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How We Built This (and Stayed Happily Married)

Are you in business or ministry with your spouse? What does it take to build a successful business or ministry, without sacrificing your marriage? You can build something you love with the one you love!Join Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe, authors, speakers, and the founders of HappilyMarriedCouples.com, as they share their candid conversations with the power couples who’ve built profitable businesses and impactful ministries, while remaining happily married through it all.Each week on the podcast, Jackie and Stephana will sit down with a couple who has built a successful business, brand, or nonprofit. They’ll also interview couples who run impactful ministries or have planted churches. Their stories will encourage and inspire you to take action. You’ll learn practical strategies to build a business that supports your marriage and grow a marriage that supports your business. And you’ll see what opportunities are available for you today, and the steps you can take to launch, relaunch, or even start over.If you’re an entrepreneur, married to an entrepreneur, in business with your spouse, in ministry together, are a church planter, or run a nonprofit or charitable organization, this podcast is for you! Each episode you’ll get a ton of value, enjoy a little bit of laughter, and receive uber inspiration in your entrepreneurial journey.Like many couples, Jackie and Stephana have experienced the ups and downs of marriage and parenting. They’ve also experienced the challenges, lessons learned, and thrill of entrepreneurship in all but two years of their marriage, as they started their first business in January 2003, just 18 months after getting married in June 2001. Jackie is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur.After giving birth to three kiddos, serving in marriage ministry for years, and launching several businesses of varying success (real talk!), they are still happily married and are dedicated to help as many couples, like you, do the same.Your dream marriage and your dream to impact the world don’t have to pull from one another. In fact, they can and should work together in a way that positively impacts your marriage and your work!The How We Built This (and Stayed Happily Married) Podcast will show you it is possible to build a profitable business or an impactful ministry today — and there is no person better to build it with than your spouse.For show notes, or more curated resources to help you thrive in your marriage and business, go to howwebuiltthismarried.com.

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#008: Building Multiple Businesses with Comedy and Confidence

Are you in business for your family? Mike and Roz Goodwin are in business because of their family -- actually because of their daughter. At age 7, Gabby Goodwin, Mike and Roz’s daughter, persistently encouraged Roz to create a hair barrette for her. Together they invented the first Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette, which became GaBBY Bows, a 6-figure brand. At the same time Mike was building a unique, family-friendly, and very funny comedy brand, called Bowtie Comedy. Learn how they built it and developed persistence, determination, and resilience along the way.


25 May 2021

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#007: Creating Profitable Systems for Married Entrepreneurs

What happens when your identity is wrapped up in your job, but your spouse has been an entrepreneur their entire working life? O.L. and Sway Buckley share how they organically came together as married entrepreneurs to create systems to help other married entrepreneurs build multiple streams of income, without sacrificing their most important asset -- their marriage.


18 May 2021

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#006: From Food Stamps to 8-Figures in Four Years

What happens when you move to a new city for a new job and that job falls through? And you have a baby on the way? Jamal and Natasha Miller share their purpose-driven story of going from food stamps, while six-months pregnant, to an 8-figure business in four years. They’ve built multiple 7-figure brands using a repeatable framework, they call the Circle of Purpose.


27 Apr 2021

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SPECIAL: How to Launch (or Grow) a Highly Profitable Online Membership Site

How do you stop working like crazy just to sustain your business? How do you stop burning the candle at both ends? And how do you stop spending so much time away from the important people and things in your life? Stu McLaren stops by the podcast today to share how he and thousands of other business owners pivoted to build a stable business that helps more people while working less.


22 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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#005: How to Successfully Live, Parent, and Build a Business Together

How does a husband and wife with 8 kids support their family? They build a wildly successful business after moving to a farm in another state then integrate all aspects of their work and home lives together. Jim and PJ Jonas used digital marketing and a rock solid belief in themselves to build an amazing business that they never intended to, and their kids are an integral part. Their biggest key success is to “integrate!”


13 Apr 2021

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#004: YouTube Peeps Who Went from Hiding in Walmart While Recording Vlogs to Starring in Walmart Commercials w/ Chad & Gabrielle Rader

How do you go from being so uncomfortable on camera that you’d literally hide while vlogging in Walmart when you thought people looked at you, to actually starring in Walmart’s commercials? Chad & Gabrielle Rader, stop by the podcast to share how they got started, overcame their flip flopping introvert and extrovert tendencies to build a profitable and impactful social media influencer business.


7 Apr 2021

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#003: How Introvert and Extrovert Married People Found Their Lanes Working and Speaking Together to Help Thousands w/ Ted & Nancie Lowe

What happens when you’re an introvert and you’re asked to join your extrovert spouse on stage to do large speaking events? Ted & Nancie Lowe join us on the podcast to share how they figured things out and thrive on stage despite their polar opposite personalities. They regularly do super fun, game-changing events for packed houses (both online and offline).


6 Apr 2021

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#002: Leaving Corporate, Coming Together, and Creating a Customer Base Across the Globe w/ Lamar & Ronnie Tyler

How do you go from safe and secure corporate jobs to launch a small personal blog, then turn it into an international brand with over 42 thousand customers across all 50 states and 43 countries? Lamar & Ronnie Tyler join us on the podcast to share how they overcame different goals, created a shared mission, and built a marriage and business leading to freedom for them and thousands of other marriages and businesses worldwide.


30 Mar 2021

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#001: Welcome to The How We Built this (and Stayed Happily Married) Podcast

Welcome! In our first episode, we introduce ourselves and share why this podcast and this topic is important to us. A little hint -- marriage can be tough and so can business. Put marriage and business together and it doesn’t get easier. We’ve been fortunate to build something great and stay happily married. And we’ve learned a lot through our experiences, yet we realize we can always learn more and continue to grow. Listen to our conversation then get ready to jump right into the stories of couples who’ve built successful businesses and ministries, joining a community of power couples growing together in their marriages and businesses.


30 Mar 2021

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