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News For Kids brings you easy stories in English, with Chinese translations to help students and second language learners here in Taiwan!Stories are written and recorded by ICRT correspondents, and uploaded every weekday morning.

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Man Walks With No Shoes for Over a Year

K*News for Kids 文字檔 (國小) Man Walks With No Shoes for Over a Year Hi students! Do you like to walk barefoot? It's nice to walk with no shoes and socks in your home. 你喜歡打赤腳走路嗎?在室內打赤腳很舒服! But what about walking barefoot outside? Today, I want to tell you about a man who walks barefoot outside a lot. He walked with no shoes or socks for over a year! 有一個人,整整一年打赤腳上街! George Woodville lives in England. One day, he threw all his shoes away. He had 20 pairs of shoes, and he threw them all away. George Woodville 住在英國,他有一天把他的20雙鞋子通通丟掉。 George really likes walking with no shoes and socks. Doctors say there are some good things about going barefoot. It can make your legs stronger. And it can improve your balance. 醫生說,赤腳走路可以讓腳更強壯,也可以訓練平衡感。 There is another good thing for George. He has become famous. He made videos about walking barefoot and put them on the internet. Now, he is making money from his videos. George 把赤腳走路的影片放上網路,變得很有名,還賺了錢。 But, there are also bad things about going barefoot outside. George said he stepped in dog poo … Yuck! He also stepped on some glass. Ouch! Also, some people didn't want him to go into their store. That's because his feet looked really dirty! 但是也有不好的。他有踩到狗便便過,也踩到玻璃過,也有一些店家不讓他進去,因為他的腳太髒了! Do you guys think going barefoot is a good idea? I think I'll keep my shoes on outside. ________________________________________ Vocabulary 打光腳趴趴走,現代人可能會覺得不自在。 1. step 踩到。 Oh no! I think I just stepped on something! 糟了,我覺得我剛剛踩到東西! Not dog poo, I hope. 希望不是狗糞。 No, I stepped on a cockroach! 不,我踩到了蟑螂! 2. dirty 骯髒的。 That's okay. You're not barefoot. 那沒關係呀,你又不是打赤腳。 But cockroaches are dirty! 可是蟑螂好髒喔! It's better than dog poo. 總比狗糞好。 3. make money 賺錢。 I may need to change jobs. 我可能需要換工作。 Why? You're not making enough money? 為什麼? 賺的錢不夠嗎? Yes. 對啊。 4. walk 走路。 But it's just a 5-minute walk to your office now. 但是你現在上班只要走五分鐘。 I don't mind taking the MRT if I can make more money. 要是能賺更多錢,我不介意搭捷運。 今天的單字很常用到喔! step踩到 dirty骯髒的 make money賺錢 walk走路 ________________________________________ Quiz 1. What does "barefoot" mean? A: Wearing socks but no shoes. B: Wearing nothing on the feet. C: Wearing shoes but no socks. 2. Why does George Woodville go barefoot? A: He likes it. B: His doctor told him to do it. C: He has no money for shoes. 3. What bad thing happened to George? A: He stepped on some glass. B: He lost his shoes. C: He got really sick. Answers 1. B 2. A 3. A


31 Oct 2022

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Man Breaks Record in a Pumpkin Boat

