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Offensively Challenged podcast- You want Sports talk? Do you want a different comedic take on sports? Do you want Quizzes and Games to go with it? If yes to all those then this is the Podcast for you! or not whatever....Join us every week as we pretend to know what we are doing!....wait.... -Twitter: @OCPodcast1Facebook: Offensively Challenged PodcastSnapchat: OCPodcast1Instagram: OCPodcast1

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Special Edition: College Bowl Pick'em 3

Bowl Season is upon us and we are here for our 3rd annual College Bowl Pick'em show to fulfill your Bowl needs! Listen to us pick all the useless bowl games and all the ridiculous names to these games! Be sure to listen when filling out your Bowl Bracket because we'll tell ya what not to do. Enjoy...or don't...but do!


15 Dec 2019

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Ep: 85: Ocho Cinco

Episode 85 is here! All three of us have a a lot to say about the Michigan MSU game coming up this weekend! Also, Jason Witten quitting and returning and who a new replaced for MNF would be, NFL Combine, LeBron James losing, and March Madness. I think our BEST Dead or Alive segment we’ve ever done! It involves a zip code, a wrestler, Lebron, and AB. And our opinion on Netflix shows….so have a listen and share and follow…or don’t…but do!


7 Mar 2019

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Ep. 72: THE Rivalry

Rivalry week! Michigan vs. Michigan State! We (not Wyatt) talk about this game coming up and give our predictions! We relive our fondest and worst memories of this rivalry game that has meant so much to us in our lives! We play Ryan's famous Pick 6 and Mike has so graciously given us his Michigan/ Penn State tickets to give away for FREE! Tune in to find out how. We play Who Ya Got, and Dead or Alive mostly about the NFL and NBA opening night! Thanks for tuning in on Soundcloud or itunes and we hope you enjoy our voices in your ears!...or we don't...but we do!

1hr 4mins

19 Oct 2018

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Ep. 81: Athletic or Unathletic

On this Episode 81, The Calvin Johnson episode, Ryan is BACK for the first time in 2019! We talk NFL Playoffs and who is going to win on Championship Sunday, College Basketball, Will Michigan go undefeated? If not, who will beat them? A new segment we call “Whatcha Like?” where we talk about what like right now! The 10 year challenge the good the bad and the ugly(literally). Donald Trump giving Clemson Mcdonalds causes a big debate in an OCP way. We play Dude WTF and of course Dead or Alive! So tune in and support our show… or don’t… but do!

1hr 3mins

19 Jan 2019

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Ep. 73: Not Lewerking Against the Wolverines

Michigan verses Michigan State! We went to the game, we endured the inclement weather, we survived our drunkenness, and Michigan came out on top! So what do you do after an epic battle? You go back and record a podcast! The game was fresh in our minds and we want to share it with you guys! So tune in and enjoy!...or don't...but do!


24 Oct 2018

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Ep. 76: The Process of Michigan Football

HEY MICHIGAN FANS you might want to hear this episode to hear what happened Saturday against Ohio state! We dive deep and get detailed about the game and of course Michigan fans are still worried about MSU for some reason! Who gets in the Final Four? We tell ya. Should Notre Dame be in it? We'll tell ya. Should they play if Alabama is just going to win it anyway? We'll tell ya. Does Urban Meyer coach after this season?We talk NFL and who will be the MVP and who will win the Superbowl. We play dead or alive and Dude WTF(Which is my favorite so far EVER!..Earbuds, Movie theater problems, social media, and Just Verlander are a few of what we talked about!) so tune in!...or don't...but do!

1hr 36mins

29 Nov 2018

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Ep. 101: Sports 101

101 kicks off with some hot takes on the NFL, the NBA, College football, and Butts? A sports quiz that all "sports enthusiast" should know...but will you? Trust me when I say this one was one our funnest episodes we ever recorded! There is only one way to hear it and that's to listen so enjoy 101 on your free time!...or don't...but do!

1hr 6mins

24 Oct 2019

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Ep. 102: Wivalry Reek

It's Wivalry Reek...I mean it's Rivery welk....Damn it....IT'S RIVALRY WEEK in Michigan! No matter how hard that is to say or how bad our record is this is our game of the year! We get into what Michigan/MSU game is all about and how the weather can effect or not effect how we live our lives! We call Ryan because he's going on vacation to Saudi Arabia or something like that. So tune in to our wild ride of an episode and share the hell out of it!...or don't...but do!

1hr 5mins

15 Nov 2019

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Ep. 103 Michigan Sports In 2019 Can Suck It

Michigan sports in general can be depressing in particular 2019 it’s the worst we’ve seen it. Four of us are in the studio today including Mike P. We had to bring him in because of the heartbreak that was Michigan Football. MSU and Michigan Basketball had tough games tonight. It's an extra long episode because we took extra time off but WE ARE BACK and we talk Dead or Alive and even some Dude WTF! So if you’re looking for some comedy while discussing relevant sport topics TUNE IN to this episode! Also if you want to hear Wyatt Wisdom go to 1:11.26…or don’t…but do!

1hr 28mins

4 Dec 2019

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Ep. 74: Is That Even A Sport?

We are BACK! In this episode we get into it quick! Dude WTF right off the rip! We talk personal problems, Dez and his X coming back, Irving literally throwing a tantrum. We also announce the winner of the MSU-Ohio State tickets and a brand new PICK 6 game for MSU-Rutgers Tickets! Dead or Alive is played but only about what we think is a sport... for example Darts...a sport? Tune in to find out what we think....or don't...but do!

