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Creator of world quality events and purveyor of universal quality music, PsynOpticz is a forced to be reckoned with. A haven for the like minded and a hub of creativity, it has embraced all aspects of psy-culture. PsynOpticz has it's roots deep in mother Africa but has found it's home in hearts and dancefloors worldwide. The concept of PsynOpticz was seeded in the thriving Cape Town indoor scene in 2006, where it flourished, providing the CT masses with cream of the crop local and international talent on a weekly basis. These events quickly gained an ardent following and were renowned for their stellar lineups, immersive psychedelic decor and energising vibe! With this experience and ever growing support, it became inevitable that PsynOpticz branch out into the outdoors, providing South Africa with it's staple annual event, Jungala Festival.It has its own special flavour and design, with the goal to create an all encompassing experience that removes you from the mundane and transports you to an interactive psychedelic wonderland, a completely synergistic and harmonious journey from beginning to end. These festival hosts fresh talent as well as headliners, both homegrown and from around the globe, establishing the network that would eventually culminate in the evolution of PsynOpticz from event organiser to a record label.The mastermind behind PsynOpticz, Calvin aka SwiTcHcaChe, has developed a keen ear for prospective acts, being both organiser as well a DJ. By committing to bringing out new and exciting acts to Cape Town, he uncovered many artists that share his love for non-generic and energetic psychedelic music, and his desire grew to expose this incredible music to the unsuspecting psy masses. Currently, the PsynOpticz stable is represented by artists from around the globe, each bringing their own unique approach and sound to the psychedelic world stage.The driving force behind PsynOpticz is their ignitable passion and deep love of the culture and music. The label grows from strength to strength daily, fueled by the positive response and endless smiles experienced on a PsynOpticz dance-floor, or anywhere the music is played and enjoyed.See the full artist gig listing here ::http://gigs.gigatools.com/g/PsynOpticz

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ILIUCHINA (Israel) | PsynOpticz Podcast #003

This is Iliuchina's live set from ZONE Festival. This was her debut set in South Africa and she blew peoples minds! A true representative of PsynOpticz Productions.Veronica Iliuhin Loren AKA Iliuchina, a 24 year old from Israel, Corently living in Germany, started creating music in the beginning of 2007 and till today worked with some of the leading artists in the Psychedilec Trance in the scene today: Deliriant, Shift, Rabdom L, Menog, D maniac and many more..She shared the stage with artists from Electrypnose and cosmosis to Astrix and GMS while touring around the world. Till today Iliuchina Performed in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, South africa and Slovenia. with a lot more to come. Her sound ranges between 142-147 bpm, with dark brooding atmospheres, spine tingling melodies and driving bass lines. Today iliuchina is working with the biggest labels in the scene: PsynOpticz Productions, Global army music, Spectral records, One foot groove, and Magnetika Booking agency.Released 6 EP's and more than 30 compilation releases. Her debut album is on the way.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Iliuchina:https://www.facebook.com/iliuchinaaa----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz


10 Oct 2014

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SWITCHCACHE (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #034

There are numerous aspects to the force that is SwiTcHcaChe. Like a modern Shiva, his various arms are always engaged in creating some aspect of the psychedelic culture, shifting effortlessly between event organiser, record label owner, festival management, dad and D.J.Most well recognised as his Dj persona SwiTcHcaChe, he has spent the last ten years rising from the underground and blazing an unstoppable path straight through the stratosphere....Wearing a wild grin, he seizes the strange controls of the alien machine. In a blur of nimble fingers he tweaks at the illuminated dials, sending the audio ship tearing through the continuem like a sonic surfboard. Cruising through dimensions, switching between worlds, he dives deep into the universal databank unlocking the hidden cache, unleashing ferocious energy straight from the psychedelic core.SwiTcHcaChe is also commander in chief at PsynOpticz Records, their aim: To Traverse the Multiverse in search of the most reality bending music for alien and earthling ears, and to take PsynOpticz to higher dimensions with every cycle, pushing the collective to singularity.FOLLOW SWITCHCACHE ::https://www.facebook.com/SwiTcHcaChe.PsynOpticz https://soundcloud.com/switchcache-psynopticz

