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Design Masters Canada features the top branding, marketing and design talent from across North America. Our goal is to elevate the practice of design as a strategic business tool and celebrate the individuals responsible for building brand value.

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Conserving Nature with Aaron Bilyea

In this episode of Design Masters Canada, John talks with Aaron Bilyea. Aaron is the Director of National Marketing for the Nature Conservancy of Canada. With the focus of many organizations now being on global warming and how the planet is changing, it is refreshing to see an organization like the Nature Conservancy of Canada doing the right thing to protect our great land. I was surprised by the level of scientific proof the Conservancy uses to determine ‘at-risk’ land areas and even more impressed by the work they continue to do both domestically and internationally. How does an organization built on donations run their marketing strategy? Tune in to find out.


3 Apr 2017

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Mass Niche with Moya Brown

What is “Mass Niche”? It’s a new term coined by Moya Brown of course! Moya is the Vice President of Marketing for the Campbell Company of Canada. You might know them better as the Campbell’s Soup that we all grew up on. In this episode Moya and John discuss many important branding and marketing topics….including of course, the dreaded Millenials and how consumers are eating soup today. It’s more exciting than it sounds! Moya’s term “mass niche” is an important description of how segmented the categories are today in the grocery stores. It’s becoming harder and harder to connect with consumers on meaningful and emotional levels.


14 Jul 2016

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Music Time Machine with Grant Fullerton

In this episode John Miziolek talks with Grant Fullerton from iconic Canadian band Lighthouse. Grant talks about his experience in the music industry, a career spanning six decades, and shares many stories from the road. John and Grant banter about how music has changed over the years and some of the challenges facing musicians today. Both John and Grant agree that music is similar to a time machine and has the ability to transport listeners to specific points in time in their lives.


14 Jun 2016

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Down the Rabbit Hole with David Usher

In this episode of Design Master Canada, John Miziolek talks with David Usher. David is the lead singer of the rock band Moist, he has sold more than 1.4 million albums worldwide, has a new best-selling book “Let The Elephants Run“, and gives an inspiring speech about creativity. In this episode we cover lots of topics like the environment and David’s passion for climate change, his book and presentation about creativity and of course music. David is super-talented individual and crosses many creative genres.


12 Apr 2016

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Cater Waiter Design With John Kissoon

In this episode of Design Masters Canada, John Miziolek, talks with John Kissoon. John is a 20 year veteran of the consumer packaged goods industry on both the client and agency sides. When John is not building tier one brands like Molson Coors, McDonalds, Coca Cola, and most recently Kraft, he is an avid traveler and ‘amateur’ photographer. John and John dig deep into the design process and, in particular, discuss Millenials. John M famously proclaims that he has “Millenial Burnout” and John K quickly agrees. Tune in to hear more about John K’s perspective from traveling the world and the impact it has on how he views design.


26 Mar 2016

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The Sponge with Franca DiNardo

Great advice for young designers in the industry today as Franca DiNardo and John Miziolek from award-winning branding firm Reset Branding banter about how to grow as a designer. One of Franca’s famous comments is “be a sponge” which is meant to inspire designers to learn and grow through determination and tenacity. Her advice has always been the same…”put yourself in areas of opportunity, where you can learn from senior people”. As always, John and Franca have a great conversation that is fun, energetic and at many times, sarcastic. If you’d like to learn more about the host of Design Masters Canada, John Miziolek, click here. John is a best-selling author, a highly awarded branding professional and a sought-after resource for the media. Franca DiNardo is President of Reset Branding.


10 Oct 2015

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I Love Pizza with Erin Bury

Can you imagine being retweeted by Oprah? Twice!? In this episode of Design Masters Canada, John Miziolek, Sales Development Leader at Reset Branding interviews Erin Bury. Erin is the Managing Director of 88 Creative, a digital marketing agency based in Toronto. John and Erin talk about Social Media and in particular what small businesses can do to embrace the many social platforms available today. And yes, Erin has been retweeted by Oprah; a feat she is quite proud of. If you’re a small business struggling to understand your Social Media presence, you should definitely tune in to this episode. You can learn more about Erin here. If you’d like to know more about DMC’s Host John Miziolek, you can find him on Twitter here.


14 Sep 2015

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Shopping Without Pants with Franca DiNardo

Have you ever had a really good customer service experience? One that was so powerful you remember it vividly? You’ve probably had a horrible experience more than once. In the marketing and branding world we call this a “Brand Experience”. In this episode, John and Franca talk about brands they love and brands they don’t and share some of their many experiences they’ve had with different brands over the years. Brand marketers spend millions of dollars trying to develop, control and design the brand experience so that customers will come back for more of whatever it is they are selling. Yet, even with that investment, the experience can disappoint consumers and turn them away from your brand. It can also be extremely powerful in developing brand loyalty.


15 Jul 2015

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The Church of Walmart-Ernie Francis

On the show with John Miziolek, from Reset Branding, is Ernie Francis. Ernie is the Communications Manager for Visual Properties and Design for all of Nestlé Canada’s brands. Ernie and John discuss a wide range of topics including creativity and how Ernie bridges the gap between fine art and design. They also discuss the culture and vocabulary of design as the foundation for creativity, whether it’s in music, art, fashion or any creative outlet. Ernie also makes a strong connection between religion and the way stories were woven into the culture and the way brands are built today.  Ernie believes that the purest and most original ideas start with a conversation and the stroke of a pen on a piece of paper (or a coffee stained napkin). He is also an unrelenting draftsman, visualizer and painter – his work can be seen in collections in Canada, the US, UK, Germany, Ireland, Singapore and Brazil.


15 Jun 2015

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This Package Has Balls-Franca DiNardo

Toronto branding expert John Miziolek, from Reset Branding, talks with President and CEO Franca DiNardo about the elements required for great package design. During the podcast Franca famously proclaims that a well designed wordmark is “the balls of the package” and I have to agree. We also discuss some of the hits and misses in the world of package design. Brand marks we love like Doritos, and terrible design debacles like Tropicana highlight some great banter. To learn more about DMC’s host, John Miziolek please visit: resetbranding.com johnmiziolek.com


4 Jun 2015

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