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Stella Bayles, author, speaker and director of PR technologies 'CoverageBook' & 'AnswerThePublic', hosts this direct and straight-talking podcast on PR, marketing and communications.In each episode, Stella explores an emerging topic in Public Relations and with the help of an expert dispels any myths and breaks down the jargon.Summarised in plain language, this PR podcast is informative, often amusing and always under and hour, so you can be clued up before your next Zoom call.

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PR measurement: Sentiment analysis explained

Sentiment is a crucial part of measuring Public Relations. It’s the process of understanding if a brand is being described in a positive or negative light. But what if you’re in a crisis team and most of your clips are expected to be negative? Or you’re running a youth campaign and the social posts include negative/positive slang in multiple languages?! Sentiment is difficult, but without it we’re not fully evaluating Public Relations. So what steps can we take to fully analyse our work? In this special ‘measurement month’ episode I’m joined by AMEC members and analysis experts, Steph Bridgeman, head of Experienced Media Analysts and Maya Koleva, head of Insight at Commetric to share their knowledge. We cover how to manually track sentiment, how machines are learning what positive and negative descriptions are in social and news posts, how to tackle international campaigns and steps you can take in your own evaluation. This really is relevant to everyone in Public Relations. Special Guests: Maya Koleva and Steph Bridgeman.


27 Nov 2019

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