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"Whatcha reading?"

Welcome back to the, Hey, Chad podcast and experimental broadcast from Brooklyn, New York to your podcasting app of choice. [00:00:18]I wanted to just simply share and ask all of you, can what's what's on our nightstand or what we're reading at the moment. I've found myself picking up, and reading even more books than I normally do. I, I usually probably read two to three books at a time. I think now I'm reading about six or seven, if you include some of the graphic novels that I'm also reading. I've been struck by how precious some of the fiction authors I've been reading, are in kind of what's happening. [00:00:51] Now in the world in may of 2020, in particular, I've been reading the new book of novellas by Stephen King called If it Bleeds, it just came out last week, and the first story, Mr. Harrington's Phone , is the story of this young boy in a relationship that he, a friendship he develops with an older rich gentleman that lives in his small Maine town. And just so many of the ideas, not only in this short story, but I mean, The Stand anyone? I mean, come on. [00:01:27] It's uncanny, how predictive, much of what they write can be, and I think that's where I get a lot of my enjoyment, is the imagination. Not just of a complete fictional, potential future, but that some of these ideas may actually come to fruition. for better or for worse. So there's other other science fiction, that I've picked up lately as well. I'm reading Fall by Neal Stephenson, and I'm also reading a, an older book by Hermann Hesse called The Glass Bead Game, hat tip to Nate for passing that along. [00:02:01]  In addition to this fiction books, I also have a lot of nonfiction, that I'm reading, on the kind of boring and dry side, I'm reading about process consulting by Edgar Schein. but also some fun design thinking books like the design thinking playbook, more fun visual thinking and,  game storming, books. [00:02:22] And so really, I just wanted to share a little bit of what's on my bookshelf and just ask, you know, "What's something that you're reading now or have read recently that you would recommend? for those of us that are maybe diving into some more books than we have in the past. [00:02:39] I think what I might do is, after finishing a book or too, I might come back onto the show to to share my reviews with you, but right now I'm probably spread across six or seven different books. It might take me a couple of weeks to to get through all of them, but I think I'll bring my favorites back here onto the show and share with you. [00:03:00] I have been really encouraged and Invigorated by all of the reconnections in conversations I've been having with many friends and colleagues and family members, and I think as we're forced to be physically distant, I wanted to try and find a way in which we could maybe be a little bit socially closer.  this is just a place I'm going to show up and share some of my thoughts and solicit, ideas, questions, insights and stories from all of you. And hopefully bring you onto the show and and have a fun and interesting discussion about a topic. that's important to us whether that be, stress baking or how to set up your home gym. Or, maybe other hobbies that we've picked up or rediscovered, in this in this time of of staying at home. [00:03:55]You can always get in touch with me directly. You can just email me at heychad@gmail.com or send me a text or voice message at 917.719.3737. [00:04:06] Thank you so much for listening. Until next time.


5 May 2020

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May the 4th Be With You

X-Wing for Mac or PC on Steam & Good Old Games.


4 May 2020

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