018

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#39: The "Ask Charles Show" #2

Since Charles Roberts appeared on the BiggerPockets podcast last month, he's been inundated with emails, text, and calls from investors all around the country.It's been great! We just can't keep up since we actually like to respond to everyone.Many people are asking very specific questions about their investing scenarios. We're trying our best to give good advice.We thought it would be fun to start a show where you can come ask Charles Roberts questions about your investing plan."The Ask Charles" Show is a now new segmentThe format is simple: Join us on Facebook Live and ask your question. If you can't make it live, leave it the comments below or email Chris@investmentrealestate.comFacebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisLopez5280/


28 Jun 2018

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#48: Chris Sayre Discusses 1031 Exchanges in Denver

Chris Sayre joins us today to discuss 1031 exchanges. Chris has over 20 years of experience with close to 10,000 deals under this belt. He's the Qualified Intermediary (QI) to talk with when it comes to 1031 exchanges.  It was a great interview and I walked away with new knowledge about 1031's.Topics: If you don't use Chris for a 1031, why you should still use a Colorado based QI for your financial protection The details of ID rules "A", "B", and "C" for your properties How a reverse 1031 exchange works The costs involved Details on using a "Equity Equalization Loan" to put cash in your bank accountConnect with Chris Sayre: http://www.1031x.com Locally - 303-504-0144 888-899-1031 chris@1031x.com Twitter: @1031xdotcom Linkedin.com/in/chrissayre1


30 Aug 2018

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#127: Flip #1 - Denver Flipping Blueprint

The guest for this course is Derek Marlin. He is the Founder of ELEVATION which specializes in property re-development (Fix & Flip), consulting, wholesaling, and a unique Partnership Flip system. This first episode covers flipping reality check, investor success factors, getting your financial house in order and setting realistic expectations for all experience levels.


8 Jan 2020

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#93: Tax Planning 101: Intro to Taxation & Real Estate Investing

In this episode, we speak with attorney Peter McFarland about the basics of tax planning and savings opportunities for Denver real estate investors.

1hr 5mins

14 Jun 2019

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#144: Coronavirus Impact on the Denver Real Estate Market

Get the latest information on the coronavirus and the Denver real estate market. Plug into the BiggerPockets forum at https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/628/topics/818051-denver-coronavirus-updates-and-q-and-a for the latest info and to ask questions.


22 Mar 2020

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Podcast #74: Colorado Loan Hacking w/ Seth Van Essen

If you've listened to any of our webinars or podcasts, then you know how crucial it is to understand financing and how it can be leveraged to your advantage.  We're constantly meeting with lending professionals to find the right ones who can help our clients with creative financing strategies. Recently  we met with Seth Van Essen, a senior mortgage banker at Community Banks Mortgage. Seth has some of the most creative lending strategies that I've seen.In this webinar, Seth will give you insight and understanding into the lending world and how to “Loan Hack”.Some of the topics that we'll cover:The four types of lending platforms and why it matters.The different kinds of lending- what category works for your goal or do you need them all?Lending scenario #1: 100% financing by combining different loan products.Lending scenario #2: Wrapping up fix-up costs into a loan, but not using a FHA 203kLending scenario #3: Buying a house for cash by using existing equity or stocks (and other assets) as collateral.Getting prepared- start sooner rather than later!

1hr 17mins

6 Mar 2019

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#28: Summit County Trends and Deals w/ Amy Nakos

This episode kicks off a new series that I'm starting that explores different markets around Colorado. Such as Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, Grand Junction and the mountains. I'll be bringing on experts from each market so he or she can share trends, deals, discuss their market and answer our questions.This episode is a recorded webinar I hosted about buying a second home or vacation home up in the mountains, specifically in Summit County (Breckinridge, Keystone, Frisco, Copper Mountain). We discuss renting it out on a short-term basis to help pay for your vacation home. We analyze two active MLS deals (a 400k condo and 1.5 million home) We also walk through considerations of buying a home in the mountains. The spreadsheets and detailed show notes are at https://www.denverinvestmentrealestate.com/webinar17Our expert guest is Amy Nakos. Amy lives in Frisco has been a real estate professional since 2003. She has an impressive resume! She and her husband own and operate a mixed-used commercial and residential property. They've also developed a new construction four-plex. She's a managing broker at Your Castle Summit and is also a licensed attorney.Detailed notes, spreadsheets and MLS data sheets at https://www.denverinvestmentrealestate.com/webinar17Enjoy the show!

