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Hosted by Ben Baldanza - former CEO Spirit Airlines & Chris Chiames - 30+ year airline/travel industry veteran. Top stories, discussion, listener questions, and passenger complaints are all addressed head-on in each episode.

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This Week: Do frequent fliers increase the carbon footprint? High vs Low cost airports, what is the Airline Rat Pack, a customer complaint (about Spirit!)"fine...or whine?"


8 Jan 2020

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This Week: Delta stops certain auto-upgrades. Is Southwest really a low-cost carrier? Is the A380 on it's way out? Plus this week's customer complaint - Fine? or Whine?


25 Dec 2019

Rank #2

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#017 This week: Are American Airlines employees getting too good a deal in the new compensation agreement? Get ready for America's exciting new start-up airline - can it succeed? and in this week's "Fine or Whine" customer complaint segment Ben and Seth seem to be in complete agreement.


12 Feb 2020

Rank #3

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This Week: Change at the top of United. A peek behind the scenes at an airline CEO change. Are "on-time" stats meaningful? and...hear from a customer upset that his airline "stole" his miles. Did they?


11 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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This Episode: What the Congo Airways plane purchase tells us, Delta's maintenance advantage, Flashback: Keith Olbermann calls Ben the 2nd worst person in the world, and which airlines get the most complaints?


1 Jan 2020

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Boeing & Airbus: Fleet commonality and profitability. More about when to purchase your ticket at the best price, and is a listener's pricing complaint fine or just whining?


14 Nov 2019

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This Episode: International Airlines Group (IAG) owner of British Airways and many more, buys another airline, is buying your ticket via Hotwire/Priceline/Expedia a great deal?, and ESPN's Randy Moss flies to Bristol...sort of.


8 Nov 2019

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This Week: What exactly do you get (and NOT get) with a "Basic Economy" fare? Are Frequent Flier Miles becoming extinct? plus... is boarding from the rear of the plane any faster?


20 Nov 2019

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Episode 006/2019-11-27

This episode: Is the FAA looking more closely at safety? The most/least expensive airports to fly in/out of...and why? Industry job talent needs. And Viktor the 22 pound cat takes a flight...with consequences.


28 Nov 2019

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This week: Is pilot training currently the most difficult issue facing aviation? An airline worker labor dispute update. And...Seth volunteers to be bumped, gets a flight +$1500...so what's his issue?


4 Dec 2019

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This week: Reclining in your seat-what space is really yours? Alaska Airlines joins Oneworld; Why does Delta seem so good? New segment: passengers behaving badly!


19 Feb 2020

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This Week: More delays around the holidays or just seems like it? The 3 hour rule. How long is "too long" a flight? Plus this week's listener complaint - "Fine? or Whine?"


18 Dec 2019

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This week: Is that poisonous snake really a support animal? (new rules coming); Who should be examining the black box following an incident? How much profit does an airline make from each flight? "Fine or Whine?" listener complaint segment: How come there's no window next to my window seat?


29 Jan 2020

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This Week: Does Boeing need to change their aircraft branding? How do low cost airlines keep the cost low? A customer complaint begs the question...When does it make sense for you to purchase frequent flyer miles?


22 Jan 2020

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016: This week: The Coronavirus and how it might affect your travel; Is a Southwest safety response concerning?; A listener question about airline regulation; and in "Fine or Whine" a customer complaint about her gift card not being valid.


5 Feb 2020

Rank #15

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This Week: Tips on what to look for if an airline might be going out of business; Will the Iran situation affect air travel? How do airlines decide which flights to cancel? Customer Complaint: Did the credit card holder deserve to get charged for bags? Find out in "Fine or Whine".


15 Jan 2020

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This Week: Jet Blue new flight destinations including Miami? Did one airline accidentally match another airline's business class pricing mistake? Insider trivia: What is the "through flight assignment model"?and a baggage compensation complaint in India - Fine? or Whine?


23 Dec 2020

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This week: Flying? You'll now be wearing a mask; Big cuts come to United and others; Passengers Behaving Badly-on Spirit-and this time things got bloody.


6 May 2020

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This Week: How airlines are handling elite status and refunds; A crackdown on using "hidden cities"; in Fine or Whine: A Qantas complaint; and Seth sings again (at the end)


28 Apr 2020

Rank #19

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This week: Virgin Australia enters Voluntary Administration (essentially Chapter 11); How can governments get bailouts right? Are middle seats gone forever? and this week's "Fine or Whine" complaint: Why is Southwest keeping my money?


22 Apr 2020

Rank #20