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Welcome to the weekly audio podcast of Northplace Church lead by Pastor Bryan Jarrett. We invite you to listen whether you're new on your spiritual journey or a committed Christian who wants to get connected more deeply to Jesus. Visit www.NorthplaceChurch.com/WATCH for the video equivalent of these messages.

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We can't overstate the impact of attitude in a person’s life. Outside of our relationship with Jesus, there’s probably no other factor that will determine your success or failure more in life. And you’ve probably noticed that attitudes run in groups. In other words, individual attitudes attract people with similar attitudes. And you can often see certain attitudes passed down from one generation to another, so much so, that families are commonly known by their attitudes. We have the old story of the two fighting families… the Hatfields and the McCoys.Families have distinct attitudes. Businesses have attitudes, the same is true with restaurants, airlines, and churches.Romans 12:2 NLT2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. Don’t miss what Paul is saying. He’s warning us. Don’t copy the world’s way of thinking. As a follower of Christ, don’t take on the attitudes of the world around you, but instead, let God transform you. That word for transform here is the Greek word methamorpho, which is where we get our English word metamorphosis. It means a complete change; a total transformation.  Let God morph you, totally change you by changing the way you think.The bottom line, when you come to Christ, he changes the way you think, which means there should be a dramatic change in your attitude. He transforms the way you relate to everything.


19 Jan 2020

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The Upside Down Week 6

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6 May 2018

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Updraft-Week7-Updrafts of Grace.


18 Feb 2018

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Updraft Week 1

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7 Jan 2018

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Daniel - Living with Conviction and Compassion in a World of Compromise

We launch a conversation this week that we are going to journey through over the next several weeks. We are calling this series: Living with Conviction AND Compassion in a World of Compromise. There is no doubt the culture both inside the church and outside the church…is marked by an erosion of moral conviction and spiritual fervor. And there hasn’t been a balanced response from Christ followers to this dilemma. It seems we too easily fall to one extreme or the other.On the one hand you have those who are dogmatically strong in their convictions. These are the ones in a holy war to bring back the good old days. They claim to be proponents of revival but their social media rants and dogmatic condemnation of everything and everybody (except the ones in their little group) looks more like a version of a modern day Pharisee than the New Testament Jesus. These folks are just out right mad at the world and you can see in their faces and hear it in the tone of their voices.On the other hand you have the group that is strong in their compassion. They focus exclusively on God’s grace without any understanding of his law or righteousness or written word. It’s as if God doesn’t really have any standards…and the standards he established for previous generations don’t apply to us today. There’s no need to address the issue of “sin” because God has been turned into a dotting grandfather who is no longer offended by our choices or behaviors. He just turns the other way and lets it slide. No worries. This group’s favorite verses are… “judge not less you be judged” and “work out your own salvation”…both of which are quoted out of context to justify behavior and lifestyle choices that don’t line up with scripture. The modern day Pharisee’s convictions and those with conviction-less compassion are both misplaced extremes in response to a culture that has gone of the tracks. One side arrogantly and dogmatically berates the culture while the other side blindly embraces it. There has to be a way to live with both conviction AND compassion in a world of compromise. Obviously, Jesus is our ultimate example and he modeled conviction and compromise. But over the next several weeks, we are going to study the life of another biblical figure who shows us to walk compassionately and yet, still be drive by deep conviction in a world that stands opposed to everything he believes.


16 Sep 2018

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The Influence of a Man (Father's Day 2019)

Years ago we made a decision to challenge men on days like father's day, but also honor them. It’s not that we're ignoring the statistics. It’s been proven over and over again, that passive and absent men have long-lasting, generationally-impacting, devastating consequences on children, on churches, and on nations. And while it seems like every societal problem we face is traced back to some dude not doing his duty, that negative reality points to something incredibly positive for men: influence. That reality speaks to the limitless influence men wield; for the good or the bad, sir, you wield a lot of influence.  It’s an influence most men don’t even realize they possess, or at least they underestimate the power of the influence they possess. Gentlemen, instead of berating you today, I want you to rediscover the unlimited power of your influence over children, families, churches and nations. You have to be aware of it, and then you have to be committed to stewarding that influence.Visit our website for the video equivalent of this message.  Northplace Church on FacebookNorthplace Church on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on FacebookPastor Bryan Jarrett on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on Twitter


17 Jun 2019

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Reset - A Rest Reset - 01.30.16 & 01.31.16