BOO! It's Halloween… MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA! What do you think of when you hear the word "Halloween?" Maybe you think of ghosts. Or, maybe you think of bats, or witches. 聽到萬聖節,你想到甚麼呢?鬼、蝙蝠,還是巫婆? Maybe you also think about pumpkins… Today, I want to tell you about a really interesting pumpkin. 我今天想要講一個南瓜的故事。 This is not an ordinary pumpkin. It is a huge pumpkin. It weighs 384 kilograms! If you cut a hole in that pumpkin, a person could sit in it. 這個南瓜超級大,有384公斤!裡面如果挖洞,可以坐一個人。 That's exactly what an American man named Duane Hansen did. First, he grew this huge pumpkin in his garden. Then, he cut a hole in the pumpkin and used it as a boat. He also used a plastic paddle. He traveled 11 hours down a river! 一個美國人 Duane Hansen把種出來的南瓜挖洞當成船,還用塑膠的槳,順著河流划了11個小時! Why Did Duane Hansen paddle down a river in a big pumpkin? He wanted to set a record. How long did Mr. Hansen float in that pumpkin? He floated in that pumpkin for 61 kilometers! 他為什麼要這樣做呢?因為他想要打破世界紀錄。他坐在南瓜裏面漂了 61 公里! Hansen beat another record that was set in 2016. In 2016, another American man paddled for about 40 kilometers down a river. 上一個世界紀錄在 2016 年,有一個人用南瓜划了 40 公里。 That's too difficult for me. I think I'll just eat pumpkin pie instead. ________________________________ Vocabulary 用大南瓜當小船,真是個異想天開的主意! 1. pumpkin 南瓜 We're having fish, rice and pumpkin soup tonight. 我們今晚吃魚,米飯和南瓜湯。 Pumpkin soup, my favorite soup! 南瓜湯,我最喜歡的湯! 2. use 使用 A big pumpkin can be used as a boat. 一個大南瓜可以用來當一艘船呢。 But I'd like to eat it, not to sit on it. 但是我想吃它,而不是坐在上面。 3. float 漂浮 There's something floating on the river. 有東西漂在河面上。 I can't believe it! It looks like a pumpkin! 我真不敢相信,看起來像南瓜! And there's a person inside! 裡面還有一個人! 4. river 河流 What a way to travel down the river! 好特別的一趟河流之旅! That's it. I will buy a pumpkin tomorrow. 我決定了。明天就去買一個南瓜。 你有看過南瓜做成的船嗎? 來一起讀單字。 pumpkin 南瓜 use 使用 float 漂浮 river 河流 ________________________________ Quiz 1. Where did the man get the pumpkin from? A: He bought it at a store B: He found it near a river C: He grew it in his garden 2. What record did he break? A: Growing the biggest pumpkin in America B: Traveling the farthest in a pumpkin boat C: Eating the most pumpkin pie 3. How far did he paddle in the pumpkin? A: About 40 kilometers B: About 60 kilometers C: Nearly 400 kilometers Answers 1. C 2. B 3. B


30 Oct 2022

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Rocket Hits Asteroid

Hi students! Today I want to talk about asteroids. An asteroid is a big rock in space. 我們今天來聊聊小行星! Scientists worry that an asteroid might hit Earth in the future. What would happen if an asteroid did hit Earth? If it were big enough, it would cause lots of trouble! 學家擔心小行星未來會撞到地球。如果小行星太大,我們就有麻煩了! Remember the dinosaurs? Scientists think an asteroid hit the earth about 66 million years ago and killed them. 科學家認為有一顆小行星在六千六百萬年前撞到地球,把恐龍殺死了。 Right now, scientists don't think any asteroids will hit our planet soon. But what about in the future? 現在沒有小行星會撞到地球,但是以後呢? I don't want to scare you guys, but an asteroid might hit us one day. But, here's the good news! NASA sent a rocket to hit an asteroid in space as a test. 不用擔心,美國太空總署 NASA 測試了用火箭撞擊小行星。 It took 10 months for the rocket to hit the asteroid. The rocket blew up, but the asteroid didn't. The purpose of the test was to hit the asteroid to change its direction. 花了 10 個月的時間火箭才擊中小行星,而且爆炸了,但小行星沒有。測試的目的是要撞擊小行星,改變他的方向。 NASA scientists wanted to see if they could hit the asteroid. That way, if an asteroid is coming right at Earth, we can hit it with a rocket. The rocket can make the asteroid miss Earth. Whew! Now, I feel safer! ________________________________ Vocabulary 這個實驗很像電影吧?故意用火箭去碰撞小行星,好讓它不要跟地球相撞。 1. hit 打到,撞擊 One of those stars may hit us someday. 那些星星有一顆可能會撞到我們。 And you're worried? 你很擔心嗎? Not really. But I hope I can see it. 不會,不過我希望能看到。 2. earth 地球 You want to see a star hit the earth, our Earth? 你想看到一顆星撞上地球,我們的地球? Yeah, it would be interesting to watch. 對啊,會很有趣吧。 3. kill 殺死 The last time it happened, all the dinosaurs were killed. 上回發生這種事的時候,所有的恐龍都完蛋了。 I know. But we're not a dinosaurs. 我知道,不過我們不是恐龍。 We won't be killed. 我們不會完蛋。 4. future 未來 I'm not sure about that. 這我可不確定。 I hope scientists can save us in the future. 我希望未來科學家能救我們一命。 今天的單字你記住了嗎? hit 打到,撞擊 earth 地球 kill 殺死 future 未來 ________________________________ Quiz 1. What is an asteroid? A: A type of rocket B: A big rock in space C: A kind of bomb 2. How long did it take the rocket to hit the asteroid? A: 10 days B: 10 weeks C: 10 months 3. What happened when the rocket hit the asteroid? A: The rocket exploded B: The asteroid exploded C: The asteroid almost hit Earth Answers 1. B 2. C 3. A