2hr 2mins

15 May 2019

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SUB-ZERO (Portugal) | PsynOpticz Podcast #004

This is an insane live set from Sub-Zero for the {psy.ology} label launch event in Cape Town. He was unable to make the event, but put together this live set for free download to everyone. ENjoy this psychedelic twilight sound!----------------------------------------------------------------------------Sub-Zero is the solo project of Adelino Afonso born in 1984 in Coimbra (Portugal). Since his childhood, Adelino always had a strong relation with music. At 13 he got his first electric guitar and with it the need to create his own music.In the year 2000 Adelino started going to techno and psy trance parties. There he found his electronic musical language. He started Djing and experimenting with various sequencers such as “E-jay” and “Fruity loops” with which he learned the basics of electronic music production.During the year 2002 Adelino joined forces with his friend Mario Rodrigues (Droidbeatz) and created a project that is now known as “Poizon”, one of the most promising acts from the psy trance scene in Portugal today.After some years of gaining musical and production knowledge, Adelino created the project that was originaly known as “Reset”, as a way to explore different psychedelic fields. His music is defined by low rolling fat basslines, classical psychedelic synth work, intricate percussive rhythms, imaginative noises from synthesizers and lots, lots more ...Sub-Zero joined PsynOpticz Productions in 2010 spreading his unique & driving psychedelic trance to greatful dancefloors on distant shores. Keep your ears open, your mind free and your feet ready to stomp as Sub-Zero is coming soon thru a speaker near you!----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Sub-Zero:https://www.facebook.com/SuubZeero http://soundcloud.com/sub-zero----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz

1hr 6mins

15 Oct 2014

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PHIXIUS (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #012

Phixius, one of the latest additions to the PsynOpticz family plays an amazing selection of the best progressive psychedelic beats. He is based in Cape Town and rocks many of the festivals and club dancefloors. Take a listen to this journey he has created and let your mind expand today and every other day you listen to this!---------------------------------------------------------------------------I was introduced to Psy-Trance in high school was very fond of the music but was only till my first Out Door party in 2009 and it was a New Years Rezonance thats were i fell in love with the music. Took about another 2 years of going to Out Door parties till i started Djing. After winning the Equinox New Guy competition in 2013 it put me on the map. Played at various Outdoor events such as Groovy Troopers, Remanufacture, Ground Zero, Rezonance NYE Festival. Equinox and The Village. And various indoor events. Currently playing under Equinox Experience, Full Moon SA and PsynOpticz ProductionsInterview with Psymediahttp://www.psymedia.co.za/phixius-exclusive-interview/----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Phixius:www.facebook.com/Phixius.psy https://soundcloud.com/phixius----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz www.PsynOpticz.com


23 Oct 2015

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STEREO PLUG (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #013

Stereo Plug is Jefferson Cechinel, hailing from Brazil he boasts a full-on psychedelic flavour. He has shared stages with some of the best artists in the world allowing an international host of influences to further enrich his massive style of music production. Enjoy his latest selection of beats in this live set!---------------------------------------------------------------------------Stereo Plug is the psytrance project of Jefferson Cechinel from Santa Catarina , Brazil . Involved with music since childhood , grew up being the drummer of a martial and punk rock band , met the psytrance through friends in 2003 and since then have not left the scene . In 2005 had a deep interest in the field of electronic music production and made ​​the difficult decision to quit the drums to dive into the world of psytrance production , so was born the Stereo Plug project.Stereo Plug is known for the quality and seriousness of his music , his talent was discovered in 2007 when the 1st released track was out "Stereo Plug – Hexatech” providing him a good establishment in the scene and then good releases by well renowned labels as : {psy.ology}, Phantasm , Neurobiotic , 24/7 , Catalyst . His first international tour to South Africa in 2012 brought good results and he was invited to become a member of Psyn0pticz Records (SA).2014 has began with a vibrant appearance at the Universo Paralello Festival and things have just grown from there with many gigs at major festivals.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Stereo Plug:www.facebook.com/stereoplug http://soundcloud.com/stereoplug----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz www.PsynOpticz.com