Over the last several weeks we have been in our series called Reset. This weekend we conclude a 21'day season of fasting and prayer...that has been a phenomenal time in many of our personal lives and within our church as whole. We are resetting our lives to restore connectivity with God. Our prayer times have been full of hungry people and full of the presence of God...our services have been life changing. Many of us are growing deeper in our walk with Christ and over 100 people in the last few weekends of committed their lives to Christ for the first time. God is doing something really special at Northplace and because we are in the middle of it, we may not appreciate it until we look back on it...but we ask the Lord to open our eyes and let us see the magnitude of what is happening among us... For the video go to http://northplacechurch.com/watch


31 Jan 2016

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Incarnational Living

What does it mean to live an incarnational life?When God comes to dwell among his people, he comes with a purpose. His presence doesn’t fill our lives and his presence doesn’t fill our corporate worship experiences so that we can sit, soak and sour. This is the mistake a lot of us make that truly value the presence of God. We become so focused on the presence of God; worship in the presence, soak in the presence, celebrate the presence, and all of that’s fine, but if we never understand the purpose of the presence, we end up becoming an inward focused click that’s always coming to the church to “get a blessing” and never doing anything with it. God didn’t fill this place with his glory last weekend so we would get goosebumps and walk out talking about how we “had church.” He filled this place with his presence to mobilize us outside these walls to BE the church, to live it out and be agents of change in our world. 


16 Dec 2018

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Over the last several months, our church has faced loss in unimaginable ways. The last few weeks of 2016 until the present have been some of the most challenging in our church's life and ministry. The sheer depth of the struggle and the internal pain of walking through the seasons of trouble has stirred in us a longing for Jesus. A longing for a place - heaven. The problem is we don’t fully understand heaven; and our ability to survive the season of struggle we walk through in the here and now, is directly linked to what we believe about heaven. If we could move past the old wives’ tales and traditional misconceptions to a biblical understanding of heaven it would infuse our journey through the pain. So join us on this journey as we dive deep into the topic of Heaven from a biblical perspective. To watch the video visit northplacechurch.com/watch


22 Oct 2017

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Incarnational Compassion

This is Week 5 of "The Year of Here"If we start living like Jesus, letting him live his life through us, being Jesus with skin on, living incarnationally; then our world will see the glory of God in and through us just like John’s generation saw it in Christ Jesus.We’ve talked about incarnational worship and incarnational presence. We’ve spent some time talking about living the incarnational life, but today we're talking about Incarnational Compassion.Something pretty incredible as you study church history is that there is an incredible correlation between the church’s emphasis on the incarnation and its compassion. For example, during medieval times, there was a revival of focus on the incarnation; it’s not coincidental that during that same time the church’s influence on medicine and its development of Christ centered hospitals exploded.Beliefs impact behavior; and when you understand the incarnation, it changes they way you approach the Christian life.Visit our website for the video of this message.Northplace Church on FacebookNorthplace Church on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on FacebookPastor Bryan Jarrett on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on Twitter


3 Feb 2019

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The Upside Down Week 5


29 Apr 2018

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The Upside Down Week 2

Visit our website for the video of this message.Northplace Church on FacebookNorthplace Church on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on FacebookPastor Bryan Jarrett on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on Twitter


8 Apr 2018

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Updraft - An Updraft of Favor


21 Jan 2018

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Prodigal God: A Reckless Invitation - The People Around Jesus

Last week, we began a several week conversation that has the potential to alter the course of your life and this church.It all centers around Jesus’ parable in Luke 15 that has been traditionally called: "The Parable of the Prodigal Son." On the surface, the story line of the parable isn’t all that gripping. There was a father who had two sons. The younger son asked for his share of the inheritance. He was given what he asked for and left for a distant land where he blew the entire inheritance on partying and sensual pleasures. He returns home broken fully aware of what he’s done and is shocked that his father welcomed him with open arms. The father’s gracious welcome of the younger son alienated and enraged the elder brother. The story closes with the father appealing to the older son to join the welcome and forgiveness of his younger brother. At first glance, it seems pretty simple, but if you fully grasp what Jesus is actually saying here you learn everything you need to know about the heart of God, the meaning of the gospel, and your place in his story.