27 Oct 2022

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Worker Finds Mammoth In The Ground

Have you ever found something in the ground? Maybe you have found some cool rocks, or some coins. What if you found an animal from thousands of years ago? 如果你在地底下發現了幾千年前的動物,怎麼辦呢? That's what happened in Canada. A worker was digging a hole in the ground. He was looking for gold. Instead, he found some kind of animal! In fact, it was a baby mammoth. 加拿大就有一個工人,挖洞想要找黃金,結果發現了一頭小長毛象! A mammoth is like an elephant, with lots and lots of fur. They lived in really cold places, so they needed lots of fur to help them keep warm, like they were wearing a big sweater! 長毛象長得像大象,因為住在很冷的地方,所以全身長滿毛來保暖,像是穿了一件毛衣。 The worker saw that this animal still had fur. Later, he found it had lived thirty thousand years ago. 這個工人看到他所發現的動物有毛,而且是三萬年前的生物! Scientists came to study this animal. It is very interesting, because there are no mammoths alive today. The scientists found the mammoth was a baby girl. 因為現今已經沒有長毛象活著。科學家發現那隻長毛象是母的。 Now the worker is digging for gold again, but he will always remember the mammoth he found. 這個工人現在又回去挖黃金了,但他永遠不會忘記他找到的長毛象。 He thinks one day he may even find the baby mammoth's momma. ________________________________ Vocabulary 想要挖金礦,卻找到長毛象! 1. gold 黃金 Would you like to visit the Gold Museum this weekend? 這周末想不想去黃金博物館? Gold? I love gold! 黃金?我愛黃金! I know you do. 我知道你愛。 2. find 找到 You will find lots of shining gold there. 你會在那裏找到好多亮晶晶的黃金。 Really? Is it in the ground? 真的嗎? 它在地底下嗎? No, it's right on a table. 不,就在桌子上。 3. dig 挖掘 People in Jinguashi used to dig for gold. 以前金瓜石的人會挖黃金。 Can I dig for it now? 我現在可以去挖嗎? No, you're too late. 不行了,你太遲了。 4. coin 硬幣 My mother had a set of gold coins. 我媽媽以前有一套金幣。 Did she give them to you? 她有給你嗎? No, she sold them a long time ago. 沒有,她好久以前就把它賣掉了。 你喜愛黃金嗎?來讀讀單字。 gold 黃金 find 找到 dig 挖掘 coin 硬幣 ________________________________ Quiz 1. What did the worker find? A: A cow B: A mammoth C: A dinosaur 2. How old was the animal? A: Ten thousand years old B: Thirty thousand years old C: A million years old 3. What did scientists learn about the animal? A: It was a baby girl B: It was a momma C: It was a teenager Answers 1. B 2. B 3. A


