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We The Unhoused is a podcast that lifts the voices and struggles of the unhoused in LA and beyond. Host Theo Henderson is currently unhoused and resides in Chinatown, Los Angeles. He tackles issues such as police brutality, harassment, policy, and the survival challenges of unhoused people. Through a series of interviews, we will discuss issues that are germane to unhoused people like the cost of living, gentrification, health struggles, harm reduction, and trauma-informed care. The revolution will be heard on this podcast. Tune in each week to be a part of it.

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Bonus Episode: Lexis-Olivier Ray interviews Theo

Recorded live at UCLA

1hr 17mins

11 May 2021

Rank #1

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Episode 44: Return of the Sweeps

Sweeps: the virus continues. Coming to an area near you. Mitch Farrell lied. LAPD lied. Mayor Garcetti lied. A major military occupation on the unhoused community descended upon Echo Park Lake on March 24 and 25. They touted it as a model to treat the Unhoused community. This is reminiscent of past civil rights movements. Please listen to the voices and stories of the Unhoused community and local activists.

1hr 30mins

26 Apr 2021

Rank #2

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Episode 43: Oceanside war on the poor

War leaves nothing else if not destruction and displacement. If you consider the statement, what wars are we engaged in currently? One at the moment is the war on the poor. Who are the heroes in this war? The military? The police? Who were made to be the villans? The unhoused community..

1hr 6mins

22 Mar 2021

Rank #3

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Episode 42: Keeping the dream alive (part 2)

Justice is love in action. Justice for the Unhoused community is ending criminalizing them with brutal sweeps. Please hear their first hand accounts from unhoused Downtown LA residents Shirley, Rosie, Harvey and the organizers who are fighting with them. Now is the time to listen and do what is right


27 Feb 2021

Rank #4

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Episode 41: Keeping the Dream Alive

Dr. King is known for one speech. Supporters of his speeches use it to provide the fire to continue his legacy. Detractors use it to weaponize against the people Dr. King champion. This two part episode captures love in action.

1hr 20mins

11 Feb 2021

Rank #5

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Episode 40: Santa Cruz Drowning Our Unhoused Lives and Rights Away

WTU travels to Santa Cruz to see the similarities and differences of how Unhoused people are treated there compared to LA. Theo interviews Unhoused community members including Alicia Kuhl, and organizers with Food Not Bombs.


27 Jan 2021

Rank #6

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Episode 39: De Campesinxs A Campesinxs

As we learn about our past, we can see our future and do things differently. How? By breaking down the walls of fear, ignorance and hatred, we can replace with respect and gratitude. The sacrifice, love, and labor for the people who are literally putting food on the table for the people who despise them. This episode highlights the heroes/sheroes of Oxnard, CA. Other luminaries such as Melissa Acedera, Carmen Obeso, Sylvia Hernandez, Danny Park, Polos Pantry, Eayikes, Skid Row Market joined in solidarity to lend a hand during Covid stay at home order. 

1hr 3mins

9 Jan 2021

Rank #7

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Episode 38: Lift Every Voice and Vote

Voting is the one precious tool we have in a democracy. As the Unhoused are often ignored, Theo interviews members of the Unhoused and housed community on this subject. We learn about how the Trump presidency affects the LA community, adding to the criminalization push this liberal city already does to its unhoused residents. Exercising you voting power is paramount in these extraordinary times.

1hr 37mins

29 Dec 2020

Rank #8

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Episode 37: The Way to San Jose

WTU goes on the road to explore the houseless epidemic fueled by the Covid 19 pandemic economic turmoil. We compare and contrast how San Jose and Los Angeles address their unhoused residents. 

1hr 20mins

9 Dec 2020

Rank #9

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Episode 36: Thanksgiving Special

What better way to give thanks and educate the world is to show how San Pedro came to be. It didn't begin with harmony, but displacement, violence and a damaging narrative. We The Unhoused investigate the hostility done by Joe Busciano. In the midst of such violence there is peace and beauty. Indigenous resident Andre shares his compassion for his Unhoused neighbors. Philosophical Beast share his gifts with us.  Services not Sweeps member Chris Venn gives us his insight on the area.

1hr 6mins

25 Nov 2020

Rank #10