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Overwhelmed by hot new health trends? HealthFormation is a health + wellness podcast with a goal of breaking down what is trendy (+ confusing!) in the wellness world to make it easy to understand. We work to give you small, actionable changes you can make in your day to day to help improve your health and live your best life.

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3. Caffeine: Is it really safe to drink 25 cups of coffee per day?

Episode Notes Up to 25 cups of coffee a day still safe for heart health, study sayshttps://www.cnn.com/2019/06/03/health/coffee-heart-health-arteries-scli-intl-gbr/index.html Effect of coffee consumption on arterial stiffness from UK biobank imaging studyhttps://heart.bmj.com/content/105/Suppl_6/A8.2 This is the link to the full study, which is where the images showing changes from control to caffeine groups are found Blue Zones article assessing several studies looking at why coffee may help with longevityhttps://www.bluezones.com/2017/07/science-confirms-coffee-can-add-years-life/ Email: HealthFormation.Podcast@gmail.com


4 Jul 2019

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6. Sugar and sugar substitutes with Beth Mills, PharmD

Everyone knows the perils of refined sugar: weight gain, diabetes...cancer? In this week's episode, we review a study looking at the risk of cancer with increased consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. We also talk about the different types of artificial sweeteners you might see on a nutrition label, their impact, and recommended daily consumption. Our guest this week is Beth Mills, an ambulatory care pharmacist with expertise in chronic disease state management and an added interest in obesity management and nutrition. Excited to have her on today's episode! Sugary drink consumption and risk of cancer: results from NutriNet-Santé prospective cohort To ask us a question you would like to see answered on a future episode, please email: Healthformation.Podcast@gmail.com


15 Aug 2019

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8.1 Vegan isn't always synonymous with health part 1 with Stephanie Deal, PharmD

Today's episode contained so much great information we broke it into a two-parter! In Part 1, HealthFormation guest Stephanie Deal brings us some wisdom on what a vegan diet looks like and and how a diet that omits animal products may not be entirely healthy. We also discuss diets along the spectrum of the standard American diet to whole food plant based, and give tips on how to incorporate a more plant-based way of eating into your day to day, even if you don't want to commit fully. Part 2 will be released in one week, and we will delve deeper into the research on how healthy a whole food plant based diet really is, especially in regards to heart health! Info on soy leghemoglobin, the additive in the Impossible Burger that gives it its "bloody" look


12 Sep 2019

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4. Modified Paleo diet for autoimmune disease with Tara Adams

Episode Notes In today's episode, we discuss the health benefits of a very nutrient-dense diet based off of the Paelo diet on the health of your mitochondria, and how this leads to improvements in overall health. The study discussed focuses on people with autoimmune diseases (specifically MS), but it presents some valuable results that can be applied to healthy individuals as well. Our guest today is Tara Adams, a professional and a patient who works to apply the principles discussed today to herself and the clients of her business, Heal Yourself Whole. Tara has her BS in Chemical Engineering, an MS in Nutritional Biology, and is working on her MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences. More information on Tara and her services can be found here: https://www.healyourselfwhole.com/ Article: Randomized control trial evaluation of a modified Paleolithic dietary intervention in the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: a pilot study. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30050374 Email: HealthFormation.Podcast@gmail.com


18 Jul 2019

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7. Ketogenic diet with Andrea McGovern, PA-C

Episode Notes More than likely, you've heard about, tried, or know someone who's tried to a ketogenic diet, so we had to bring the science behind keto to HealthFormation! In today's episode, we chat with (newly licensed!) physician assistant, Andrea, about her experience with keto and we break down a meta analysis on longer-term outcomes of patients using this diet. As with all diets, there are healthy and less-healthy ways to follow a ketogenic diet. We break down the healthiest ways to follow keto and what health outcomes can be expected. Very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet v. low-fat diet for long-term weight loss: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Keto resources discussed in today's episode include:Recipes (Keto and Paleo included) I Breathe I'm HungryDr. Stephen Phinney, blogDr. Jeff Volek, Art and Science of Low CarbDr. Eric Westman, YouTube


29 Aug 2019

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5. All things exercise with Jennifer Bunn, PhD and Frank Tudini, PT, DSc