26 Oct 2022

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Too Much Space Junk

3… 2… 1… Lift off! Yep! Another rocket is going into space! Did you know that humans have been putting rockets into space for about 65 years? We send rockets into space, but many times, after they go up, pieces of them never come back down! We call these things "space junk." 很多火箭飛出去後,火箭的某一些部份永遠不會回來,變成了太空垃圾。 Space junk is a big problem - one of these pieces could hit a spaceship! 太空垃圾可能會撞到太空船。 And, in space, everything moves super, super fast. So when one piece of space junk hits another piece of space junk… it's a huge crash! 太空中,東西移動的速度都很快。當太空垃圾撞到別的太空垃圾,形成巨大的碰撞。 And the crash makes even more space junk! The pieces get even smaller! And then they keep flying around the earth. 它們撞成碎片後,繼續繞著地球飛行! Wow! People are sometimes really messy! We even make messes in space! Maybe someday special robots can go into space and help clean up space junk. 也許有一天,機器人能去外太空幫忙清這些垃圾。 It's not going to be easy, but if the whole world works together, we can find a way to do it. But, the first thing we should do is stop putting any more junk into space, right? 但還是要先停止讓更多垃圾到太空去! ________________________________ Vocabulary 太空垃圾過多,對未來的太空旅行可能會造成危險。 1. spaceship 太空船 Look, a spaceship! 你看,太空船 ! I think that's a satellite, Paz. 我覺得那是一顆人造衛星。 It could be a spaceship. 也有可能是太空船。 2. junk 垃圾 You may be right. 你也許說對了。 But even if it's a spaceship, it could become space junk someday. 不過就算是太空船,有一天它也會變成太空垃圾。 Is there a lot of junk in space? 太空裡有很多垃圾嗎? Yeah, a lot. 是,有很多。 3. mess 混亂 What a mess you have here! 你這裡真是一團亂! Sorry. We had a party last night. 真抱歉,我們昨天開派對。 Let me clean it up. 讓我來清理一下。 4. messy 凌亂的 How could you sleep in this messy room? 你怎麼能睡在這個亂七八糟的房間? Easy. I didn't sleep. 很簡單,我沒睡。 We talked, laughed and danced all night. 我們整晚聊天說笑,還跳舞。 今天的單字你可記住了? spaceship 太空船 junk 垃圾 mess 混亂 messy 凌亂的 ________________________________ Quiz 1. What is "space junk?" A: Pieces of rockets B: Kitchen garbage C: Dirty socks and shoes 2. What happens when space junk crashes? A: It eats ice cream B: It gets smaller C: Nothing 3. How fast does space junk fly around the earth? A: As fast as a running horse B: Not very fast C: Super fast Answers 1. A 2. B 3. C


25 Oct 2022

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Spiders Might Dream Like People Do!

Oh… hi there. I was just sleeping. I must have been sleeping very deeply. Could you tell? Sometimes you can see if a person is sleeping deeply just by how their eyes move. If a person is asleep, and their eyes are moving quickly behind their eyelids, that means they are sleeping very deeply. 如果有人睡得很熟,他的眼睛就會在眼皮下動得很快。 This is called REM sleep, which stands for "rapid eye movement". "Rapid" means fast, so rapid eye movement means your eyes are moving quickly. 這個叫做快速動眼期。"Rapid" 就是快速的意思。 Usually when that happens to a person who is asleep, they are sleeping very deeply. If you have a pet dog or cat, maybe you have seen them do this when they were sleeping deeply. But humans, dogs, and cats aren't the only animals who can get REM sleep. Do you know what other animal does this? Jumping spiders! 但是除了人類、狗狗,跟貓咪,還有誰會有這樣的情況呢?答案是跳蜘蛛! Scientists have found that jumping spiders' eyes make movements like people when they sleep deeply. This means they get REM sleep, which means they might also have dreams. 科學家發現跳蜘蛛睡覺的時候,眼睛也會動。這代表他們可能跟人類一樣會做夢! I wonder what spiders dream about? Maybe they dream about catching flies. And I wonder how many other animals also dream like people do? ________________________________ Vocabulary 你睡得好嗎?會做夢嗎? 1. sleep 睡眠 I'm so tired! 我好累! Didn't sleep well last night? 昨晚沒睡好嗎? No. I fell asleep quickly, but then woke up early. 對。我很快就睡著,但是很早醒來。 2. deeply 深沉地 I envy those who can sleep deeply. 我羨慕那些可以睡得很熟的人。 Maybe you should do some exercise. 也許你應該做一些運動。 That always helps. 運動總是有幫助。 3. dream 作夢 I sometimes dream about falling. 我有時候會夢到往下墜。 From high places? 從高的地方嗎? From very high places. 從很高的地方。 That's scary! 那會讓人害怕! 4. dream 夢 I had a dream of being lost. 我做了一個迷路的夢。 I didn't know where I was. 我不知道我在哪裡。 Oh, that's a bad dream. 那是個惡夢。 今天的單字簡單而常用。 sleep 睡眠 deeply 深沉地 dream 作夢,夢 ________________________________ Quiz 1. What does REM mean? A: Real energetic memory B: Random entertaining mind C: Rapid eye movement 2. What happens during REM sleep? A: Deep sleep B: Shallow sleep C: The person is awake 3. What animal did scientists find out get REM sleep? A: Ants B: Flies C: Spiders Answers 1. C 2. A 3. C


