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Welcome to the Canuck Otaku podcast! We're just a couple of Canadians talking everything related to Japanese culture: Anime, manga, video games, music, food and drinks. We also may talk about our general lives so hopefully you'll learn more about us personally along the way. Whether we're reviewing the latest seasonal anime, ranting on genre stereotypes or deep diving into a specific series or episode, we hope you will join us for the ride!

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34 - Summer Vacation and Season Recap, Fall Teasers & Manga that Deserve an Anime

A mixture of summer vacation and one of our co-hosts getting married put us on hold for a few months but we are happy to be back!In this episode, we recap some of the summer shows we were able to watch, including Iruma S2, Kobayashi S2, and Great Jahy. We take a quick look at what's to come in the near future, which includes more Komi-san bashing, and Takagi S3 goodness. Keeping things in line with recent wedding events, Chris offers Luigi some nice wholesome series about healthy couples in a relationship which then segues into a list of manga series that he thinks needs to be adapted. Timestamps:(4:56) - Iruma S2(12:31) - Slime S2, Naruto, Bleach(15:39) - Kobayashi S2(21:16) - More Komi-san Ripping(25:33) - Not-so-Great Jahy(32:08) - Couple Romance Manga(37:27) - Takagi-san News(44:14) - Manga that Need an Anime(51:46) - Fall 2021 Teaser  

1hr 5mins

1 Oct 2021

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33 - Anime at the Olympics, The Problem with Komi-San, Aharen-San, & Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

Hello! We are finally back from our summer vacation and are really looking forward to an awesome 2nd half of 2021!In this episode, we start off by talking about what we have been doing since we disappeared 1 month ago. We then discuss the news regarding the anime adaptation of Komi-san, including our grievances with the storyline and writing. We also talk a bit about some new shows that are airing and are scheduled to be released, including Josee, the Tiger and the Fish, a movie which has been playing in theaters across NA. Finally, as an athlete myself, we talk a bit about the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and some of the anime and video game cameos and references that have been spotted thus far.Timstamps:(8:31) - Komi-san and the series' shortfalls regarding plot, characters, and focus.(24:36) - Aharen-san is Indecipherable slated for 2022!(31:41) - Luigi's re-watching Naruto(45:28) - Josee, the Tiger and the Fish(49:49) - Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

1hr 17mins

2 Aug 2021

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32 - Anime Burnout, Mass Effect, FMA Sequel?

In this episode, we discuss a recent article detailing how many watchers are viewing shows at 1.5x in order to get through their backlog, which begs the questions, are too many shows coming out every season to the point that it becomes overwhelming for us, and why do we feel obligated to treat this hobby like a series of checkmarks?Chris also talks a bit about his recent (6th) playthrough of Mass Effect and why it's been taking up most of his past 2 weeks.We also discuss some news regarding big announcements, including the cast & crew of the upcoming Cowboy Bebop live action, as well as a new Fullmetal Alchemist project that will be revealed on July 12th, 2021! We give our predictions as to what the project might be and if it is a sequel, what the possible plot might look like.Timestamps: (5:44) - Are too many shows being released/Are you watching an unhealthy amount of TV?(21:31) - Everyone, play Mass Effect(41:01) - Yoko Kanno returning to score the new Cowboy Bebop(46:36) - New FMA Project on the horizon/Our Prediction

1hr 6mins

14 Jun 2021

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31 - Interview with Hey, King!: Albums, Anime, and Cosplay

Links to album and social media located below!This episode is our chat with Natalie London and Taylor Plecity of the indie rock duo, Hey, King! Along with being anime fans, they're also musicians and Natalie is a fellow Canuck so we knew that they'd fit in perfectly!We discuss the band's newest album which was released on April 2nd, including the creation process and their inspiration towards the composition of many of its tracks. Many of the songs on the album deal with issues such as love, resilience, female empowerment, and moving through difficult times and the two share their experiences regarding those themes.On the anime side of things, Taylor shares her love for the artform, her experiences with cosplay, and gives some tips for those who are looking to jump into the hobby. We also discuss topics such as having a partner that's an anime fan, FMA, Super Smash, guilty pleasures, and more. Check the timestamps!(4:16) - Interview Start(5:44) - Album Creation(16:17) - Moving on when your Life has been Put on Hold (28:12) - Introduction to Anime/Cosplay (40:22) - Choosing What to Cosplay/Tips for Aspiring Cosplayers (49:48) - Otafest and Touring to Calgary (54:12) - Having a Partner that's an Anime Fan (57:38) - Fullmetal Alchemist(64:54) - Super Smash Melee + Final Fantasy (72:47) - Interests in Other Nerd/Geek Cirlces (80:39) - Guilty Pleasures + Rapid Fire (92:28) - Anime Easter Eggs in Music Videos (94:45) - Future Projects + Interview End (97:46) - Conclusion Links:WebsiteMusicYoutubeBand InstagramTaylor's InstagramTwitterFacebookNatalie's Book

