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Каждый день в мире появляются тысячи новых песен, однако, большая часть из них так и не доходит до широкой аудитории. SOUNDCHEK - музыкальная программа, состоящая из музыки, отобранной Александром Цыпиным в процессе прослушивания музыкальных новинок в области рока и блюз, появившихся в открытом доступе за последнюю календарную неделю. Своеобразный еженедельный пятничный хит-парад свежей рок-музыки. Слушаем на iPHONE https://goo.gl/ttGBzo Слушаем на ANDROID https://goo.gl/kMuwdz Выходит без перерыва с 2012 года в рамках проектов Fontanka.FM, Imagine Radio и МОТОРАДИО.ОНЛАЙН

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David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, Hollywood Undead и другие в "Саундчеке".

Треклист передачи:01 Fear The Leader - Face to Face02 Anvil - I'm Alive03 Animal Drive - The Look04 Charlie Vitamine - Bleeding Heart05 Archon Angel - The Serpent06 Brkn Love - I See Red07 David Bowie - Stay '9708 Ozzy Osbourne - Today Is The End09 The Baroque Blues Band - British Bikers10 The Blue Flames - Stormy Monday11 OSLU - Honey Pie12 Dennis Siggery & Neil Sadler - Unchain My Heart13 Piece of Change - Immigrant Song14 Vintage Gramola - Hotel California15 The High Reeds - Under The Storm16 The Wash - Hart17 Hollywood Undead - Upside Down.mp318 Hot Hell Room - Stasis.mp319 Roulette - Secret Room20 Waiting For Monday - Shattered Lives


14 Feb 2020

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Richard Marx, Testament, Cerrone, Blacktop Mojo и другие в "Саундчеке".

Треклист программы: 01 Testament - Night of the Witch02 Those Damn Crows - Going Down03 Sepultura - Ali04 The Road Dogs - Lila05 Godsticks - Denigrate06 KA & The Blue Devils - On Crev'de Blues07 Love and War - Start Believen08 Tom Euler - Blues Got My Back09 Cerrone - Let Me Feel10 Richard Marx - Strong Enough (feat. Jana Kramer)11 Michael Flexig - Far Away12 Mindless Sinner - The Rise and the Fall13 Blacktop Mojo - Dream On14 WellBad - Skeleton15 Wolf - Midnight Hour16 Darktribe - Voici l'homme17 Tommy Grills - Thats Alright18 Hellhoundz - Burning Witches19 Trinity River Ramblers - East Side of Town20 Steel Raiser - Wherever

1hr 2mins

7 Feb 2020

Rank #2

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Primal Fear, Sabaton, Rival Sons, Gathering Of Kings и другие новинки в "Cаундчеке".

Треклист программы: 01 Nygmalion - Fracture02 Mean Messiah - We Shout03 Hatchets for Hands - Spires of Winter04 Wayne Nicholson - John Campbelljohn - If I Was Blue05 Primal Fear - Along Came the Devil06 Sabaton - The Attack of the Dead Men07 Firewind - Overdrive08 Rival Sons - Shooting Stars (In The Woods)09 Sapphire Eyes - Bring Back the Night10 Evelyn Rubio - Border Town (Spanish Version)11 Sophie Jones - Seven Wonders12 Fiction Syxx - The Wizard13 Gathering Of Kings - Revelation14 Casey Kiser and the Jakewalk Saints - Voodoo Man15 Captain Black Beard - Headlights16 Jay Stulo - Watching You17 Milan Polak - Savior18 Voodoo Gods - Rise of the Antichrist19 Contamination - Transformed Monstrosity.mp320 John Campbelljohn - Crowded Main21 John Lee Hooker Jr. - Testify (feat. Alvon Johnson).mp322 White Lion - You're All I Need


15 May 2020

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Jeff Scott Soto, Destruction, Black Swan и другие новинки в "Саундчеке".

