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The Next Generation Rockstars™ Podcast (formerly known as Millennial Rockstars) centers around the idea of attracting, retaining and engaging the next generation of talent rockstars (both millennials and Gen Z). Conversations with rockstar guests on the realities of recruiting and retaining rockstar talent.

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JW Kiser: The Longterm Value of Hiring Millennials Right the 1st Time

Hiring Millennials is not like hiring employees from other generations. All too often companies wait until they are desperate to fill a position before they begin to seriously recruit for it. By then, they are willing to accept the first person whose resume says they fulfill that need. But if you are hiring millennials, they want and expect more than just a job. They want a career with a company that is a cultural fit. Get the show notes for 09: The Longterm Value of Hiring Millennials Right the 1st Time Click to Tweet: Listening to an amazing episode on Millennial Rockstars your host @AmandaHammett #MillennialRockstars #HiringMillennials #MRepisode09 #Podcasts Give Millennial Rockstars a review on iTunes!


6 Aug 2018

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