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Interviews with people that can tell, from their own experience, something valuable and interesting for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and in general the yoga community.http://retreats-spain.com

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09 - Kirtan (with Stina and Niels from Kirtan Copenhagen)

Stina and Niels organize regular Kirtan sessions with friends and friends of friends. They communicate through the Kirtan Copenhagen Facebook group and have performed in festivals. One year ago at their house in Mandrem, India I recorded two Kirtan sessions and an interview with Stina and Niels. The audio of the sessions was not so good and therefore I delayed uploading this chapter because I like so much what they do that don't feel so happy with the result. Nevertheless here it is, hope you can enjoy and from here all my gratefulness to Stina and Niels for organizing these events and sharing the time and their passion for Kirtan with us.


10 Jan 2020

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08 - Starting your own Yoga studio (with Claudia from Yoga Rausch)

Claudia and her partner started some time ago Yoga Rausch in Leipzig ( https://www.yogarausch.com/ ). In this interview she tells me about her adventure of the project and how is it working for them. Currently they organize some intensive workshops outside of Leipzig too but I hope some day they bring some students to Valencia to do a retreat at my place http://retreats-spain.com


8 Jun 2019

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07 - Organizing Barcelona Yoga Conference (with Wari Om)

Wari and his family organize Barcelona Yoga conference https://www.barcelonayogaconference.cat a long Wekeend event every Summer in Barcelona in which they plan Yoga, Kirtan and everything required to fulfill all yogi needs and curiosity. In 2019 they are running their 9th Edition and in this Interview he tells me how this journey started and what it takes to make a good yoga event. See you in Barcelona from the 4th to the 8th of July for a lot of Yoga action.For organizing a Yoga Retreat consider my place in Valencia http://retreats-spain.com


6 Jun 2019

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06 - Indian traditional philosophy (with Ira Schepetin - Atma Chaitanya)

Ira Schepetin is an scholar of Indian traditional philosophies and in particular Vedanta. I had the pleasure to ask him a couple of questions about the relationship of Yoga and indian traditional philosophies. Of course he didn't have time to cover the topic in depth but he gives some glimpses in this conversation which can be useful to start in the topic. He mentions the differences between Vedanta, Yoga (the philosophy) and Buddhism in several fundamental aspects. There are several of Ira's speeches in youtube like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usu_cLGXLg4I really hope next season I get more time to learn more from Ira.


12 May 2019

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05 - Retreats (with Sara from Sankalpa Sicily)

Sara has been organizing retreats the last couple of years in Sicily. Together with a friend she founded Sankalpa (http://www.sankalpasicily.com/) first to bring very good yoga teachers into Sicily but also to explore a path integrating her love for yoga and her work.I was happy to talk to her December 2018 in Goa about what it takes to organize a good yoga retreat and learn from her experience for my place http://retreats-spain.com


4 May 2019

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04 - Yoga and Photography (with Wari Om)

I had the pleasure to interview Wari Om during a breakfast near the sea in Arambol in January 2019. We talked about his career as a photographer specialized in Yoga, the projects he has done and what is upcoming this year. Wari has managed to integrate his passion for Yoga with his professional activity and his lifestyle.Wari also organizes the Barcelona Yoga Conference https://www.barcelonayogaconference.cat/ and has a Yoga studio and retreat place with his family.


12 Apr 2019

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03 - Yoga Teacher Training Courses (with Claudia from Holland)

A Teacher Training Course (TTC) is something which eventually crosses the path of any serious yoga practitioner. Claudia from Holland has done many in her journey learning more and more Yoga. She shares with me her experience in a longer conversation that we had in Goa in December 2018.


3 Mar 2019

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02 - Yoga Nidra and having a school in Goa (with Meera from Diya Yoga)

Meera is running diyayoga.com, a school in Arambol, where she offers Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTCs) and special courses on teaching Yoga Nidra. In this interview she tells me about what is Yoga Nidra and how she teaches it. We also talk about how is it to run a school in Goa.This interview was recorded on December 2018 in Arambol, Goa.


15 Feb 2019

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01 - Going to India for the season (with Premal MA)

Premal (Premal MA in FB and spiritualgypsie in IG) has been coming to India for the last 15 years and shares with me her knowledge and advice on traveling to India during the season.Many Yoga practitioners at one point come to visit India either out of curiosity of the land where it all started or to do some Yoga courses and retreats. Not too much about Yoga in this chapter but interesting information with an amazing person.If India is too far, try organizing your yoga retreat in Valencia, Spain at my place http://retreats-spain.com


11 Feb 2019

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