5 Nov 2015

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ALIEN CODE (Brazil)| PsynOpticz Podcast #032

We bring you an insane live set by Alien Code recorded at Ano Novo no Mundo de Alice in Brazil for NYE 2018-2019! This is a very unique performance as well as a powerful psychedelic experience! Alien Code creates a visual experience for the dancefloor to hear his creations as well as see him play elements of the tracks on the laser harp. No one is doing anything like this and he is blowing the dancefloors away! Take a listen to this set and be taken on a journey into the unknown!Watch this video of his other performance at Mundo de Oz 2018-2019 to get a feeling of what you can experience when seeing Alien Code live!https://www.facebook.com/aliencodemusic/videos/1453590188107742/Follow ALIEN CODEhttps://www.facebook.com/aliencodemusic/ https://soundcloud.com/aliencodemusic

1hr 1min

3 Mar 2019

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TERRAMOON (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #033

We welcome Terramoon from Cape Town, South Africa to the PsynOpticz familia. If you are looking for some full power psychedelic vibes plus a touch of madness you are in the right place. This duo made up of Dan Knoesen aka Dan Scot & Bradley Botha aka Plastic Vision, have been blasting dancefloors around SA for over a decade! We are excited to announce them with this slamming set which they played very recently at Zodiac, one of CT, top monthly psytrance club events held at the prestigious venue, Reset. Keep your ears open for where ever these guys are jamming, as you will not regret being thrown into the deep end and taken on a journey into their psychedelic galaxy!Follow TERRAMOONwww.facebook.com/terramoonartist https://soundcloud.com/terramoon021

1hr 38mins

10 May 2019

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TECHNOLOGY (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #017

Technology is the psychedelic project formed in 2009 by Fernando Riberiro from Brazil. One of the latest editions to the PsynOpticz family. He has engineered a unique and powerful sound that is blasting dancefloors around the world with massive groovy basslines, intricate percussion and exciting melodies! Have your doors of perception opened and begin to welcome the knowledge and power of psychedelic music with Technology!---------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Technology :www.facebook.com/technologybr www.soundcloud.com/technologybrasil----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz Records:Website: www.psynopticz.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/PsynOptczSoundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/psynopticzYoutube: www.youtube.com/PsynOpticzTwitter: twitter.com/PsynOpticzInstagram : www.instagram.com/psynopticz


30 Jun 2016

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PREFIX (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #011

Prefix is the psy trance, techno, psy-tech and progressive project of John Vichos. In his teens, John had been listening to and collecting psy trance but was only djing Tech House, Minimal and Techno under his other alias John Vicious. It was only when he attended his first outdoor festival in 2007 did he see and realize that his love for both psy trance and “house-based” music could be merged.Prefix is an appreciated DJ on a lineup because of his ability to capture the attention of a crowd and hold it, to move with them and build on what they are feeding back to him, taking them on a new journey every time. From second floor grooves to powerful main floor sets, Prefix is an experienced DJ that understands the dance floor.This mix is a live recording from his DJ set at ONE Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa.--------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Prefix:www.facebook.com/Prefix.SA http://soundcloud.com/prefixsoundsystem----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz

1hr 28mins

14 Aug 2015

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GEKO (Israel) | PsynOpticz Podcast #007