Треклист программы: 01 TankrusT - Sewerbreed02 Macbeth - Gedankenwächter03 Hitter - Born To Rock04 Eric Heideman - Have You Ever Loved a Woman05 Kult of the Skull God - Judas Is My Priest06 Wight - Time's Up07 Destruction - Life Without Sense (Live in Germany)08 Emily Ortego - One Way Ticket09 Ant People - Run Away10 White Door - Simply Magnificent11 Chants Fleuris - Comment te dire adieu12 The Story Behind - Under The Surface13 American Greed - Together14 Minniva - Here I Go Again15 Shortino - Nocturnal16 Jeff Scott Soto - Holding On17 Cody Lee Meece - Tongue Twister18 Guy Hamilton - Makemefeelrich19 Wayne Nicholson & John Campbelljohn - Strange Kinda Feeling20 Joe Stanley - Waiting on Love21 Black Swan - Make It There

1hr 1min

8 May 2020

Rank #4

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Axel Rudi Pell, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Mike Tramp и другие в "Саундчеке"

Треклист передачи: 01 Havok - 2020 - V - Betrayed by Technology02 Passion - She Bites Hard03 Survival Zero - Glorious Nemesis04 Charlie Frey's Blue Plate Specials - Marjorie05 Arrest - Solitary Man06 Deep Purple - Man Alive07 Axel Rudi Pell - Sign Of The Times08 Spitting Ibex - Mr. Operator09 Denny Ilett - Angel Eyes10 Turbo Distortion - Les flammes de l'enfer11 Mike Tramp - Anymore12 ORBO - Smoke & Mirrors13 Scorpions - Sign of Hope14 Jack Russell’s Great White - Save Your Love (Acoustic Version)15 Jesse Damon - Love Gone Wild16 Shrapnel - Salt The Earth17 The Claws - California Mia18 Soul Asylum - Make Her Laugh

1hr 5mins

1 May 2020

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House Of Lords, Conception, The Strokes и другие в программе "Саундчек".

Треклист программы:01 Clear Sky Nailstorm - The Deep Dark Black 02 Bakken - Evil Walks This Way03 Ice on Fire - Light in the Dark04 Jeff Michaels - Electric Texas05 Warning Sign - Children Of The Sun06 Fiixer - What_its_like07 John Blues Boyd - Oh California!08 Franc Moody - This Is A Mood09 Lamori - The Devils Mark10 Metal Church - Black Betty (Cover Song)11 The Strokes - Not The Same Anymore12 House Of Lords - New World New Eyes13 Niall Horan -New Angel14 Stoneface - Power15 Damian Knapp - Nobody Wants to Budge16 Smash Into Pieces - All Eyes on You17 Mark Baker - Cold Day In Hell18 Hurts Like Hell - So Wrong Its Right20 Rantama - The Pond of No Return21 Conception - By the Blues22 Shire's Best - Here for the Game


10 Apr 2020

Rank #6

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Deep Purple, Joe Satriani, Tesla и другие в "Саундчеке".

Треклист передачи: 01 Joe Satriani - Big Distortion02 Bells and Ravens - The Fire Inside03 Ravenscroft - Head Like a Hole04 V-Trail - Time Has Come05 Ryan Perry - Oh No06 The Wild! - High Speed07-BlackStar Republic - Nuclear Hollywood (Apocalyptic Mix)08 Almanac - Soiled Existence09 Jay Ryan Beretti - Bensonhurst Blues10 Tesla - We Can Work It Out11 Absolva - Heaven and Hell12 Deep Purple - Throw My Bones13 Mark Wonder - Brand New Me14 Newman - Wild Child15 Son Of Man - New Beginning16 State Cows - Cease to Ever Have Been17 Archon Angel - The Serpent18 Matthew Morrison - Friend Like Me19 Stefano Stella - Musician's Blues20 Biff Byford - School of Hard Knocks21 Devils Balls - Miracle


27 Mar 2020

Rank #7

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Gotthard, Testament, Lady Gaga, Roomful Of Blues и другие в "Санудчеке".

Треклист программы: 01 Hammerlord - Headbanger02 Habu - These Walls03 Eremic - Machine Soul04 Missy Sippy All Stars - Have You Ever Had A Feeling05 Testament - City Of Angels06 Gotthard - Man on a Mission07 Lady Gaga - Stupid Love08 Dennis DeYoung - "To The Good Old Days"09 Roomful Of Blues - She's Too Much10 Jan James - Honky Tonk Woman12 Pat Mcmanus - Still Got the Blues (Live)13 RUSTMINE - Slow Down14 We Sell The Dead - Carved In Stone15 Big Joe Stolle - Whisky16 Cold In May - Condemnation17 Glen Heald - Washed Away Her Sins18 Naked Six - Outside Looking In19 Grand Design - Walkin' the Wire20 Badd Kharma - Fools Parade

1hr 2mins

13 Mar 2020

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Five Finger Death Punch, Axel Rudi Pell, Robert Cray, Green Day и другие в "Саундчеке".

