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Get inspired about building and growing your Nutrition biz with your host of the Next Level Nutrition Biz Podcast, Stephanie Long. Join Stephanie and guests as she explores the top ways to grow your nutrition business, work with clients, get super clear on your offerings, and master your mindset around running a business!Intro/Outro Music: Scott Holmes

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35. How to Build a Profitable Nutrition Brand with Rickilee Walls

In this episode, Stephanie is chatting with her past business coach, Rickilee Walls, all about how to build a profitable brand for your nutrition business. Rickilee shares how branding goes above and beyond the look of your business and digs deeper into the core values that your business stands for. You’ll learn the difference between niche, messaging, branding and marketing and how each one plays a special role in the creation of your overall nutrition business.  Rickilee shares her branding and marketing philosophies with us and brings things back down to the basics - connect with your community, share your stories and provide massive value. -------- Show Notes Your Profitable Brand Group Program


2 Oct 2019

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29. Starting a Blog and Making it Profitable with Heather Pace

You have a BIG dream to start a blog, share what you love with your community, and make money from it, but you have no idea how to get started. Join Stephanie as she chats with her good friend Heather Pace of Sweetly Raw on how she started her wildly successful blog and made it profitable. Heather takes you back to the start when she started her blog over a decade ago and shares what steps she took to go from hobby blog to partnering with different brands over the years and growing her blog to the next level. In this episode, you’ll learn:- How to come up with content ideas- How often to post on your blog- How to use social media to grow your blog- How and when you should be reaching out to brands - Why you need to be creating content on different platforms these daysHeather shares why blogging is NOT dead and gives you practical tips on getting started with your own blog right now! -------- Show NotesCheck out Heather’s BlogFollow her on InstagramWatch her videos on YoutubeGrab her E-book “How to Make Money as a Content Creator”


21 Aug 2019

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18. How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Nutrition Business with Kelsey Reidl

In today’s episode, Stephanie chats with Business Coach & Social Media expert Kelsey Reidl all about how to grow a successful Instagram account. The two share their experience with navigating Instagram and how it’s helped to build both of their coaching businesses. Kelsey shares a ton of actionable ways to get started with Instagram right now and answers some of your biggest IG questions, including: - Do I have a personal or business account or merge the two together? - What do I share on Instagram stories? - What are hashtags and how many do I share? - Do the pictures I share have to be beautiful and super curated? - What kind of content should I be sharing on IG? This is an episode that you don’t want to miss! ————— Connect with Kelsey The Visionary Life Podcast Instagram


5 Jun 2019

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43. Organizing Your Nutrition Business with Practice Better CEO Nathalie Garcia

Ever feel like you're wearing 10 hats in your nutrition business?  From scheduling your client in, to accepting payment, sending forms, communicating with your client, sharing handouts.....the list of administrative work can be endless!  This is where Practice Better comes in. Practice Better is a Client Management Platform that will help to simplify all of your administrative work. It's like having an assistant at your fingertips! In this episode, Stephanie is talking with Practice Better CEO Nathalie Garcia all about the platform and what it can do to help you in your nutrition business. The two share about their own experiences in their nutrition businesses and how overwhelming it can be when trying to juggle all. of. the. things.  Learn how Practice Better can help you: - Schedule your clients in - Accept payment - Send client forms - Run your client sessions - Communicate with your client - Send meal plans and supplement recommendations - Run group programs ....all in the Practice Better platform!


4 Dec 2019

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16. How to Run a Discovery Call

Join Stephanie in this episode as she shares the why and how of running Discovery Calls for your nutrition business. Stephanie digs deep into why it is imperative that you run a pre-screening call with your clients to see if you're a good fit to work together and shares her exact step-by-step process for running a call from start to finish.  After listening to this episode you will know how to run a Discovery Call with confidence!  ----- Join the Next Level Nutrition Biz community! 


15 May 2019

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52. Simple Ways to Grow Your Audience FAST

Looking to increase the amount of people in your audience? Feel like you don’t have enough followers on social media yet?Wondering where you should be focusing your energy right now?In this episode, Stephanie is sharing the TOP ways to grow your audience starting today. Listen in as she debunks the myth that you need 10,000 followers to grow a thriving, successful business and shares what you should be focusing on instead. You’ll learn: Why you’re feeling overwhelmed without a niche/focus The #1 type of content you need to be creating How to increase your audience numbers today by getting visible How to tap into “hub marketing” -------- Show Notes Join Stephanie’s Private Facebook Community - Next Level Nutrition Biz


11 Mar 2020

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25. How to Write an Incredible Instagram Post with Christine Blubaugh

Do you feel like banging your head against the wall when you’re trying to write your social media posts? Do you wish that the whole process just felt easier to you?In this episode, Stephanie chats with Copywriter Christine Blubaugh, on how to write an incredible Instagram post. Christine shares her step-by-step tips to creating a super engaging Instagram feed, including how to write a post from start to finish in a more easeful and effortless way.  If you’d like to convert more of your social media audience into paying customers, you’ll want to listen to this episode.You’ll learn: How to write an eye-catching headline Ways to craft the body of your post and ideas for what you’ll want to share How to ask your audience to take the next step with you How to make your social media account “social” again -------- Show NotesWebsite Follow along with Christine on Instagram Grab your free Social Sales Roadmap


24 Jul 2019

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50. Top Tools You Need For Your Nutrition Business

Want to run an ultra-organized and professional nutrition business? Listen up! In today's episode, Stephanie is sharing the top 3 tools that you need to be utilizing in your nutrition business. These tools will save you time, money and energy so that you can focus on doing what you love - nutrition!  You'll learn more about: - Practice Better - That Clean Life - Fullscript


