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A podcast exploring critical issues facing America today - social justice causes, systemic racial oppression chief among them; an outdated, visionless and unsustainable foreign policy; a broken food system in which we are literally eating ourselves to death, and a political system so dysfunctional it feels almost beyond reform. All of this unfolding within a world of accelerating exponential technological change and in a country that doesn’t really know itself. Where myths and half-truths still define the narratives we believe in and live by. So who are we really, deep down? And how did we get here? What’s actually happening today, right now? And where do we go from here, together, as a nation and a people – in a future that is very much to be determined.

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Ep. 6 Suzy Hansen

Dave's guest is journalist and author Suzy Hansen, whose first book Notes on a Foreign Country: An American Abroad in a Post American World blends personal memoir and historical journalism to reflect on America’s complicated position in the world and the author’s own journey of self-discovery which unfolded over 10 years working and living in Turkey. A 2018 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in General Non-Fiction, Hansen’s honest and compelling book deconstructs American exceptionalism and all the gnarly stuff it has wrought and continues to do so – both abroad, but also here at home. 


3 Oct 2018

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