1hr 16mins

19 Mar 2018

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#32: House Hack or Hell Hack for Families?

In today's episode, I share details about my family house hacking plan. Long story short, my wife's mother talked about moving from Reno, NV to Denver, CO once we started a family. Like many grandmothers, she wants to spend as much time as possible with her grandchild. She's even offered to watch the little one while we're at work.As I type this, I can visualize many of the readers cringing at the next sentence: Living near us, morphed into my mother-in-law moving in with us. Living with family can be extremely difficult. But the pros from a financial and family point-of-view, outweighed the cons.We all moved in together just a few weeks ago. I don't have any firm numbers to share yet, but my back of the napkin math estimates saving $2,000 to $4,000 a month. Afterall, a dollar saved, is worth $1.33 or more earned.I recorded the podcast to share my strategy and to hopefully learn from others.  If you have questions, ideas or advice, please reach out!


20 Apr 2018

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#98: Should I Put My Property In An LLC?

"Should I put my property in an LLC?" is one of the most common questions. There is not a simple yes or no answer. We discuss the three main options for putting properties into LLC's.


23 Jul 2019

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#105: Multifamily Underwriting w/ Terrance Doyle

Terrance Doyle joins me for this episode to discuss how he underwrites multifamily properties. If you've listened to previous podcasts with Terrance, then you know over the last 18 months he's switched his business model from flipping single-family homes to acquiring multifamily to reposition them.Terrance owns over 250 units in Des Moines, Iowa and over 100 units in Denver. He's also invested in Texas, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

1hr 1min

10 Sep 2019

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#66: Flipping, Multifamily Investing, and Opportunity Zones with Terrance Doyle

In this episode I speak with Terrence Doyle. In 2009, he started a sports agency business that helped NBA athletes leverage their brands into business opportunities. In 2014, he started his real estate investing business that has completed over 100 flips, and now owns a portfolio of 250 units between Des Moines, Iowa and here in Denver. He now focuses on multifamily value add projects and is actively buying and developing in Opportunity Zones. Terrance was one of the guests on our Opportunity Zone podcast. In terms of our interview, this is actually the second time I've recorded this interview with Terrance. Many months ago we recorded the first and for various reasons, the publishing kept getting delayed. Just prior to publishing, I went back and listened to it and decided to re-record because we've become better friends and his investing business has really evolved.Connect with Terrance at http://www.thevareco.com or on Instagram @terrancedoyle


10 Jan 2019

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#13: Scott Trench Interview About Getting "Set For Life"

On today's episode, Charles Roberts and I talk with Scott Trench.A few weeks ago we heard Scott speak as a panelist at the Investor Success Summit and were very impressed by his articulate and insightful answers. I grabbed Charles at the break and said, "We need to get Scott on our podcast, he's got too much great information to share." Charles agreed and we quickly tracked Scott down.Scott is also the author of  "Set for life: Dominate Life, Money and the American Dream." We read his book in preparation and were blown away by not only the concepts, but also how he presented them. Charles and I both agreed that this is one of the best wealth building books we've ever read.You know us, we don't recommend things very often. But we both strongly recommend reading Scott's book. Just trust us and order the book now!Scott is also the Vice President of Operations at Bigger Pockets.Topics discussed in this episode: House hacking Personal finances The importance of making trivial decisions Why Scott did not pursue creative financing Scott's recent Denver fourplex investment Plus a lot more!Books Mentioned: Set for life: Dominate Life, Money and the American Dream Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It Poor Charlie's Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger


17 Nov 2017

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