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Makeshift Stories is an independently produced sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction podcast for all ages. Twice a month, escape the ordinary and join us on a journey through space, time, possible futures, alternative pasts and the unexplainable.

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All Hallows Eve

Sareen’s plans, made over several generations, come together on "All Hallows Eve" to bring the target of her 1000 year quest to her doorstep. Adrian who has been hiding for centuries fails to see the trap being laid and inadvertently allows himself to be discovered, but no one wins and the game of cat and mouse continues.


21 Oct 2008

Rank #1

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Redux – Laika

On November 3rd, nineteen fifty-seven, the Soviet Union launched the first living creature into orbit; a stray dog named Laika […]


2 Dec 2019

Rank #2

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Ceres Chapter 7 – Cloud Management

Immediately after the transmutation, using hacked technology from the third planet the Triffle are discouraged, nothing has changed except that […]


1 Aug 2017

Rank #3

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After being caught in the Europa Café Tim, Maya, and Adrian are flown to G.E.A.A. head office. They are told […]


25 Feb 2009

Rank #4

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Generation 201

Ellie, a student, rents the only room she can afford near her university. But the place turns out to have […]


3 Feb 2020

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The Rift (Part 2)

In this month’s story, Tanvi, an agent from a group called the consensus, arrives at her destination, only to discover […]


17 Jul 2017

Rank #6

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Ken Likeley – End of the World

While taking the mail to the recycle bin Ken discovers three cats, who are historical deities, have invited themselves into […]


3 May 2019

Rank #7

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Hole in Space

Life on board the Hyper Nova begins to settle down into a routine until a number of random events collide with one of Len’s pet projects causing the ship and its crew to get sucked into a hole in space.


30 Mar 2010

Rank #8

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The Chimera

After suffering a heart attack, Marcos learns he will need a transplant. Fortunately, his parents foresaw the day their son […]


17 May 2019

Rank #9

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Tech Support

In this month’s story, Aiden, an overwhelmed office worker, decides he needs help to take care of the routine things […]


16 Dec 2016

Rank #10

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Mirror Image

Sareen is mysteriously transported back in time to a version of her home world that is not entirely correct. The […]


13 Dec 2009

Rank #11

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Zoe’s Constellation

After a catastrophic accident obscures the stars in the night sky, Zoe Gagnon’s attempt to reignite the world’s imagination by […]


17 Dec 2018

Rank #12

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Short Wave

Lynn’s uncle, an avid ham radio operator, wills his estate to her after he dies. While sorting through her estranged […]


14 Dec 2014

Rank #13

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The Sodality

Margot’s unexpected return to Ceres creates an opportunity for Amos and Tim to make a highly risky escape. After regaining […]


10 Nov 2008

Rank #14

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Fission City (Part 2)

Dmytro, an 89-year-old ex-miner who refused to move away from an abandoned Uranium mine, knows he must reveal his secret […]


2 Jan 2020

Rank #15

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After noticing a ghostly figure in a series of photos, Trisha, a top performing career architect, attending her company retreat […]


17 Feb 2018

Rank #16

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The Awakening (part 1)

Through archaeological research, museums, archives and historical texts, we assume we know what has happened in the past. What if […]


14 May 2012

Rank #17

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Fission City (Part 1)

Dmytro, an 89-year-old ex-miner who refused to leave an abandoned Uranium mine site, tells his story to a young journalist […]


16 Dec 2019

Rank #18

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The Lost Cosmonaut

After almost 60 years Leonid Petrov decides that it is finally time to tell his story. Written out of history […]


16 Mar 2018

Rank #19

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Led Astray

Three astronauts, part of an international mission to land on the moon, are pushed off course by what they initially […]


20 Sep 2018

Rank #20