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Patria y Vida: A Chance for Freedom in Cuba | Frank Zimmerman

AtlasNexus host Vale Sloane sits down with Frank Zimmerman of Federalismo y Libertad’s Latin American Center to discuss why Cubans are protesting now and why life has been difficult there for so long. Frank dispels the myth that Cubans suffer because of a U.S. “blockade,” explains the nationalization of shoeshine stands, and points out the government’s discrimination against Black people on the island. Tune in to learn more about the Cuban march for freedom.


27 Jul 2021

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Atlas at 40: A Retrospective | Brad Lips Interviews Linda Whetstone, Robert Boyd, and Bill Sumner

Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips guest hosts this special episode of AtlasNexus with three storied guests to commemorate the organization's fortieth anniversary. Linda Whetstone is the daughter of Atlas Network Founder Sir Antony Fisher, a member of the Atlas Network board of directors (formerly board chair), and president of the Mont Pelerin Society. Robert Boyd spent seven years on the Atlas Network (then the Atlas Economic Research Foundation) board early in its history and eventually returned to serve on the board of directors once more. Bill Sumner is the chairman emeritus of Atlas Network’s board of directors, serving as chairman of the board for decades. The three guests combine for over one hundred years of relationship with Atlas Network, and they join the show to talk about the organization’s founder, history, and global impact in the past four decades. Whetstone, Boyd, and Sumner discuss Atlas Network’s lean early days, Sir Fisher’s determination and drive, and the triumph over early challenges that Atlas Network and Institute for Economic Affairs both experienced. History lovers will delight in this special episode of AtlasNexus!


13 Jul 2021

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The Making of An Influencer | Hannah Cox

AtlasNexus Host Vale Sloane takes a deep dive in to how Hannah Cox has grown into the influencer she has become, the nuance of the discussions she has on her podcast Based, the importance of being able to hold multiple perspectives in view, and the challenges that accompany being in the public eye.


29 Jun 2021

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Liberalization in Ukraine: An MP's View | Maryan Zablotskyy

Maryan Zablotskyy is a member of the Ukrainian parliament. He previously worked as the director of an Atlas Network partner, the Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation.


15 Jun 2021

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Changing Minds in Singapore | Bryan Cheang

Bryan Cheang is the founder and director of the Adam Smith Center in Singapore, which aims to promote economic and political literacy. He is the author of "Liberalism Unveiled: Forging A New Third Way In Singapore," a recent bestseller in Singapore.


1 Jun 2021

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The State of Freedom in Australia | Daniel Wild

In this episode of AtlasNexus, host Vale Sloane is joined by his good friend, Daniel Wild. As the Director of Research at Australia's Institute of Public Affairs, Wild frequently appears in the Australian media, and he specializes in red tape, regulation, economic policy, the philosophy of free enterprise, and criminal justice. In the episode, they discuss Australia's heavy-handed lockdowns and travel bans, the condition of free speech in the country, and much more.


18 May 2021

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Pursuing the West Virginia Miracle | Garrett Ballengee

Garrett Ballengee was the first employee of the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy, a state-based think tank working to reverse decades of poor outcomes with the state's education system, liberalize labor markets to allow workers to thrive, and much more. Hear how a small but tough team has punched above their weight to deliver hope for West Virginia's families.


4 May 2021

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Revolutionizing Your Grassroots Organizing | Harry Fone

The TaxPayers' Alliance developed a new tool to engage in the political process. Harry Fone, Grassroots Campaign Manager at the Taxpayers' Alliance, who helped create the tool, joins host Vale Sloane on this episode of AtlasNexus.


20 Apr 2021

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Restoring the rights of 6 million Ukrainians | Dmytro Lyvch

Dmytro Lyvch is project manager & head of analytics at EasyBusiness, a leading public policy advisory organization that works to build a better business-enabling climate in Ukraine. The free-market think tank grew out of work being done by advisors to the Economy Minister to use deregulation as a tool to stamp out corruption in the country in 2014, and its impact has gradually grown as it works to liberalize the economy since Ukraine's Revolution of Dignity.


6 Apr 2021

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Charting the Path to Economic Recovery | Kendall Cotton

The Frontier Institute was founded in 2020 and is already reshaping the economic landscape in Montana. Through their Montana Recovery Agenda, FI is working with the newly elected governor to ensure overregulation doesn’t stifle a strong economic recovery.


23 Mar 2021

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