Треклист передачи: 01 Manahan - Narcotic02 Paragon - Mean Machine03 Five Finger Death Punch - Death Punch Therapy [Bonus]04 Christone ''Kingfish'' Ingram - Love Ain't My Favorite Word05 Collateral - Mr. Big Shot06 Ben Poole - The Question Why (Live)07 Mauricio Kings - En la Cama de Alguien Mas08 Confess - A Beautiful Mind09 Axel Rudi Pell - Gunfire10 Mammon - Working class hero11 EarthSplitter - Into the Chaos12 John Dolmayan - What I Know (feat. Jonathan Dorr)13 Robert Cray - This Man14 Planet Funk - The Switch15 Green Day - Stab You in the Heart16 The Eric Lindberg Trio - Rich Enough17 Holycide - Mentality Packs18 Mr Zsolt - Stepping Off the Edge19 Exhorder - The Man That Never Was20 Tomas Bergsten's Fantasy - Hold On (feat. Anders Moberg)21 Metalium - Testimony of Doom22 Russ Ballard - Proud Man

1hr 8mins

28 Feb 2020

Rank #9

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Bon Jovi, Machine Head, Garou, H.e.a.t и другие в "Саундчеке".

Треклист передачи: 01 Foss - In the Crowd02 Lost Society - Deliver Me03 Love And War - Start Believen04 The Forrest McDonald Band - Misery and Blues (feat. Andrew Black)05 Biff Byford - School of Hard Knocks06 Lost Society - Nonbeliever07 Michael Bloom and the Blues Prophecy - Old Man Blues08 O'funk'illo - Tengo Que Madurar09 Killus - The Look (Cover Roxette)10 Blues Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love11 Mass Madness - Criminally Insane (Slayer Cover)12 Sono -What You Do (Single Version)13 Poolside - Around The Sun14 Robert Hart - Different People15 Bon Jovi - Limitless16 Machine Head - Circle the Drain17 Garou - Ain't Too Proud To Beg18 Hollywood Groupies - Rise19 Re-Machined - Heart on Fire20 Demons Wizards - Midas Disease21 Heart Of Chrome - Bankjob22 H.e.a.t - Nothing to Say

1hr 1min

21 Feb 2020

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Новые альбомы Tinsley Ellis, Mark Almond, Pet Shop Boys и другие новинки в "Саундчеке".

Треклист передачи:01 Johnboy - World of Deception02 BlackStar Republic - Nuclear Hollywood (Apocalyptic Mix)03 Preppen Barium - Prep 'n' Bury 'Em04 BB Factor - How Blue Can You Get05 Vatics - Y.O.T.A06 Cas Haley - We All the Same07 Stugg - Bitch08 Jimmy Burns - Cold As Ice09 Iron Savior - Run To You10 Tinsley Ellis - Hole In My Heart11 Autumn's Child - You're Breaking My Heart Again12 Mark Almond - Dust13 Pet Shop Boys - Monkey business14 SDI - 80s Metal Band15 Storm Force - Marshall Law16 Ole Frimer Band - Manifest Destiny17 Sufferin' Moses - One Day at a Time18 Malone Sibun - So Tired of Living19 Theory of a Deadman - World Keeps Spinning

1hr 2mins

31 Jan 2020

Rank #11

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Sons Of Apollo, Gathering Of Kings, Lars Eric Mattsson и другие новинки в "Саундчекe".

Треклист передачи: 01 Helltrail - Ashes02 Preppen Barium - Prep 'n' Bury 'Em03 Swindler - Gold Digger04 Tony Tucker - Smoky Mountain Blues05 Prowess - Blacktop Therapy06 Gathering Of Kings - Kiss from Above06 Blistur - All About You07 Derek Fresquez & Cuttin The Chord - Bluest Blues08 Warren Storm - Long as I Can See the Light09 Inglorious - Where Are You Now10 Billy Sheets - Fortune Tellin' Man11 Jack Green - A Night in Marocco12 Sons Of Apollo - King of Delusion13 Little Buddy - Her Name Is the Blues14 Train of Pain - Addiction15 Stefano Stella - Help the Poor16 Blues Cousins - Please Don't Go17 Bobby MacVeety - Home Cookin'18 Lars Eric Mattsson - Lonely Child


17 Jan 2020

Rank #12

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Ozzy Osbourne-Elton John, Pet Shop Boys, Popa Chubby, Rage и другие в программе "Саундчек".

