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My singular goal is to share nuggets of wisdom and interview the best of the best from all walks of life to provide valuable content to you to build and grow the skills and perspective you need to be a master relationship builder.

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Kenversations Special bonus

Really hope you guys enjoy this one. This right here has been heavy on my heart and I was excited to share with you. 


23 Jul 2021

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Kenversations 14 Forgive

Forgiveness is powerful medicine, both in yourself and of others. Some key factors to learn to forgive your self and others earlier and often. This will set you free. 


23 Jul 2021

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Kenversations Your Relationship with yourself

3 core traits that I use to have a strong inner personal relationship with yourself. " If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm" Les Brown


22 May 2021

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Kenversations Positive Conflict

Necessary and unnecessary conflict. A look into my perspective and mindset necessary to remain curious and challenge thoughts. Even when it your own. To find the greater good. 


9 May 2021

Rank #4

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Kenversations Perspective

Learning your internal process of your perception & Perspective. Your perception is your reality. So in that case lets get to shaping that reality into what you want. 


5 May 2021

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Kenversations Positivity

Here is a glimpse into the internal and external traits to achieve positivity. I will tell you a secret regardless if you watch. The most positive person in the world is not positive 100% of the time. It takes work and effort and I go through some of the mindset and action items it takes to move the needle on your emotion of positivity and negativity.


2 May 2021

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Kenversations Personal Responsibility

This one may cut a little close to the bone. I kept this one simple clear and uncut. You and me and all can benefit from this simple truth. You are responsible for you and no one else. It is a challenge and it is life changing. 


28 Apr 2021

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Kenversations Massive Failure

How failure lead to the road of success.  Nothing new to see hear. Just some context to my story. Love you all. 


24 Apr 2021

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Kenversations vulnerability

Learning 3 rules of vulnerability that you NEED to achieve and be more.


21 Apr 2021

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Kenversations Relational Sales

Everything in this world is a sale or a negotiation. Here are some simple skills that you can apply to increase your relationship skill stalk.


11 Apr 2021

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