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A boxing show with regular special guests from the world of boxing, all the latest updates and fight info. Hosted by: Darren Rees Panel: Tyler White, Peter Flatt, Ben Gibbons and Matt Stanton www.boxingmedia.uk

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Hello listeners of the podcast! Firstly,  thank you very much for listening to us blabber on about boxing for over 2.5 years we really appreciate it. I absolutely LOVE doing this podcast and it has been an unbelievable amount of fun! Due to real life getting in the way the podcast is going to have a break for at least the next few months. If we are going to do it, we are going to do it properly. A huge thank you goes out to all the guests who gave us their time, that stuff is invaluable! A huge thank you also goes to:Peter Flatt, Tyler White, Ben Gibbons, Matt Stanton, Paul Zanon, Jaime Ingleby, Bobby Blundell and John Evans for  supporting, giving their time and helping me out with the show because it would not be doable without them. Anyway...we will be back at some point and I hope that is this year.HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE! DARREN 


2 Jan 2021

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