Episode Notes Our guests for today's episode are two faculty from the Physical Therapy department, Drs. Frank Tudini and Jennifer Bunn. The discussion is around all things movement, including the Exercise is Medicine (EIM) initiative and how to apply it to patient care, highlighting the Campbell Pro Bono Physical Therapy clinic as an example of EIM in action. We also discuss the ACSM exercise guidelines and how to meet them in your day to day as well as the difference between exercise and physical activity. Jen and Frank provide several resources that can help you live a more active life, all linked below. Information on Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) as defined by Dr. James Levine: https://www.mayoclinic.org/documents/mc5810-0307-pdf/doc-20079082 Get Up!: Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It is Dr. Levine's book on incorporating more movement into your life and how this can improve your health Exercise is Medicine Rx for Health series include a variety of handouts for physical activity recommendations and Exercise Prescriptions for people with various chronic conditions Apps recommended for physical activity: Workout Trainer Fitify Nike Training app


1 Aug 2019

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8.2 Vegan isn't always synonymous with health part 2 with Stephanie Deal, PharmD

In part two of our plant-based series, we delve deeper into the science behind healthy plant-based diets, especially in regards to cardiovascular health. Two articles are covered in this episode, Healthful and Unhealthful Plant-Based Diets and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in U.S. Adults. and Plant‐Based Diets Are Associated With a Lower Risk of Incident Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiovascular Disease Mortality, and All‐Cause Mortality in a General Population of Middle‐Aged Adults We also discuss the American College of Cardiology Primary Prevention Guidelines which are very long but two places to focus are the first page which summarizes the ten take-home messages for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and page 19, which Stephanie referenced in today's episode and discusses the cardiovascular risks associated diets low in carbohydrates and high in animal fat. Additional resources discussed:-Dr. Gregor and his book How Not to Die, app The Daily Dozen, and website NutritionFacts.org-The Happy Cow app, which helps you locate vegan-friendly restaurants near you


20 Sep 2019

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10. Pressing reset on your nervous system through movement and improved functionality with Dani Almyeda

This week we delve into the topic of how to PRESS RESET on your body and restore it to its original strength. Our guest this week is the co-owner of the Original Strength Institute, Dani Almeyda (dani@originalstrength.net), who brings years of knowledge in the health and fitness world. Dani teaches us what it exactly means to PRESS RESET, why it's important to do it every day, and how you can easily integrate these techniques into your day from anywhere, including your bed or your desk. By the end of the episode, you will be itching to up and move. Check out the OS YouTube channel for videos on how to PRESS RESET! Original Strength https://originalstrengthinstitute.com and https://www.youtube.com/user/OriginalStrengthSysOriginal Strength Institute in Fuquay Varina, NC https://originalstrength.net/ Pressing Reset: Original Strength Reloaded by Tim Anderson, co-creator of the original strength concept and co-owner of the Original Strength Institute


17 Oct 2019

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9. The cannabidiol (CBD) craze: is it worth the hype? with Duncan Markovich

Is CBD more than just THC's legal cousin? This week, Duncan Markovich, CFO of Better Ways LLC in Branford, CT teaches us about just that. We discuss what CBD is, how it works on the endocannabinoid system, its therapeutic uses, how to dose it, and what questions to ask if you are looking to purchase CBD. The most important things we highlight in today's episode are a focus on patient education surrounding CBD use, and the necessity of ensuring high quality product when you purchase any cannabinoid-containing product. More information on Better Ways CBD can be found on their website: betterwayscbd.com or their Facebook page Additional questions? Email Duncan and his partner Paul at: info@betterwayscbd.com or HealthFormation.Podcast@gmail.com


3 Oct 2019

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24. Breaking down the literature: plant based vs. keto

Finally, there is a study comparing a low fat plant based diet versus an animal-based ketogenic diet, and in this episode we evaluate it. The study is by Kevin Hall, PhD and colleagues, and it is a very well designed inpatient study. So, what're the results? Listen and find out! We also discuss Ultra-Processed Diets Cause Excess Calorie Intake and Weight Gain: An Inpatient Randomized Controlled Trial of Ad Libitum Food Intake https://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/pdfExtended/S1550-4131(19)30248-7 A plant-based, low-fat diet decreases ad libitum energy intake compared to an animal-based, ketogenic diet: An inpatient randomized controlled trial https://osf.io/preprints/nutrixiv/rdjfb/ Reddit thread discussing/debating the article further