24 Oct 2022

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Teenage Pilot on Last Leg of World Record Flying Attempt

I finally did it! After many, many tries, I finally flew my toy plane all around the park. And I did it all by myself! 我讓我的玩具飛機在公園飛了一圈! It can be very difficult to control a toy airplane, especially when there is wind! When the wind blowing too hard, I crash the toy plane a lot! 玩具飛機很難控制,風太大的時候常常墜機! But you know what's even harder than flying a toy airplane around a big park? Flying a real airplane around the world! 你知道甚麼比這個還難嗎?飛一架真正的飛機環遊世界! The youngest person to do this was a 17-year-old boy named Mack Rutherford. He flew a real airplane around the world all by himself. Mack才17歲,是獨自開飛機環遊世界最年輕的飛行員! He started flying earlier this year in March. He took off from Bulgaria, which is a country in Europe. And he has flown to Africa, Asia, and North America. In total, he flew to fifty-two countries around the world! That's amazing! 他三月份從歐洲的保加利亞起飛,中間經過非洲、亞洲,跟北美洲。他總共飛到五十二個國家。 After about five months traveling around the world, Mack finally landed the plane in August of this year. 經歷五個月的飛行後,Mack終於在八月中回到家了。 His adventure must have been very dangerous and exciting. Maybe one day I will fly real planes instead of toy planes, and try to fly across oceans to other countries. That will take a lot more practice though! ________________________________ Vocabulary 你有想過親自駕駛飛機環繞地球嗎? 1. fly 駕飛機 I'd like to fly a plane someday. 我想要有一天駕駛飛機。 I prefer to stay here and watch them. 我比較想留在地上欣賞。 2. take off 起飛 But think about it. 但是你想想看。 You can take off from a big city and see all the lights. 你可以從大城市起飛,看到所有的燈光。 And then fly over the ocean for a long time? 然後在海洋上空飛很久? That sounds boring to me! 那聽起來很無聊耶! 3. world 世界 So you don't want to travel around the world? 所以你不想環遊世界? I do. But not as a pilot. 我想啊,但是不是當飛行員。 4. land 降落 You can land in a place you like. 你可以降落在你喜歡的地方。 Yeah, like in Paris? 比如說巴黎嗎? Absolutely! 絕對可以! 我們來讀單字。 fly 駕飛機 take off 起飛 world 世界 land 降落 ________________________________ Quiz 1. How old was the boy who flew alone in this story? A: 7 years old B: 70 years old C: 17 years old 2. Where did he take off from? A: Bulgaria B: Bavaria C: Belgium 3. How many countries did he visit? A: 52 B: 152 C: 5 Answers 1. C 2. A 3. A


23 Oct 2022

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Teaching Robots How to Laugh

