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RuPalp's Podrace: A Queer Star Wars Podcast

May the Force be with you, and DON'T kriff it up.There's a lot of Star Wars podcasts. But Mel, Klaudia, Ollie, Jess and Noah know there aren't a lot that acknowledge that Star Wars is queer. Everybody in a galaxy far, far away is gay (except Anakin), because we say so. Start your sublight engines, it's time to lightsaber duel for your life.Disclaimer: This podcast discusses the Bad Batch, the Clone Wars, Rebels, the Mandalorian, Resistance, and some books and comics. We will provide spoiler warnings at the beginning of episodes the best we can, but keep that in mind!Follow us on TikTok, IG, Twitter (and yes...ugh, Facebook) @rupalpspodrace.

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**STAY ON THE LOOKOUT FOR EPISODE  14 COMING OUT LATER THIS WEEK!!!** Points of Interest: The Force is an Onion, Yarael Poof’s impenetrable plot armor, Contacting Jyn Erso via ouija board, Marchion Ro’s tiktok lights, Our Girlboss Bias, Nihil Level Marketing Scheme, Trapped in the Galaxy’s Most Important Pickle Jar Mari San Tekka, Katy Perry stan Kassav, The Chiss Ascendancy are nosy neighbors, Bell Zettifar: Our Beloved, and Alternatives to Policing and The Jedi. Find us elsewhere: Tiktok - @rupalpspodrace Twitter - @RuPalpsPodrace Instagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 11mins

1 Aug 2021

Rank #1

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Queer Elder Cid: Ep. 13

Points of Interest: Animal Crossing Enthusiast Boba Fett, Step on the Gas, Infested? more like Invested, Omega’s Crime Syndicate, Echo "Scompy" Badbatch, Ketch and Ruby, Handsome Squidward!Roland, Color Blind Boba Fett, the Maulycule, an Indirect Kiss with Kyle Ron, Admiral Ar’alani’s Trophy Spouse, Girlboss Dogma, Noah and Mel’s Force Ghosts, and a discussion on representation versus what is allowed on screen.Find us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 36mins

25 Jul 2021

Rank #2

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Chad!Howzer: Ep. 12

Points of Interest: Calling OSHA on Hunter BadBatch, more thoughts on Clone Autonomy, Howzer (our beloved), Crosshair Socratic Seminar, Noah’s favorite indie game: World of Warcraft, Emergency Pryce Bust, and Pong Krell's Force Ghost.Check out Star Wars English Class!Find us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 13mins

18 Jul 2021

Rank #3

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The Syndulla Polycule (Feat. Howzer): Ep. 11

Points of Interest: Black Series Trapper Wolf, Arihndaaaaah, Hot Chip Summer, our critiques of The Bad Batch, Not Like Other Clones, Catboy!Crosshair, Aurriana Grande, Hashtag Mel is Over Party, and Peg Krell.Find us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 31mins

11 Jul 2021

Rank #4

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Omega's Thrawn Era: Ep. 10

Points of Interest: Fett Family Casino, Spoilers for A New Hope, Are Numbers Canon in Star Wars?,  Xoxo, Chewbacca Girl, #NotAllClones, Domestic Househusband Cody, Nala Se’s Sex Appeal, Slutty Cad Bane, and Darth Tidious.Find us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 29mins

4 Jul 2021

Rank #5

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Fett Family Reunion: Ep. 9

Points of Interest: Candacenoans, Where is Beta Fett, Frenemy Nala Se, Death Star Architect Sabine Wren, Girlboss Fennec Shand (Our Beloved), Duros!Snoke, We Have Prepared Some New Segments, and K2SHoe.Donate to House of GGFind us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 27mins

27 Jun 2021

Rank #6

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Happy Pride, Cad Bane: Ep. 8

Points of Interest: Noah's Force Ghost,  WLW (Wrecker Loving Wrecker), HomeAlone!Omega, Actual Epic Gamer Moment, Kentucky Fried Crosshair, Jeb Bush's Jedi Dueling Boots, and The Malewives of Mandalore.Support the Black Trans Travel FundFind us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 13mins

21 Jun 2021

Rank #7

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Return of The King: Ep. 7

Points of Interest: Poncho Discourse, Top Five Clones that Tried to Kill Palpatine, RN Omega, Zoomer Omega v Millenial Rex, The T in LGBT stands for Trash Monster, Tech’s Male Pattern Baldness, The RexSawnaissance, All Crosshairs are Bastards, Death by Gacklebat, and “Don’t fucking Thrawn me, Mel”.Support the Sylvia Rivera Law ProjectHelp  contribute to Doctor Aphra's Wookiepedia Page!Find us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 20mins

13 Jun 2021

Rank #8

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Maul-ti Level Marketing Scheme: Ep. 6

Happy Pride! Here at RuPalp’s Podrace, we talk a lot about the problems facing the LGBTQ community. As five queer people with platforms, we believe it is incredibly important to bring awareness to issues facing our community. In honor of Pride Month, we have decided to support a different LGBTQ-oriented cause every week during the month of June. This week, we will be supporting the LGBTQ Freedom Fund. This organization secures bail for LGBTQ people who are in immigration detention or awaiting trial. They also work on programs to educate and create policy addressing LGBTQ overincarceration and the harm that comes with it. If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation by clicking the link here!Points of Interest: Noah's Formal Apology,  Dryden Vos’ One Outfit, some theories about who is issuing the Martez sister’s W2s, Rex: our beloved, Wrecker is having one of those Moments, BoloWatch, and Yoda’s Nasty Little Toes.Find us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 9mins

6 Jun 2021

Rank #9

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Zendaya is Muchi: Ep. 5

Points of Interest: Clone Trooper Fartass, Scaley Greef Karga, Miraculous Ladybug Spoilers, Korkie is Krennic, The Bad Batch are Critical Role Antis, Salacious B. Djarin, Mel’s Hannibal Moment, The Kallus-Orrelios Family Lore, Nien Nunb in Motion, Sold You to 1D, I have, and Gamer Chair Gar Saxon.Find us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 31mins

30 May 2021

Rank #10