Cover image of The Makers Garage Podcast. --  by Carbide 3D

The Makers Garage Podcast. -- by Carbide 3D

Kevin Barnett hosts this new offering from Carbide 3D. The Pod is meant to inspire your creativity, get you thinking about machining and excited about new projects. Winston Moy will be joining, on the regular, to make sure your accuracy is up to specs.

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TMG - Ep. 10 - Matt Outlaw: A Creator's Story

Matt Outlaw has been many things, including a construction worker, lawman and firefighter. Inspiration can strike at anytime and create a whole new path in life. Today Matt is a full-time content creator operating out of Arkansas. His story inside 20min."Take the step between action and in-action" - Matt Outlaw


25 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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TMG - Ep. 9 - 1=5 Theory and the return of Winston Moy

Kevin and Winston return for an update on things at Carbide 3D. Discussion of new tooling and where to take it. The "1=5 Theory" CutRocket Update and more. Enjoy another quick bite of TMG.


4 Jul 2021

Rank #2

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TMG Ep. 8 - Guest Dennis Van Hoof - Amazing CNC Objects

Dennis Van Hoof has pushed the boundaries of Shapeoko. Making incredible objects and posting videos detailing his process. Enjoy his insights on how and why he creates his unique art.


11 Jun 2021

Rank #3

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TMG Ep. 7 - Books - Learning - Layering

Things to think about as you enter your long weekend. Will you get started on a project you've been putting off? Will you dive into a new material? Book recommendations. And a challenge to make some layered art. Enjoy this quick offering.


28 May 2021

Rank #4

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TMG Ep. 6 - Marching orders from Kevin

Kevin rants on the state of expertise and how you could respond. Homework and a challenge given!!! All while Winston lays on a beach somewhere in the Pacific. Enjoy.


20 May 2021

Rank #5

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TMG Ep. 5 - Software to Use / Steps to Designing Something New / Process Breakdown

Winston and Kevin give you insight to their working processes on new ideas and items, both CNC and others. How do they concept new things, what software could you start in? What secondary processes could or should you use? How does a new concept get made a reality? Enjoy and go make something!!


13 May 2021

Rank #6

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TMG - Ep. 4 - Where does your creativity come from? How did you discover it?

Kevin and Winston dig into who in their families are responsible for handing down creativity, using new methods and applying processes to projects. Get yourself ready for the weekend by spending some time with The Makers Garage.


6 May 2021

Rank #7

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Developing New Ideas / Organizing Notes / Play and Failures

Kevin and Winston touch on the creative process, how to grab ideas, where to put them and the importance of imperfect projects.


29 Apr 2021

Rank #8

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Episode 2 - Sharing on Social / Creative Process / Idea Generation

Kevin and Winston ask; Perfection or Progression? When and Where do you think of your ideas? What's your creative Process? Think or cut?? Enjoy, then go make some chips.


22 Apr 2021

Rank #9

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Episode 1 - How did you get into CNC and Why?

This week Kevin and Winston talk about joining the CNC community. How and Why they did it, what it has meant to them and an overview of what this podcast is meant to offer.


15 Apr 2021

Rank #10