Geko put this "Summer" live set together for you all! Play it loud and get into the psychedelic mood for this summer season is going to be insane!---------------------------------------------------------------------------GeKo is Amir Ben David, Born in March 3 1982, Israel. At an early age he played the piano, which started his first real passion for music, but this was just the beginning.After realizing that music did something special for his soul he soon started going to as many music events as he could. Soon he realized that it was time for a change, it was time for him to try and make his own music, the music that was trapped inside his psychedelic head for so long, so he decided to form his solo project that called "GeKo".GeKo music is very unique and powerful, night full-on with psychedelic tech sound touch. His music filled with psychedelic twisted melodies that create a unique and special atmosphere that cannot be found just anywhere. Sound that will reach your Psychedelic Mind and spin it into a motion that will make you dance to the dark beat until you loose yourself in it. Don't be afraid to try it for yourself.GeKo already spread his sounds on many events around the world from Indoor party's to big festivals around, Israel, Portugal, switzerland, South Africa, France, Germany, India, Cyprus and more... After 2 years of study on Music Academy,He was ready to release his first album "POISON FLOWERS" that was released on June 2009 on "Digital Psionics Rec." that was a very successful hit on the floor around the world. After that in 2010 he come back with his new EP release "The Human Brain" that was out on "Digital Psionics" that show the mature way of music he learned with his experience.then a year later he come back with another EP release "Corrupted Symphony" that was released on "Droopland Rec." from Spain that release became an instent hit with 2 fresh tunes that rock the dance floor and was in the 10 for 1 month in sales!Today he work on his new album for "Fractal Rec." and some new tunes that will test a diffrent parts on your body.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Geko:www.facebook.com/djgekoo@geko----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz

1hr 35mins

12 Dec 2014

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PSYDEVA (Chile) | PsynOpticz Podcast #005

A dj set from Psydeva at the NYE event Revolution in Johannesburg, South Africa 2012-2013.----------------------------------------------------------------------------The journey began when Diego and Matias were emerging from boyhood, looking at the horizon of adventure and musical mastery ahead of them. With a shared interest and passion for the dance floor, they had heard their calling loud and clear! To develop and evolve together to provide dance floors with the same magic and thrill as they had first experience together at Earthdance 2004.After a couple of years traveling around many different festivals and actively organizing international events around Chile, they decided produce their own project. Their collective sound, known as PSYDEVA was born in California USA in 2009. A fusion of Goa and Psychedelic Trance was the marriage of influences that is the PSYDEVA style. They decided to delve deeper into the music with the intention of creating their own tone characteristic - The inspiration of Old School Trance merged with the new ideas of modern Psychedelic Trance. PSYDEVA is a attracts a thick presence on the dance floor, where they galvanise their crowd by pounding a strong and solid bassline, hypnotising their listeners into enchantment. This rolling, and undulating bassline is the core of deep atmospheres that create a high density reflective style. PSYDEVA in the studio are a dedicated team working hard in producing intelligent drum patterns and intricate melody structures for their next releases, a live act showcasing their talent and dynamism.PSYDEVA respects and honours those who have created a platform for their success and would like to thank everyone who is part of the PSYDEVA uprising. They credit their strength to: Calvin & PsynOpticz Productions, Jules Hamer (Aphid Moon/Aphid Moon Rec.) Regan/ Nano Records, California, Nanda, Wildbro, Moaiact, Ovnimoon, Isra Psychedelic Tatto, Pragmatix, Ital and many more.PSYDEVA connect directly and with integrity - Diego and Matias have this to say, “ It’s so damn cool to know that you guys believe in us, AND WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!”----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Psydeva:www.facebook.com/psydeva.chile http://soundcloud.com/psydeva----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz


28 Oct 2014

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SWITCHCACHE (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #015

Label boss, SwiTcHcaChe, has revitalized his sound. New energy and fulfilling spirit. He has been inspired to go back to the roots and bring you full power psychedelic beats! A mix featuring some of the best names in the psychedelic world, this will take you on a journey and bring you back with a new found inspiration!Traclist ::01 // Tristan & Raja Ram - LSD (Waio remix)02 // Nukleal & K.i.M - Blackliters03 // Space Vision - Into the Fire04 // Eclipse Echoes & Telepatic - Holograma05 // K.i.M - Prime Time Pickle06 // Everblast - Ping Machine07 // Earthling & Tron - Deepstar08 // Paratech & Psilocybian - Space Shuffle09 // Nukleall & Contineum - Mushroom Trackers10 // Paratech - Higher Connection11 // Eclipse Echoes - Metachemical12 // Hyperflex & Purist - Evolutionary Vision13 // Kickmongwi - Alien Ressurection---------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow SwiTcHcaChe :www.facebook.com/SwiTcHcaChe.PsynOpticz@switchcache-psynopticz----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz www.PsynOpticz.com