Треклист передачи: 01 Burning Red - Cards On The Table02 Mystic Prophecy - Eye to Eye03 Rage - Chasing the Twilight Zone04 Joe Ardigo - Rise Of The Lost Angel05 Neronia - Center Of My Dreams06 Miwa - One Single Bullet07 Jimmy Duck Holmes - All Night Long08 Eurotix - One Step Forward (Remodel)09 A Spell Inside - Mein Sinnbild10 Pet Shop Boys - Monkey Business (Radio Edit)11 Popa Chubby - Kiss12 Brothers of Metal - Chain Breaker13 Charlie Vitamine - Bleeding Heart14 Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man15 Billy Price - We're in Love16 Zucchero - Vittime Del Cool17 IronLand - Profetas18 FirstBourne - My Choices


10 Jan 2020

Rank #13

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Лучшее за вторую половину 2019-ого года в праздничном новогоднем "Саундчеке".

Треклист передачи: 01 Rage - Let Them Rest in Peace02 Phil Campbell - These Old Boots (feat. Dee Snider)03 Steel Panther - Sneaky Little Bitch04 Coco Montoya - Lights Are On But Nobody's Home05 Paul Dianno - Ain't Talkin' Bout Love06 Bryan Adams - Joe And Mary07 Alice Cooper - Devil with a Blue Dress on - Chains of Love08 Dan McCafferty - Bring It On Back09 Celine Dion - Look At Us Now10 DragonForce - The Last Dragonborn11 Gary Hoey - Truth12 Jeff Lynnes ELO - Goin' Out On Me13 Crystal Ball - He Came to Change the World14 Ozzy Osbourne - Under the Graveyard15 Pretty Maids - Serpentine16 Rod Stewart - Stop Loving Her Today17 Tarja - Tears In Rain18 Status Quo - Better Take Care19 Sons Of Apollo - Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony - The Show Must Go On20 The Dead Daisies - Fortunate Son21 Lucky Peterson - Angel Of Mercy22 Lindemann - Platz Eins23 Stereophonics - Bust This Town24 Slipknot - Solway Firth25 Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard - Don't You Ever Leave26 Airbourne - She Gives Me Hell27 Iggy Pop - James Bond28 Bernie Shaw & Dale Collins - Here We Go29 Painkiller - March of the Dead30 Ringo Starr - Money31 Rob Halford - Deck the Halls32 The Who - Rockin In Rage33 Keb' Mo'- Merry Merry Christmas34 Eclipse - United35 George Michael - This Is How (We Want You To Get High) Extended36 Huey Lewis & The News - Her Love Is Killin' Me

1hr 41mins

28 Dec 2019

Rank #14

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Chris Rea, Airbourne, Jeff Lynnes ELO и другие в "Саундчеке".

Треклист передачи: 01 OverllouD - Omen02 Armored Dawn - Animal Uncaged03 Zodiac Ass - Suicide Of Jesus Christ04 Larry Miller - No More Mr. Nice Guy05 HammerFall - Dominion06 Abel Label - Red Meat and Booze07 Big Mike & The R&B Kings - Played a Fool08 Rage - Let Them Rest in Peace09 Chris Rea - 2019 - Loving You10 Airbourne - She Gives Me Hell11 Jeff Lynnes ELO - Goin' Out On Me12 Stereophonics - Bust This Town13 Phil Campbell - These Old Boots (feat. Dee Snider)13-1 Blue Talking - My Bed Is too Big13-2 Kongos - Stand Up14 Maggy & The Buddies - Unfaithful16 Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard - Don't You Ever Leave


25 Oct 2019

Rank #15

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Ringo Starr, Rob Halford, Keb' Mo' и другие новинки в программе "Саундчек".