26 Feb 2020

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40. How to Create a Wellness Website That Stands Out with Jessica Freeman

Does the thought of creating your own website make you nervous? Have no idea what you should be writing on each page?  Unsure if your website is actually converting people into clients? In this episode, Stephanie is talking to Web Strategist and Designer, Jessica Freeman (Jess Creatives), all about the steps that you need to take to make your wellness website stand out online. Jessica shares how to use strategic language and messaging to draw people into your website and help them stay longer than 5 seconds. They cover how to create a stand-out Homepage, About Me Page and Services Page that will convert your audience into paying clients.  When it comes to your website, Jess recommends: 1. Keeping it simple 2. Following the rule of 2 (2 fonts/2 colours) 3. Creating clear call to actions ----- Show Notes Jess Creatives Website Jess' Resources


13 Nov 2019

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51. Goal Setting With Your Nutrition Client

Feel like your clients aren’t following through on your nutrition recommendations?You can create the BEST nutrition plan for your clients, but if the plan doesn’t feel achievable to them, they might not see results.Why is this? You’re missing out on the biggest step to creating client success.Goal Setting. In this episode, Stephanie is teaching you: Why goal setting should be a big focus in your nutrition sessions How to use goal setting to dig in deeper with your clients Why starting with building block goals is key How to set SMART goals -------- Show Notes Join Confident Client Sessions Course


4 Mar 2020

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33. Working with Clients Through 1-1’s and Workshops with Jessica Pecush

Wondering how you can incorporate 1-1 coaching, culinary workshops, corporate wellness sessions and/or meal planning and prepping into your nutrition business?In this episode, Stephanie is chatting with Culinary Nutrition Expert and Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Jessica Pecush on how to incorporate a number of different offerings for your clients. Jessica shares how she took her part-time nutrition business to full-time by offering multiple access points for her clients to work with her, which led to happy clients and lots of referrals! Jessica also shares the exact steps she takes when she on-boards and works with her nutrition clients, as well as the way she approaches getting new workshop opportunities in her community. If you’re looking to add more than just 1-1 nutrition coaching into your practice, this episode is for you! -------- Show NotesJessica’s WebsiteInstagramSome of the programs mentioned in this episode...Academy of Culinary NutritionThat Clean LifeHolistic Nutrition Hub

1hr 3mins

18 Sep 2019

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24. Signing Clients and Running Nutrition Consultations with Alex King

Want to learn the step-by-step way to run your nutrition consultations? In this episode, Stephanie is chatting with Alexandra King, Certified Nutrition Practitioner, all about how to run more easeful client sessions. Alex shares how after taking Stephanie's online program, Confident Client Sessions, she was able to sign on more clients, write health plans that her clients love, and increase her confidence in her sessions exponentially!  Tune in as Alex shares on... - Signing your first few clients - Running your consultations - Writing up your health plans - Setting client goals - Feeling confident with what you know - Growing your practice This episode is a must-listen with so many practical learning moments throughout!  -------- Show Notes Follow Alex on Instagram Check out her Website CONFIDENT CLIENT SESSIONS is now open for enrolment! Grab your spot in the program during this 4 day flash sale by visiting www.stephanielong.ca/podcast/episode24 for more details.


17 Jul 2019

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46. Creating an Engaging Instagram Bio

Welcome to the first episode of 2020! Get ready for a year of actionable episodes that are going to help you sky-rocket your nutrition business.  In this episode, Stephanie is leading you through a mini-training on how to make an engaging Instagram bio. From your photo, to your name, to the links you're sharing, each element plays a big role in getting your ideal clients to follow you! In this episode, you'll learn: - How your current photo might be making or breaking your bio - Why you need to optimize your name field to increase follows - Strategies for writing an engaging bio - How to set up the 4 most important IG highlights This episode is for you if you've been wanting to improve your Instagram game and create a profile that attracts clients! Follow Stephanie on Instagram at @stephanielong.ca to see how she’s optimized her own IG bio.


8 Jan 2020

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36. How to Sign On More Clients with Anne-Marie Egan

In this episode, Stephanie is chatting with her sister-in-law, Marketing Consultant & Proposal Writer Anne-Marie Egan, on how to sign more clients into your nutrition business. Anne-Marie shares the top 6 ways that most people lose out on potential clients and gives you the inside scoop on what to do and what not to do so that you don’t make the same mistakes in your business.Join Stephanie and Anne-Marie in this highly actionable episode as they chat about: Why you need to focus on your client’s problems and desired outcomes upfront Why communicating persuasively is the key to sales How to communicate value to your potential client How to differentiate yourself from other Nutritionists Why speaking in technical terms is hurting your business Why a simple grammatical error can turn your clients off  Get ready to take notes, as this is one of the most value-packed episodes that we’ve had on the podcast so far!  -------- Show Notes Connect with Anne-MarieAnne-Marie’s Consulting Firm - Profbid


9 Oct 2019

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38. Email Marketing 101 with Margo Carroll

Have you ever wondered to yourself why you need to start an email list? Wondering what you should be writing?Feeling overwhelmed with how often you should be emailing your list?In this episode, Stephanie is chatting with Email Marketing Strategist, Margo Carroll, all about how to get started with email marketing! Listen in as Margo teaches the basics of starting up your email list and also digs into why it is so important to invest some time into growing your list. Margo delivers a value-packed episode, including: What is an email list/newsletter Why you need a newsletter for your business What to write in your newsletter How often to send an email Ways to grow your email list -------- Show Notes Grab Margo’s Email Success Workbook Trailblazer Toolkit - Get on the Waitlist! Converkit Instagram

1hr 7mins

30 Oct 2019

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