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This podcast is a judgment-free zone for free thinkers who value personal growth and mental health.We’re all about inspiring and empowering others, all while creating safe spaces to have difficult conversations. Join us every week as we have fun, get vulnerable, and go deep, answering each others questions on a range of topics from sex to religion, and everything in between...and we do mean everything! We're just trying to figure out life ya’ll, like Granny always said, "Just keep Livin."www.justkeeplivinpodcast.com

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Father's Day 2022

This one is in celebration of Father's Day! On this episode, we experienced our black men being vulnerable and it was so powerful! Right after we threw down on the grill, Marcus, Eddie and April, and Jerome joined us on the podcast. We talked, we cried, we celebrated and shared memories, the good and not so good about our fathers and what their presence means to us. The convo goes deep into fatherhood today compared to what it looked like when we were raised. For those that are fatherless, this episode is for you too, because your experience matters. Check out www.openheartleaders.org to learn about ways to support and mentor the young men and women in our community.

1hr 14mins

20 Jun 2022

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A Convo about Vaginal Health with Shavona Holmes

On this episode, we're joined by Shavona Holmes of Steam Sistahs to talk about vaginal health and the importance of steaming.Her mission is to promote healing and balancing within using the ancient self care routine known as herbal steaming. Steaming is a process that cleanses and revitalizes healing within the uterus, vagina or anus using natural herbs.As the founder and owner of Steam Sistahs, Shavona was personally introduced to steaming when she discovered infertility issues. After seeing a fertility doctor who suggested IVF due to hydrosalpinx (blocked fallopian  tubes), they also suggested vagina steaming to prepare the uterus and other reproductive organs for pregnancy. After her first steaming, she left feeling serene, refreshed and restored. Connect with Shavona:www.steamsistahs.comSteam_sistahs /InstagramSteam Sistahs LLC / FBSteam Sistahs / TikTokrejuvenate@steamsistahs.com


28 Apr 2022

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A Special Birthday Episode Celebrating Jenna and Her Story

Join us in celebrating Jenna's birthday with this special episode! We gathered around the microphone and invited some friends over to give Jenna her birthday flowers aka words of appreciation and love. We also talked about everything from the challenges of raising teenage boys to the importance of friends, so you're in for an entertaining conversation to say the least!Happy birthday Jenna, we love you girl!Give her a shoutout: https://www.instagram.com/jrich83/

1hr 10mins

25 Apr 2022

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Amplifying Black Voices with Michael Cox Perry

On this episode, we're joined by the one and only Michael Cox Perry, CEO and Publisher of The Official Black Magazine, the first African American magazine published in San Diego County.Originally founded as Black SD Magazine in 2020, this publication has always been about amplifying Black voices and narratives. Since undergoing a name change in 2022 as The Official Black Magazine, the publication is working to continue to amplify those stories at a national level.The Official Black Magazine is the premiere Black Lifestyle Magazine. They share stories that center on Black beauty and fashion, music and entertainment, arts and culture, health and wellness, and so much more. Connect with Michael:https://www.theofficialblackmagazine.com/@blacksdmagazine

1hr 8mins

24 Mar 2022

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Leaving the Corporate World for Entrepreneurship with Bradley Bromlow

Joining us on this episode is Bradley Bromlow! He's from Panama City Florida, and graduated from UF with an EE degree. Joined the Navy and did nuclear power on submarines (where he met Joe). Left the navy for the corporate world and left the corporate world for entrepreneurship. 6 years and 3 businesses later, Brad is happy with the decisions he made.Hear more about his story and advice for entrepreneurs today!Connect with Brad and his companies:www.instagram.com/bbromlowwww.youtube.com/bradleybromlowwww.fatandweirdcookie.comwww.instagram.com/fatandweirdcookiewww.memoriesovermacros.comwww.instagram.com/memories.over.macroswww.modivbrand.comwww.instagram.com/modivbrand


9 Mar 2022

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Black in Travel with Nubia Younge

Season 2 of Just Keep Livin is all about Entrepreneurship and we're talking with notable entrepreneurs to learn more about their story, challenges and victories.We're kicking off the season with the Gen X Travel Expert Nubia Younge.Nubia was called to the nomadic lifestyle 5 years ago when she decided to leave the United States on a one-way ticket to SouthEast Asia. Over the years, she has become a serial entrepreneur, and acclaimed podcaster. Nubia’s passion for travel and the knowledge that she’s gained in each country has coined her the title of Gen X travel expert.Ms. Younge is the CEO and founder of Black In Travel, a community for melanated travelers. She has lived on 4 continents and explored over 44 countries, facilitating intercultural collaborations, and documenting her love for food and adventure. Nubia Younge believes in bringing people together and building communities across the globe.Nubia is on a mission to inspire Gen X professionals to embody the power of manifestation. She is passionate about helping women create their own realities to do what they love, unapologetically!In this episode we talk about:How Nubia got started in her businessThe biggest challenges she's faced along the wayEasy ways we can experience travel Her vision for the future of travelConnect with Nubia on social media: https://msha.ke/nubiayounge/

1hr 17mins

2 Mar 2022

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What Did You Think of the First Season?

It's been 15 episodes ya'll, and we've enjoyed them all. On this episode we recap the entire season and talk about our favorite conversations. What were yours? Let us know!We'll be back next month with a new season with video interviews all dedicated to entrepreneurship!See you in 2022!www.justkeeplivinpodcast.comEnjoyed this episode? Leave us a 5 Star Rating and Leave a Review on Apple PodcastsFollow us on Social mediaFacebook Instagram

1hr 7mins

15 Dec 2021

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Why Don't People Change?

Does it frustrate you when you see people in your life go through the same struggles, but don't want to change? How do you deal with it and still love them?On this episode we answer these questions, uncover why we think people don't change and discover some truths within our own selves. www.justkeeplivinpodcast.comEnjoyed this episode? Leave us a 5 Star Rating and Leave a Review on Apple PodcastsFollow us on Social mediaFacebook Instagram


1 Dec 2021

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What Does Mental Health Look for You Like NOW vs Before?

Times have changed ya'll and mental health has taken on a completely new meaning for each of us. In this episode, we talk about what it looks like for us now vs before, and how we're making it a priority in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to Just keep Livin' ✌🏾www.justkeeplivinpodcast.comEnjoyed this episode? Leave us a 5 Star Rating and Leave a Review on Apple PodcastsFollow us on Social mediaFacebook Instagram

1hr 3mins

24 Nov 2021

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Why Do People be Peoplin'?

This episode is all about People Be Peoplin' and our reactions to them!These are those wild and crazy stories from the news and social media that we all come across, and just keep scrolling. We actually bring them up and talk about them on this episode. It's a silly one, but we hope you enjoy!www.justkeeplivinpodcast.comEnjoyed this episode? Leave us a 5 Star Rating and Leave a Review on Apple PodcastsFollow us on Social mediaFacebook Instagram

1hr 11mins

17 Nov 2021

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