6 Apr 2016

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HUMEROUS (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #016

David Miller, alternatively known as Humerous is a well-renowned producer and DJ in the South African trance scene. With an eclectic background and a grass-roots upbringing, Humerous spent his childhood surfing the beaches of the Atlantic Seaboard. He paid his way through Cape Audio College and successfully completed his Sound Diploma in 2009 with distinction.Humerous possess the rare trait and natural ability of having a phenomenal ear in the detail of his unique compositions. After the completion of his Sound Diploma, Humerous pursued his life-long dream of producing and DJ-ing at major events across Cape Town and beyond. Orchestrating and manipulating the masses on the dance floor that flocked Cape Town’s dance scene, Humerous quickly established himself as a major force to be reckoned with. His eccentric nature and outgoing vibe is evident in his favoured genre of fusion Tech, Prog and Psy. Humerous has accumulated a wide range of sounds manufactured with Mega Groove, Pads, Rhythm and melodic leads. Somehow Humerous has developed a sound that elevates the listener to a revolutionary and truly innovative place. It’s worth mentioning that this passionate DJ & producer established himself and his reputation through the utmost dedication of his particular skill set.Humerous has gained the respect of local and international DJ’s who convey their admiration at this young maestro’s sound ethic. The list of legends Humerous has played alongside includes; Ace Ventura, Protonica, SwiTcHcaChe, Zezia, Sideform, Major 7, Avalon, Dick Trevor, Headroom, Regan, Chromotone, Earthling, Symbolic, Waio, Commercial Hippies and many more.If Nostradamus was still alive and kicking, Humerous’ ability and future in the music industry would sure to be contained in one of his predications.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Humerous :www.facebook.com/Humerous http://www.soundcloud.com/humerous----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz www.PsynOpticz.com

1hr 28mins

31 May 2016

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ZEZIA (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #009

Zezia's latest live set full of psychedelic energy and groove and quite a few unreleased gems. You are going to want to listen to this over and over!01. Zezia - Magic Candy - (Original Mix) Unreleased02. Zezia - Hazmat - (Original Mix) Unreleased03. Zezia - In a Tortoise Dream - (Original mix) Unreleased04. Zezia - Through The Clouds - (Original Mix) Time Travel EP, Mainstage Records05. Zezia - Pylori Boyz - (Original Mix) Unreleased06. Monoclinic - Hydro Electronic (Original Mix) Chromatic Flow EP, {psy.ology} Records07. Zezia - Silence - (Original Mix) Unreleased08. Zezia - Time Travel - (Original Mix) Time Travel EP, Mainstage Records09. Zezia - Sativa - (Original Mix) Unreleased---------------------------------------------------------------------------In 2004 Zezia started attending Local Outdoor Psy Trance Events. It was at these gatherings he was first introduced to both international and local live acts. After being mesmerized time & time again by the talent of these artists Zezia decided that on-stage is where he wanted to be.Zezia is signed to one of the most up and coming Psy Trance Labels in SA, PsynOpticz Productions. He has released two EP's, with {psy.ology} records SA, owned by PsynOpticz, and Mainstage Records ISR. As well as numerous original tracks, collaborations and remixes on Phantasm records UK, Iono Music GER, Yellow Sunshine Explosion UK and Nexus Media SA. Zezia can be heard bashing out groovy baselines, melodic leads and psychedelic beats on a regular basis. Since his explosion onto the psy scene Zezia has played numerous indoor and outdoor psychedelic trance events, such as Jungala Festival, {psy.ology} festival, Earthdance Cape Town, Alien Safari, Mindcultivation, Remanufacture, The Village, Equinox Experience, lock down, MMD, Zone Festival, Boomerang,Twilight Festival, Tswaing Crater Gathering and Fu-Cha Gathering. He has preformed alongside the likes of Avalon, Menog, Astral Projection, Rinkadink, Ritmo, Iliuchina, Regan, Braniac, Poizon, Sub-Zero, Slug, Deliriant, Rubix Qube, Orca, Blazed, Toxic, Skazi, Headroom, Earthling, Broken Toy and Atomic Pulse just to name a few.Whether performing live or djing his own production, one thing is certain he is always ready to blow your mind with the upside down, twisted and bouncing beats of psychedelic trance.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Zezia:www.facebook.com/Zezia https://soundcloud.com/zezia----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz


10 Jul 2015

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LEX (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #010

Lex is one of the latest additions to the PsynOpticz family. His full-on psychededelic middle groove sound has captivated many people around South Africa. His set at Jungala Festival 2015 was mindblowing and we are very happy to share this dj set he recorded recently with you all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Tracklist1. Manipulation - Area 52 2. D-ther - Black Lightning 3. Mirok - Sky Garden 4. Attik - Modulation Director (Spec3 & Ilai Remix) 5. Mikari - Into Twilight (D-Ther Remix) 6. Kickmongwi - Alien Ressurection 7. Eclipse Echoes - Predators (Eclipse Echoes Remix) 8. Advanc3d - Nightwalkers 9. Spectra Sonics - Back To Earth--------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Lex:www.facebook.com/lex.psy https://soundcloud.com/lex----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz


14 Jul 2015

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SWITCHCACHE & SPACE BYRD | PsynOpticz Podcast #008

PsynOpticz Collections - TWO - By SwiTcHcaChe & Space Byrd (2014)Released on {psy.ology} recordsA psychedelic selection compiled by PsynOpticz Productions owner, SwiTcHcaChe, and one the of the longest international signed DJs to PsynOpticz, Space Byrd, from Portugal. These 12 tracks of twilight madness are going to rip a hole into the fabric of both inner and outer interconnected space spreading the power of the study of psychedelic consciousness through audio and visual stimuli. Be a part of the expression!1 // Geko - War Of The Worlds2 // L.E.O.F - Positive3 // Deliriant - Unstoppable (Bionic Remix)4 // Josh Outer Signal - Space Elevator5 // Contrast - Small Island Nation6 // Sub-Zero - Remains7 // Tryon - Omega Centauri8 // System Sequence - Drop Out9 // Remove - Dreaming This10 // Terrorbyte - Dribbed11 // Jaws Underground Vs Psycho System - Time To Glory12 // Brave vs Byohmak - The Possession{to buy}www.beatport.com/label/psyology/25937{links}SwiTcHcaChewww.facebook.com/SwiTcHcaChe.PsynOpticzSpace Byrdwww.facebook.com/SpacebyrdPsynOpticzwww.facebook.com/PsynOpticzGekowww.facebook.com/djgekooL.E.O.FLinks Coming soonDeliriantwww.facebook.com/deliriantBionicwww.facebook.com/Bionic.saJosh Outer Signalwww.facebook.com/JoshOuterSignalContrastwww.facebook.com/ContrastPsySub-Zerowww.facebook.com/SuubZeeroTryonwww.facebook.com/Tryon.PsytranceSystem Sequencewww.facebook.com/SystemSequenceMusicRemovewww.facebook.com/R3MOVETerrorbytewww.facebook.com/Terrorbyte.psyJaws Undergroundwww.facebook.com/pages/Jaws-Under…/184519541609097Psycho Systemwww.facebook.com/pages/Psycho-Sys…/514956208538883Bravewww.facebook.com/pages/BRAVE/1516185081940487Byohmakwww.facebook.com/byohmak.fanpag{psy.ology}www.facebook.com/PsyologyRecords@psyology-records

1hr 7mins

14 May 2015

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BROKEN SWITCH (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #006