1hr 8mins

9 Nov 2018

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Ep. 86: Tampering

Episode 86 is up so you should listen! Michigan and MSU played and basketball game and so we get to talk about how MSU dominated! NFL free Agency is in full swing and lots of moves we must discuss! Ryan talks monster truck, Wyatt talks in out of order, and Joey talks breaking news! Dead or Alive is informational with WWE, Ronda Rousey, and may more you’ll just have to tune in! We play Dude WTF and Headlines! Thanks for listening….or not…but do!

1hr 7mins

13 Mar 2019

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Special Edition: Opposites Attract

We do things a little different in the Special Edition of OCP! It's an all family and Ryan podcast where we talk about what people do who don't watch sports! We really get in depth about how sports can effect our personal lives and how people who don't watch sports do on Saturdays and Sundays! We talk politics and sports and how they can correlate with each other. Like i said we take a step back from our normal episodes and dive into our deeper selves.....until we play "Would You Rather" where we have some fun! So tune in with an open mind and have some fun! We would love to here your thoughts on what we talk about....or not...but doP.S. We did this in November 2018

1hr 11mins

18 Jul 2019

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Ep. 96: College Football...Nuff Said

Welcome to the College Football episode of OCP! We are Wyatt-less but Mike was so gracious to come in and fill in to talk real football. We go down the schedule of MSU, Michigan, and GT and predict wins and losses. You’ll be surprised on what we say. We play a new game to test our knowledge of college football which the guys enjoyed and I’m sure you will too! We fit in Dead or Alive just to sprinkle other sports into this episode. Our take is all you get and we would love to hear your take on our takes. If you want us to predict your team record let us know and we will… or not… but do!

1hr 8mins

21 Aug 2019

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Ep. 87: Man and Wife Do a Bracket

Ever wonder what it's like to do a NCAA Bracket with your Wife? Well I did one with my wife Julie Mekhayel to find out if there is reason a lot of woman win these tourney pick'ems. Is there a rhyme or reason to picking or is it just they like how the logo looks? We get into it! Decided to mix things up a little and since no one needs Ryan and Wyatt to do a podcast, having Julie on is wayyyyy better anyway! So tune in to find out who WE picked in each game and who having winning it all!...or don't...but do!


20 Mar 2019

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Special Edition: College Bowl Pick'em 2

Welcome to our 2nd ANNUAL COLLEGE BOWL PICK'EM SHOW! We give you quick run down on ALL of the bowl games that starts tomorrow! So sit back or whatever you do and listen (especially to all the crazy bowl game names!) and enjoy our voices in your ears!...or don't...but do!


14 Dec 2018

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Ep. 77: Pace Yourself

We are kicking off this show with the NFL and the real thoughts about what happened to Kareem Hunt! The Lebron and Wade's last dance and Kevin Durant's mouth. College Football. We play Pick 6 with Ryan Schleeee and Dead or Alive which includes the Heisman Trophy winner, Derrick Henry, Sean Mcvay, and Villanova! Plus a bunch of random and off topic info that only we know how! So tune into one of my favorite episodes this year...or don't...but do!

1hr 3mins

13 Dec 2018

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Ep. 78: The Last Won of the Year

This is our last Podcast of the year! We start the show with Christmas music and our Song of the Week Christmas edition! We gave each other gifts.... find out what we got each other lol. How we are doing in the Bowl Pick'ems? Tune in to find out. We talk NFL, College football and Harbaugh's career, and why is the NFL or College better than each other. We discuss. We play Dude WTF, and Dead or Alive! Join us for our last one of the year!...or don't...but do!

1hr 15mins

20 Dec 2018

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Ep. 88: Final Four for MSU

If you are going to listen to an episode of OCP THIS is the one you should listen too! MSU made the final four defeating Duke which we go in depth about and then we go and make our picks on who we think will win it all! We brought Mike back so he can get his Michigan fix in and to please all the Michigan fans out there. Its April fools so we play Real Fake News. Dead or Alive is fire! We talk fan interaction, the new PI rule, Gronk and more! Dude WTF got deep about 3 things you cant take a pic of, ESPN brackets, and driving! I’m telling you tune in!...or don’t…but do!

1hr 17mins

3 Apr 2019

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Ep. 104: Air Quotes

Sports are in full swing but we have more important things to talk about like the Peloton Bike, Lizzo and FitBit! Wyatt takes control of the topics for half of 104 and it’s straight FIRE! After the fire we cool off and talk SPORTS and some Dude WTF! One of the funniest episodes we’ve EVER done! Also, look for our 3rd annual Bowl Pick’em episode coming later this week! Tune in…or don’t…but do!

1hr 6mins

12 Dec 2019

Rank #19

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Ep.97: Talking To The People Of East Lansing!

We take our show on the road to East Lansing! We take part in the tailgating extravaganza as we talk to the great people of East Lansing as MSU opens the season against Tulsa! We get peoples thoughts on MSU's season, the Tulsa game, see how well MSUers know the fight song, and Tulsa's fight song! Wyatt is out of place but in his element all at the same time! So tune in to hear (sorry for the loudness) how we make people as uncomfortable as possible...or don't...but do!

1hr 8mins

4 Sep 2019

Rank #20