Треклист передачи: 01 Merging Flare - Alliance In Defiance02 Ravager - Society Of Blunted State03 JD Miller - Icarus04 Screamin' John and TD Lind - The Letter05 Gregg Rolie - Rockit-106 Fastball - Surprise Surprise07 Freddie Nystrom Band - Huvudet i vaggen08 Bonita & The Blues Shacks - You Can't Hide09 Faderhead - Neophobiac10 Audrey Turner - The Sky Is Crying11 Greta Baker - Is This Love12 Santa Cruz - Time After Time13 Matty T Wall - Transpacific Blues, Vol. 1 - Born Under a Bad Sign (feat. Kirk Fletcher)14 Ringo Starr - Money15 Rob Halford - Deck the Halls16 Keb' Mo'- Merry Merry Christmas17 Danger Zone - Destiny


18 Oct 2019

Rank #16

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Ten Years After, Lacuna Coil, The Ferrymen и другие в программе "Саундчек".

Треклист передачи: 01 Chemikill - Not to Blame02 Heartless Day - Missed The Right Time03 Silent Call - Damnation04 Sayer & Joyce - The Things We Used To Do05 Burnt Out Wreck - Dead Or Alive06 Down 'n' Outz - Creatures07 Grande Royale - Baby You're A Fool08 Lacuna Coil - Reckless09 Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own10 Ten Years After - 2019 - Losing The Dogs (live)11 John Blues Boyd - Oh California!12 Stargazer - I'm the One13 Blaregn - As Long as I'm with You14 Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Now And Forever14-1 POMPEYA - Pasadena14-2 Life of Agony - Lay Down15 Gregg Rolie - Rockit16 The Ferrymen - Bring Me Home (Acoustic Version)

1hr 1min

11 Oct 2019

Rank #17

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Fatal Embrace, Digital Energy, The Darkness и другие в программе "Саундчек".

Треклист передачи: 01 The Irontown Diehards - Ride02 Fatal Embrace - Skinned To Be Alive03 Sublime Eyes - King Of Suffering04 Jeramy Norris & the Dangerous Mood - Tired of Trying05 Mister Misery - My Ghost06 Laurence Jones Band - Day Tripper07 Digital Energy - Unite! (Outsized Remix)08 Crow's Flight - Home by the Sea09 Raubtier - Hogt fritt och blott10 Saint Deamon - Higher11 The Bluesland Horn Band - Son Of Thunder12 The Defiants - U X'd My Heart13 Axecuter - Separate Ways14 The Darkness - Choke on It14-1 Bill Tweedy - Hwy J15 Alex Carole - Shoplifting Career16 Eclipse - Shelter Me


4 Oct 2019

Rank #18

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Huey Lewis & The News, Tito & Tarantula, KMFDM и другие в "Саундчеке".

Треклист передачи:01 Driving Force - Rat Race02 Of Mice & Men - Deceiver-Deceived03 Hellyeah - Perfect04 Robbie Robertson - Let Love Reign05 The Agonist - Dust to Dust06 Francesca De Fazi - Emergency07 7th Heaven - Don't Stop Me Now08 Sunny Lowdown - Satisfaction09 Huey Lewis & The News - Her Love Is Killin' Me10 Wednesday 13 - Necrophaze11 KMFDM - Disturb the Peace12 Tito & Tarantula - Lonely Sunset13 Danny Bryant - Too Far Gone14 Steel Panther - Sneaky Little Bitch-115 Tне Beatles - The Ballad Of John And Yoko (Take 7)16 Richville - Keep on Prayin'17 GasOrleans - Onkel How Do You Do18 Horbie Schmidt Band - Uberwacht in Deutschland19 Grande Royale - Baby You're A Fool20 Robert Tepper - Beyond The Atmosphere21 CoreLeoni - Angel

1hr 2mins

27 Sep 2019

Rank #19

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Tarja, Mob Rules, Sons Of Apollo и другие новинки в программе "Саундчек".

Треклист передачи: 01 Painkiller - March of the Dead02 Demonhead - Black Devil Lies03 Elvenking - Warden of the Bane04 Blues Company - The News05 Rockett Love - Reaching Out06 Marcus Garner - Revolution07 Northern Genocide - The Avalanche08 Tarja - Tears In Rain09 Mob Rules - Beast Over Europe Way Back Home10 Sons Of Apollo (Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony) - The Show Must Go On11 Seth James - From Way Behind12 Concerto Moon - Fight to the Death13 Toque - Never Enough (For You)14 Ben Racine Band - Modus Operandi15 SellSword - Inquisitor16 Saint Deamon - The Voice Within (Bonus Track)

1hr 1min

30 Aug 2019

Rank #20