Broken Switch recently played at the Eclipse Festival in Quebec, Canada. This is a recording of his set. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Broken Switch aka SwiTcHcaChe, started djing in 2003, mixing drum & bass, breaks, hard house & psytrance on vinyl. He found a passion for techno, psy-tech and psy-breaks while playing house parties then to indoor events to outdoor festivals.Broken Switch not only brings his techy grooves, crazy breaks and dirty basslines to packed dance floors around South Africa but displays his passion for keeping the scene fresh and up to international standards by hosting Cape Towns Jungala and {psy.ology} festival, with a positive, rocking chemistry and energy.Under his PsynOpticz label he is gathering a collective of highly talented djs and producers that are rocking the psy, prog and minimal scene world wide! Find more information on all PsynOpticz artists at http://www.facebook.com/psynopticzEach set is unique to its surrounding and he takes you thru a journey of grooves that will flow thru your subconscious and awaken the groovy vibes deep within you!----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Broken Switch:www.facebook.com/BrokenSwitch https://soundcloud.com/broken-switch----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz

1hr 27mins

11 Nov 2014

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ECLIPSE ECHOES (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #014

Our next podcast is featuring one of our latest additions to the family, Eclipse Echoes from Brazil, performing live in Mexico at Ritual Festival. He has developed his own unique sound ranging from middle groove psychedelic to daytime melodic psychedelic and working with some of the biggest names around the world. He has a pure energy and has taken the world by suprise. He is playing all over representing the PsynOpticz family. You can expect alot more coming from him soon on PsynOpticz Records.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Eclipse Echoes :www.facebook.com/Eclipse.Echoesbr https://soundcloud.com/eclipseechoes----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow PsynOpticz:www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz www.PsynOpticz.com

1hr 16mins

22 Dec 2015

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WAVELENGTH (Canada) | PsynOpticz Podcast #040

We are excited to announce our 40th podcast session featuring our latest addition to the family, Wavelength from Canada! Wavelength is the new project from Maxime Mourand, a psytrance producer/DJ based in Montréal, Canada.This exciting project finds its home in the Middle Groove and Full On sub genres of psychedelic trance.With a strong focus on driving percussion and dynamic builds, Wavelength catapults the dance floor to the next level. His high energy acid led tracks are at home on both night and dawn dance floors.Wavelength is one of a new crop of fast rising stars from Canada who are set to take the North American and global stages by storm!Press play, turn up the volume!!FOLLOW WAVELENGTH ::https://www.facebook.com/Wavelength-Music-431060523950860 https://soundcloud.com/wavelengthofficialTRACKLIST :: 1. Wavelength - Simulated World2. Wavelength - The Mind Reader3. Wavelength - Bowser's Brewer4. Wavelength - Liquefying Brain5. Wavelength & Rafyx - NN6. Tree Circuit & Wavelength - NN7. Wavelength - Earth Shatter8. Paradox & Wavelength - Dubble impact9. Wavelength - Mighty Altar


1 Apr 2020

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LANTE (Argentina) | PsynOpticz Podcast #039

Welcome to our 39th podcast edition where we feature our PsynOpticz artists exclusive live & Dj sets. This month we would like to welcome our latest addition to the familia, Lante, from Argentina. A young passionate producer that is putting out some insane tracks and really taking his production to the next level. This live set he has put together features his latest tunes, and damn they are tasty! He is versatile, proffesional and we will be seeing alot of him on the label releases and gigs around the world very soon! Press play, turn up the voulme and get taken on a journey through this creative mind, Lante!Tracklist:01 - Lante - Vapor Grooves 02 - Pragmatix & Lante - Air Passenger03 - Lante - Mass Control04 - Inverze & Lante - Technical Difficulties05 - Lante - Poisoned Sounds 06 - Lante - Traficando Ideas07 - Green Culture - Green Caramel08 - Lante - Nagual09 - Lante - Unconcius Skating10 - Green culture - Mental StructureFOLLOW LANTE ::https://www.facebook.com/lantelive/ https://soundcloud.com/lantelive

1hr 5mins

16 Oct 2019

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