Hi students! Today I'm gonna start with a joke… are you ready? Why can't elephants use computers? Because they are afraid of the mouse! Do you get it? 你懂嗎? "Mouse" has two meanings. It can mean a small animal, but it also means a computer mouse! Mouse 有兩個意思,老鼠跟滑鼠! If you are a human, you should be able to understand that joke. But for a robot, a joke like that is super hard to understand! 我們人類聽得懂笑話,但是機器人可能很難聽懂。 In the future, scientists say people will use robots for many things. Robots will even be our friends and help take care of us. So, scientists are teaching robots how to laugh… at the right things! 現在,科學家在教機器人怎麼笑,還有甚麼時候可以笑! This isn't easy! But scientists say that one-day robots will be able to learn to laugh at the right time and that robots will be able to have fun, funny, and interesting conversations with people. 但是科學家說,有一天機器人會學會笑,也可以跟人類聊有趣、好玩的東西! Okay, before we go, one last joke: What kind of witch likes to go to the beach? A SAND-wich! Get it? Witches and sandwiches are completely different, but they both have the same sound at the end… so that's why the joke is funny. A "sand" witch! Do you think a robot could understand the sand-wich joke? Hmmm… maybe not now… but one day they will! ________________________________ Vocabulary 能夠聽懂笑話並且還會講笑話,這樣的機器人可有趣了。 1. joke 笑話 I want a robot that can tell jokes. 我想要個會講笑話的機器人。 Then I won't feel bored all the time.這樣我就不會總是覺得無聊。 I can tell you jokes. 我可以講給你聽。 2. understand 了解 I also want my robot to understand my jokes. 我也想要機器人聽懂我的笑話。 That would be hard. 這就有點難了。 Even I don't get your jokes sometimes. 連我有時候都聽不懂你的笑話。 3. laugh 笑 You don't have to. 你不用懂啊。 You just laugh. 你只要笑就好了。 Yeah, maybe I'll laugh at you. 好,也許我就嘲笑你。 4. take care of 照顧 Could you take care of my dogs for one day? 你能幫我照顧狗狗一天嗎? Sure. 當然。 Do you like to tell jokes? joke 笑話 understand 了解 laugh 笑 take care of 照顧 ________________________________ Quiz 1. What are scientists teaching robots? A: How to laugh at the right things B: How to eat elephants C: How to do your homework 2. Why is it hard to understand jokes? A: Because words have many different meanings B: Because sandwiches are yummy C: Because the chicken crossed the road 3. What will robots be in the future? A: Our food B: Our friends and helpers C: They will be witches Answers 1. A 2. A 3. B


20 Oct 2022

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Bus Stops For Bees and Butterflies

