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Two opposite girls named Lauren and Zuzanna just trying to give and take their own bloody good advice. We, as high school students and young entrepreneurs want to use TYOA as a platform to share with likeminded teens our ever-growing understandings and experiences about this crazy thing called life. Together, we aim to create a taboo free coming of age journey for all.Follow us! @TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast

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Welcome to THE ARTS! With Michael & Sarah

During the last day of physical school in Victoria, Zuzanna had the opportunity to record a (socially distanced) guest episode with the ridiculously talented, yr 11 dancer, Michael Scott-Kahns and yr 12 visual artist, Sarah Jajou. After a very fun confessional advice segment, the three of them talk all things creative arts related in light of the covid-19 situation impacting our art world everyday. From learning about what the areas of dance, visual art and theatre entail and how we are planning on using our skills after school, to discovering the harsh inequalities in our seperate industries. By the end of this episode you will get three hopeful predictions and opinions about our future in the creative arts.Instagram: @TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast


9 Aug 2020

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The Dumb Bitch Guide to Being HAPPY!! you need this!

It’s okay not to be okay, but when you’re experiencing more bad days than good, it’s time for a change. To get you moving in the right direction, Zuzanna this week is going to give a quick 5 step guide on how to start your “spiritual” journey to gain back positive vibes and high vibrations. This will be known as “Zuzanna’s dumb bitch guides”. These tips are amazing starting points that will be sure to motivate you to begin a mindset shift for the better.Instagram: TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast


26 Jul 2020

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You need a wake up call! Breaking the stigmas and misconceptions of success

This episode is a solo episode! and although short, it is worth the listen. Lauren is dropping some major truth bombs when it comes to achieving your own success! Everything from breaking the rules to finding your soul purpose is in this episode including a secret weapon. Fall forward everyone! Instagram: TakeYourOwnadvicePodcast


19 Jul 2020

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We have let the people speak this week! we're reading out your hilariously funny life stories. From pooping your pants to loosing your bathers we can all feel the cringe. Instagram: TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast


5 Jul 2020

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Coping with Loss, friends family & COMMUNICATION!

this episode we're drawing the line. Letting yourself and others know enough is enough. Coping with a loss is never easy, we're not going to sugar coat the fact that it's hard but we're also going to give our best advice on moving forward afterwards. Talking it out, crying it out and letting time heal. Instagram: TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast


28 Jun 2020

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Starting a fitness journey! Body Image, Comparison & HUMMUS!

Learning to love yourself is not easy when you are your own harshest critic. We're sharing our fitness journeys, how we started, how our confidence has changed and how to find a balance between pizza, greek yogurt and friends! Instagram: TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast


21 Jun 2020

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It's Britney Bitch! Our girly guide to surviving your Period

The good, the bad, the ugly and the BLOODY! First Periods and Embarrassing stories, we all have them. In this episode we share our own and our listeners best tips and tricks to surviving your womanly days. Ft a High School Musical Duet (your welcome xo) Instagram: TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast


14 Jun 2020

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The Honest Truth! Accountability, Positivity and Motivation

We're opening up this episode to how we're REALLY doing atm! Come and laugh with us, or at us... We'll let you decide. Learn how to assess your everyday life, how to implement healthy changes instantly and promote a positive lifestyle! From Journaling to goal setting. Decluttering your room, expired makeup and toxic people. Instagram: TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast


7 Jun 2020

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Being an LGBT+ teen in 2020 with Tyler Milic. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!

This week we celebrate pride month. Zuzanna and Tyler share their experiences, triumphs and struggles of being LGBT+, growing their self confidence, owning their journeys and finding out the taste of her cherry chapstick. From the history books until now, love is love, Aaron Hull is bae and being yourself is never the wrong thing to do.Instagram: TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast, Tyler.Milic


31 May 2020

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Back to School: What are our predictions?!

This week we're talking all things back to school. What we hope does and doesn't change. Social distancing, assessments, mental health and how to vent to a corn on the cob.Instagram: TakeYourOwnAdvicePodcast


24 May 2020

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