1hr 42mins

28 May 2021

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30 - Spring 2021 Preview (Part 2)

Episodes 29 and 30 are all about Spring 2021! Listen to our grievances with Moriarty, Luigi trying to explain the plot of 86, us trying to avoid the wrath of Tokyo Revengers manga readers, Chris lamenting the identity struggles of artists, and our complete amazement of To Your Eternity.In this episode, we discuss out general thoughts on some of the shows running this season. The shows in this part are mainly the big-hit, AOTY, Oscar-type shows and include (with time stamps): - Mars Red (4:45)  - 86 EIGHTY-SIX (14:30)  - Tokyo Revengers (27:16)  - Those Snow White Notes (35:30)  - Higehiro (53:30)  - To Your Eternity (76:56) *SPOILER WARNING: This episode was recorded after 3-4 episodes of each show was released so just a discretion*Check out Episode 29 for our thoughts on the lighter, feel-good shows of the season including: - Iruma-kun - My Hero Academia - Koikomo - Osamake - Nagatoro-san

1hr 42mins

14 May 2021

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29 - Spring 2021 Preview (Part 1)

The next two episodes are all about Spring 2021!In this episode, we discuss our general thoughts on some of the shows running this season. The shows in this part are mainly continuations, comedies, and romcoms, including (with time stamps): - Iruma-kun Season 2 (19:20)  - MHA S5 (22:00)  - Koikomo (25:00)  - Osamake, (33:40)  - Nagatoro-san (56:50) Check out Episode 30 for our thoughts on the heavy hitters of the season including: - Mars Red - 86 EIGHTY-SIX - Tokyo Revengers - Those Snow White Notes - Higehiro - To Your Eternity 

1hr 18mins

7 May 2021

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28 - Spring 2021 - Gokushufudou: Does Bad Animation = Bad Show?

How much weight do you put on the visual aspects of a show? To what extent do the visuals and animation affect your enjoyment of a show?In part 1 of our Spring 2021 preview, we reveal which shows we are watching this season, which will be discussed in our next episode. This episode revolves around Gokushufudou: The Way of the Househusband, which has been one of our favourite shows of the season! The show has been marred with polarized opinions over its production choices and we tackle the questions asked above, which results in another criticism of MAL reviews. Our discussion starts at 22:00 of the episode.Updates: 1. Apparently reasoning for the visual style of the anime was as a means to replicate the look and feel of the manga (ie: it was a conscious, stylistic choice)2. The show was marketed in Japan as an animated comic, not an anime.

1hr 10mins

26 Apr 2021

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27 - Iruma-kun: General Thoughts & What Demons were the Characters Based On?

Message from Chris: Apologies for the wacky audio. I was doing audio tests with RTX Voice and forgot to turn it off when I recorded the episode :(This episode is all about Iruma-kun! We start off by talking about our experiences with the first season, especially when used for a watch party before talking about what Season 2 will have in store (mild but inconsequential spoilers discussed!). Chris also takes a look at ambition, one of the series' central themes.We then did some research on the actual demons that many of the characters were based upon. What were the real Azazel, Asmodeus, Valac, and Naberius like? We share our research on how the original demons affected the names, personalities, and abilities of many of the show's characters. 

1hr 52mins

26 Mar 2021

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26 - Devil is a Part-Timer News; LN Endings; Iruma-kun Part 1

In this episode, we discuss the recent news about a second season being announced for The Devil is a Part-Timer, which segued nicely into a talk about why so many series seem to have horrible endings and finales. It also segued nicely into part 1 of our discussion on Iruma-kun, including things we love about the show and going a bit into the lore of the demonology on which many of the characters are based on. Look out for a deep dive on this show very soon!

1hr 3mins

12 Mar 2021

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25 - Winter 2021: AoT Speculations?, PooPoo (Redo) of Healer, Good vs Bad Isekais, & What Are We Watching?

In this episode, we talk about the pressures faced when talking about the "big" shows in anime and Luigi discusses his hopes for the remainder of Attack on Titan (SPOILER FREE). We also discuss the absolute disaster that is Redo of Healer, the issues around its content and how it could have negative lasting effects before revealing and talking about what shows we have been watching from this season. Shows discussed: AoT, Slime Isekai, Spider Isekai, Jobless Reincarnation (Isekai), Wonder Egg Priority, Heaven's Design Team, Tomozaki-kun

1hr 52mins

19 Feb 2021

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