22 Jul 2018

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Thank God For "That" Friday

Palm Sunday is the beginning of what is known as Passion Week. It was on Palm Sunday around 2000 years ago, that Jesus was at the height of his popularity. Crowds were thronging to him, and as he rode into Jerusalem on the back of a borrowed colt, the crowd waved palm branches (which is where we get the name Palm Sunday) and declared: “Hosanna, Hosanna, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”These where not just shouts of affirmation to any other celebrity personality; these were messianic declarations. The people were publicly declaring that they believed he was the Messiah; the long waited One, the one spoken of by the prophets.The religious authorities had not only become jealous of his growing popularity and influence with the people, they thought his claim to be the Son of God was religious blasphemy and punishable by death. It was a loophole in their religious law that allowed them the opportunity to build a case against him; their jealousy and insecurities inspired them to devise murderous plot.A lot happens between that first Palm Sunday and the following Sunday which is famous for the resurrection of Jesus.He had seven days to live, and how he spent those last seven days, tells a lot about who he was as a person and a lot about the mission of God in our world.Visit our website for the video equivalent of this message.  Northplace Church on FacebookNorthplace Church on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on FacebookPastor Bryan Jarrett on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on Twitter


14 Apr 2019

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Updraft - Waiting and Working

There is a God placed treasure inside of you but we are very fragile containers for that treasure. We have this treasure in jars of clay. To often, we confuse the treasure with the container. Many of us are not pleased with our personal appearance, our intelligence capacity, our talents or gifts, when compared to others. The treasure has been placed INSIDE us. The treasure is not the clay jar…there external part is the fragile part. The treasure is what’s inside the jar of clay. Don’t confuse the container with the treasure. This treasure in you is his calling and vision for your life. He created you and has written a story for you life so that your life brings glory to His name and makes a significant difference in other peoples lives. God has a desire for your life to have a significant impact and he has designed you so that can happen. It’s in you.


4 Feb 2018

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Who's On Your Team?

Who’s on your team?Who do you have in your life to help you on this journey to pursue God’s mission in the world an honor him with your life? Who’s on your team?The Apostle Paul speaks about a very real conflict we face as believers. A conflict that has traditionally been called: Spiritual Warfare. I’m hesitant to even use the term, not because spiritual warfare isn’t real, but because a lot of people engaged in a lot of really weird, and even heretical things in the name of spiritual warfare. Which leads me to a point that the great Christian writer and thinker CS Lewis made a long time ago.Lewis said when it comes to Satan, the demonic, and spiritual warfare that believers will most often fall into one of two extremes. One, they will deny their existence. Or Two, they will become fascinated with them. Either one of these extremes misses what the bible has to say about this very real conflict.The bible was written to tell God’s story, not Satan’s. Any view of spiritual warfare that magnifies Satan’s power is not a biblical view of the battle. At the same time, the battle is made very real in scripture, and any view that ignores this spiritual battle is just as unbiblical.


22 Sep 2019

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Courageous Faith

Courageous faith sets miracles in motion. It’s comprised of sacrificial obedience, complete trust, and total surrender, boldly displayed through tangible acts of faith.Courageous faith is what makes a church take risk. Courageous faith is what keeps us from settling for the status quo. It keeps us dreaming for what seems impossible…planning for things beyond our capacity…and believing for things that make other people think we’ve lost our minds.You can make a decision today, to be a person who takes bold steps of faith and fail; than somebody who lives their life with regret wondering “what if”. May God help us become a people of courageous faith.


8 Sep 2019

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Celebrating Victory Before It Comes - Expectant Praise (The Year of Here)

The final 5 psalms, Psalm 146-150, all begin and end with same word in the Hebrew tongue: “Hallelujah,” which literally means “praise to the lord.” These are truly psalms and victorious praise, and they differ from most other psalms; you don’t find any disappointments or discouragement here. Many of the other psalms are open and honest about life's injustices and evils that leave the psalmist confused but determined to trust God in spite of what he doesn’t understand. But these last 5 are an emphatic closure to the whole book declaring to us that the bookend of our life should be defined by trusting praise. They are songs that celebrate victory - and sometimes - it’s a celebration for a victory that has not even happened yet. It’s a praise offered in advance, a praise for victory while the battle is still raging, a praise that is certain God will keep is word, a praise that is anchored in deep trust and surrender, a praise that is founded more on the sovereignty of God than it is on current circumstancesNorthplace Church is a place where the doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds. This podcast includes messages from our Sunday services from our Lead Pastor Bryan Jarrett and others. We invite you to listen whether you're new on your spiritual journey or a committed Christian who wants to get connected more deeply to Jesus. Visit our website for the video equivalent of this message.Northplace Church on Facebook Northplace Church on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on FacebookPastor Bryan Jarrett on InstagramPastor Bryan Jarrett on Twitter


31 Mar 2019

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The Advocate


18 Mar 2018

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