16 May 2020

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23. Dance/movement therapy with Michelle Merna, LCAT, BC DMT

Such a fun new topic for this week's episode: dance/movement therapy. This week, we bring you Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Board Certified Dance/Movement therapist Michelle Merna to discuss her career as a dance/movement therapist working in the state of New York with children on the autism spectrum. She explains the history of dance/movement therapy, who may benefit, what the data shows on its outcomes, and how to find a dance/movement therapist for you or for a patient you care for. More information found on the American Dance Therapy Association website https://adta.org/

1hr 3mins

1 May 2020

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22. Complementary and holistic tips for health during COVID and beyond

In this episode, we cover several holistic and complementary recommendations to help maintain your health throughout this COVID pandemic and beyond, to subsequent influenza seasons and really any time. We discuss specific foods to emphasize in your diet, and those to limit/avoid; the role of physical activity; sunlight, vitamin D, and grounding; and the importance of stress management/meditation. Citations: Article discussing vitamins and trace elements for immune support: Contribution of selected vitamins and trace elements on immune function. Wintergerst ES et al. Ann Nutr Metab. 2007;51(4):301-23. American College of Sports Medicine article discussing the benefits of physical activity during the pandemic: http://www.acsm.org/all-blog-posts/acsm-blog/acsm-blog/2020/03/30/exercise-immunity-covid-19-pandemic Overall integrative recommendations https://therapyworks.com.au/integrative-considerations-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/


16 Apr 2020

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21. Physical and mental wellness through weight loss with Emily

This week, Emily joins HealthFormation to give us a deep dive into her life before and after bariatric surgery. Honestly, her story is so amazing as she is literally a shrinking woman who has lost HALF of her body weight in the last 6 months. She is killing it! We talk: Emily's childhood and how food insecurity played into her weight challenges Her physical and mental health problems before her gastric bypass Challenges after surgery Where she is today and how she is helping others Emily's email: EStolkowski1@hotmail.com Here is the CNN article referenced in the intro: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/27/opinions/healthy-diet-immune-system-covid-19-mozaffarian-glickman-nikbin-meydani/index.html Follow us! Instagram + Twitter @HealthFormPodFacebook @HealthFormation


2 Apr 2020

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20. Supplements, quality, and the role of your pharmacist with Neal Smoller, PharmD

I say this every new episode, but I honestly loved this one!! The motto for this week comes from our guest, who says he is setting "the new standard for supplement quality." This week, Dr. Neal Smoller, the holistic pharmacist, joins HealthFormation and we dive deep in the supplement world. Neal has his own pharmacy in Woodstock, NY called the Village Apothecary, where he works to assess the whole person and determine the role of lifestyle factors and supplements in their regimen. We talk all things supplement quality (think probiotics and CBD!), what to look for on a label, and using all the skills of your pharmacist to help formulate a personalized wellness plan. Check out Neal's website: https://www.drnealsmoller.com/;his podcast is The Big Mouth Pharmacistand his pharmacy and store The Village Apothecary


20 Mar 2020

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19. How and why we adopted healthier lifestyles

This was such a fun episode for us! This week, Marcus and I sit back and chat about how we used to each growing up, what that looked like in college, and how we started transitioning over to a healthier lifestyle. We provide tips for those who are looking to start out, and we discuss our own challenges/how we overcome them. This is a great episode for anyone new to adopting a healthier lifestyle, or even those who haven't yet started because they don't know where to begin. One article discussed in this episode is a 2016 Lancet meta analysis Does physical activity attenuate, or even eliminate, the detrimental association of sitting time with mortality? A harmonised meta-analysis of data from more than 1 million men and women - we mentioned how much physical activity is needed to overcome a sedentary day (desk job!) and I mentioned 2 hours. Data from this article shows that it is actually 60-75 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every day to overcome the negative effects of a day of sedentary time. Questions? Email us! HealthFormation.Podcast@Gmail.comInstagram/Twitter: HealthFormPod


5 Mar 2020

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