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The name "Synergy" has impacted the sports technology landscape for over 15 years. In that time Synergy Sports has fundamentally changed how coaches, front office staff, scouts and many more do their daily jobs. On this podcast, we will be talking Sports and Sports Technology with some of the key decision makers and influencers at all levels of sport. We'll explore the key issues and trends shaping how sports technology is being used, as well as speculating what's next. Synergy Sports is a division of Sportradar.

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Coach Jim Boylen - Talking NBA Finals and the evolution of the game.

Coach Jim Boylen joins the Synergy Sports podcast to discuss the ongoing NBA Finals, how basketball at the highest level has changed offensively and defensively in his time as a coach, and his philosophy on how analytics can be best incorporated into an NBA franchise. As a three time NBA champion as an Assistant Coach with the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, Coach Boylen also shares his observations and stories of the elite players and coaches he worked with such as Hakeem Olajuwon, Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and Rudy Tomjanovich. 

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7 Jun 2022

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Enter the Metaverse with Charles Du and Tony Grillo

This episode our host Milton Lee is joined by Tony Grillo, CSO of GreenPark Sports and Charles Du, CEO of Fast Break Labs the developer of the Virtual Basketball Association.  In addition to deep-diving into the two respective companies and guests, the conversation covers the basics of Web3, what we really mean by the term "metaverse" and where these emerging ecosystems will fit alongside more traditional sports offerings.  As we transition to ownership becoming a defining characteristic of our digital lives with the transition to Web3, the conversation covers many of the opportunities that will likely emerge and empower online users and sports fans. 


3 May 2022

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Coach Scott Drew - Baylor University Men's Basketball and March Madness

Fresh off one of the most exciting March Mandess games in recent memory, Baylor University Men's Basketball Coach Scott Drew joins regular host Milton Lee ahead of this weekend's Final Four in New Orleans. Coach Drew shares what was running through his head during Baylor's comeback to force overtime versus North Carolina, and what he was telling his players.  Having engineered an incredible turnaround of the Baylor Men's basketball program culminating in the 2020/21 NCAA title, Coach Drew also shares the values and philosophies that underpin his approach to coaching basketball. Offering an insight into one of college basketball's elite programs, Coach Drew also discusses the role that Synergy plays in strategic preparation and scouting players.


29 Mar 2022

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2022 Sloan Conference - Jessica Gelman & Tom Haberstroh

Regular host Milton Lee is joined by Co-Founder of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Jessica Gelman and NBA analyst and reporter Tom Haberstroh to discuss this year's conference.  Fresh off the 2022 event, the trio cover which talks they found most impactful as well as how the event has grown and changed over the years. The conversation delves deeper into some of the topics covered at Sloan, such as the role that analytics continues to play in not only sports, but representation and business, as well as the ethical implications of data gathering, storage and usage. 


16 Mar 2022

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Ryan McDonough - Former Phoenix Suns GM, Assistant GM of the Boston Celtics and current Sports Media Personality

Ryan McDonough joins regular host Milton Lee to cover the broad demands of working as an NBA GM and in other areas of an NBA Front Office. Ryan is generous enough to share some great stories from the teams and personalities he worked with. The conversation also delves into how NBA staffs assess players both already within the NBA and in junior and international leagues ahead of the NBA draft. Ryan also provides information a different venture in Sports Business Classroom - a training ground for the next generation of NBA front office staff. 


14 Dec 2021

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Innovation and Artificial Intelligence at Synergy Sports and Sportradar

Regular host and Chief Reputation Officer Milton Lee of Synergy Sports welcomes Luka Pataky, Head of Innovation at Sportradar and Alex Bustamante, VP of Innovation at Synergy Sports.  The podcast covers how AI-based models and AI-derived technologies are being adopted across different industries, before focusing on sports technology in particular and the most recognisable uses of AI in sport. The podcast examines how both Synergy Sports and Sportradar have legacies of innovation that drove their successes, but how the combined team is recruiting for engineers to help further the business' exciting applications of computer vision across sports production, data and analytics.


8 Dec 2021

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Columbia Lions Men's Basketball Head Coach Jim Engles

Columbia Lions Men's Basketball Head Coach Jim Engles joins regular host Milton Lee to talk about his successful career as a basketball coach, the tough period of not playing for a season and his excitement ahead of the new season. The conversation also covers how Coach Engles was the first US coach to adopt Synergy Automated Cameras and how he's tried to remain innovative in his use of analytics and technology to do the best coaching job possible. 


11 Oct 2021

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Synergy Sports CEO Mark Silver

To launch the Synergy Sports podcast we catch up with Synergy CEO Mark Silver. Our host Milton Lee talks to Mark about his career in the NBA pre-Synergy, how he got started with the company, how he progressed through the ranks and departments as well as how he now spends his time as CEO and the company's vision moving forwards.


9 Aug 2021

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