Hi students! You guys know that bees are important, right? They help plants grow. Butterflies also help plants grow. If we didn't have bees and butterflies, we wouldn't grow as much food. The world would be in big trouble then. 蝴蝶跟蜜蜂會幫忙授粉,沒有牠們,就種不出足夠的食物。這樣世界就糟糕了! But there are fewer bees and butterflies now. One reason is that cities are growing. 但蜜蜂跟蝴蝶越來越少了,其中一個原因是城市變大了。 When cities get bigger, there are fewer places for bees and butterflies to visit flowers and other plants safely. 城市變大後,越來越少地方可以讓蜜蜂跟蝴蝶安全地授粉。 Now, people are helping these insects by building special bus shelters. They have little gardens on top of them. 現在,有人蓋了特別的公車亭,上面有一個小花園。 The Netherlands was the first place to have these special bus stops. England also has them. England wants to have more than 1,000 of them soon. There are some in France and Belgium also. 荷蘭是第一個有這種公車亭的國家,另外,英國、法國、比利時也有。 These bus shelters need to be stronger than regular bus shelters because the dirt and water on top of them is heavy. 這種公車亭必須要很堅固,因為上面的泥土跟水都很重。 This is a great idea! Taiwan should build bus stops for bees and butterflies to visit. Or, maybe I should call them BUZZ-shelters. ________________________________ Vocabulary 在公車站的屋頂上種花種草,好吸引蜜蜂蝴蝶。 1. butterfly 蝴蝶 What a beautiful butterfly! 好漂亮的蝴蝶! Yeah, and it's a big one. 對啊,而且好大一隻。 It's so nice to have butterflies waiting with me! 有蝴蝶跟我一起等車真棒! 2. grow 種植 People should grow more flowers everywhere. 大家應該到處多種一點花。 Right, the city would look so much better. 對啊,城市會好看很多。 3. plant 植物 What plant should I grow indoors? 我在室內應該種什麼植物? I've heard that devil's vine is the best. 我聽說黃金葛最好了。 It's very eco-friendly. 它對環境很友善。 4. the Netherlands 荷蘭 People in the Netherlands built special bus stops for bees. 荷蘭人建了特別的公車站給蜜蜂。 So the bees there take buses? 所以那裏的蜜蜂會搭公車 ? No, they fly. 不會,牠們用飛的。 今天學到哪些單字? butterfly 蝴蝶 grow 種植 plant 植物 the Netherlands 荷蘭 ________________________________ Quiz 1. Why did people build the bus shelters? A:So people could see more bees and butterflies B: So bees and butterflies wouldn't bother people C: So bees and butterflies could visit more places 2. Why are there fewer bees and butterflies? A: They have moved away from cities B: They can't visit as many places C: They are getting killed by buses 3. Which place first made the special bus shelters? A: England B: France C: The Netherlands Answers 1. C 2. B 3. C


19 Oct 2022

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Electric Airplanes Tested in America

Hi students! Today we're talking about electric vehicles. 我們今天要講的是電動交通工具。 There are electric bicycles, electric cars, and even electric buses! The world is changing: now, there is even an electric airplane! 現在有電動腳踏車、電動車、電動巴士,甚至還有電動飛機! No way! That's amazing! A new electric airplane! They are testing the electric airplane in America. This electric airplane is small. It can carry just 11 people. 現在美國在測試電動飛機。這台飛機很小,只能載11個人。 And after testing, if everything is safe, some companies will start using small electric airplanes for short trips with only a few people. 經過測試,如果一切安全,有一些公司就會用來進行短程旅行! But in just a few years, electric airplanes will get bigger and stronger! One day very soon, airplane companies are going to make big electric airplanes. Maybe one day you'll fly to Europe or America in an electric plane! 也許有一天,我們就可以搭電動飛機去歐洲或美國了! Ahh, that would be so nice. It would be so quiet! And it would be much, much better for the environment! 它們很安靜,而且對環境也很好! I can hardly believe it, but electric airplanes are here! Soon, maybe every kind of vehicle in the world will use electric power! ________________________________ Vocabulary 為了環保,現在很多交通工具都變成電動的。 1. plane 飛機 Hey, what's that? 嘿,那是什麼? I can't believe it! It's a plane! 真不敢相信!是一架飛機! 2. electric 電動的 Why isn't it making any sounds? 為什麼它都沒有聲音? I think it's an electric plane. 我想它是電動飛機。 Really? Even my electric bike makes more noise. 真的嗎? 我的電動腳踏車聲音比它還大。 3. safe 安全的 Do you think it's safe? 你覺得它安全嗎? My bike is very safe. 我的腳踏車很安全。 No, I mean the plane. 不,我是說飛機。 4. company 公司 It should be. 應該安全。 The company making the plane would make sure it's safe. 製造那架飛機的公司會確保它是安全的。 Let's read today's vocabulary together. plane 飛機 electric 電動的 safe 安全的 company 公司 ________________________________ Quiz 1. What are they testing in America? A: An electric garbage truck B: An electric airplane C: An electric monkey 2. How big is the airplane in the story? A: Small. It can carry 11 people B: Small. It can only carry 2 people C: Super big! It can carry 500 people 3. Electric cars, buses, and airplanes are… A: …quiet, and good for the environment B: …noisy and ugly C: …funny and stinky Answers 1. B 2. A 3. A


18 Oct 2022

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