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The #LIFEWITHEASE Podcast - The Future Of Virtual Work & Culture

Our world has shifted from what used to be a workforce or gig economy to what is now the virtual economy. This creates new cultural and operational challenges that many of us have never faced. In this podcast, you will learn from industry thought leaders, HR experts, top freelancers, and venture capitalists on how you can adapt and thrive throughout this rapid virtual evolution.

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Our Virtual People - The Future Of Work with Kathy Henrich

In this episode, you will join our CEO, Nathan Harris, in a conversation with Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition CEO Kathy Henrich on what the future of work looks like and how you can prepare your company and community for it.Our guests will range from fortune 500 execs, TED speakers, startup founders, venture capitalists, consultants, and more.Learn more about how Ease is helping companies switch to the future of remote work: www.itsease.com


25 May 2020

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The UiPath Academy - The Power Of RPA With Mandy Sebel

Join Nathan Harris as he sits down with UiPath's Chief People Officer Mandy Sebel on the #LIFEWITHEASE Podcast to talk about how they are using robotic process automation to improve the workplace experience. A large portion of the population has an inherent fear of artificial intelligence. Many people believe that robots will eventually take our jobs away and see them as a threat. The approach that UiPath is taking to that problem is very different and this is why they have become a unicorn company. UiPath's vision is to have a robot on the desktop of every human in the world. That robot will be an ally that helps them to become more efficient in every aspect of their lives. UiPath delivers the most advanced Enterprise #RPA Platform, built for business and IT. As you strive to benefit in the Automation First Era, your digital transformation accelerates here.https://www.uipath.comEase is an AI-assisted global talent platform that connects leading companies with the world’s brightest people based on culture fit and allows you to collaborate remotely within our virtual workspace.https://www.itsease.com/


14 Apr 2020

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TED Speaker Kunal Sood - Creating A Fulfilled & Purposeful Life

Finding our purpose is something that for most of us is so difficult to even fathom and many times take a tragedy to realize. Knowing tragedy is something that Kunal and I share and might be why God brought us together.In this interview, we will talk about our stories and how you can avoid falling into the darkness in order to fight to find your light.Helping you to answer the billion-dollar questions.Who am I and who do I want to become. Is the sum of me what the world believes I should be or am?Or should I run from it all to find what I believe is my individuality? Even if others laugh in my face and say my dreams will be nothing but a fallacy. See for most of your life you will have to endure the grief of others’ disbelief and that is okay.Because that is where strength is born! Forcing you to push and pull away at the layers of life like an onion as you hold back the tears that come from the fear that they might just be right.While also knowing that no matter what you are willing to fight for what YOU believe is right. Forcing you to become the elephant in the room that most people are so ashamed of because they fail to realize its beauty and might.That outsider that stands proudly in its own skin with no need to bolster because your might is clear for all to see in every fabric of your existence.Today that elephant is Kunal and I invite you to join in this interview where you will have a chance to hear his story.


23 Dec 2019

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TED Speaker Don Wettrick - How Our Educational System Is Failing Us

The past forced us to live in a box, educated and mislead by the processes that are as dead and gone as the 80s yes man.An era where the tools to be successful weren’t attainable by the common man.People had to instead invest in working for the man.With the hopes that their service would be valued even after they depart from the roll that they were married to.Today, that is not the caseBut the classroom still teaches and preaches the notion that you must leave your identity at the door.And that if you didthe success that you dream of would-be for sure...Standing high above the rest as you held that degree or diploma to your chestThen we got hit by the great recession and everyone came out with some form of confession.Showing us that we had to take our lives into our own hands and that the era of a lifelong organization wasn’t true.Pushing you to focus on developing youBecause the only thing that would be around in the next 25 years was you and not the company that paid checks to you.Pushing the next generation of Gen Z towards a new form of independence.This is something that I realized through the work and words of Don Wettrick.A man committed to redefining the perspectives of youth so that they can have a future that shines brighter than the sun we gaze upon.Giving them all a closer connection to their identity and moving them farther away from the label placed on the box that they have been put in.He realized that today’s work will demand authenticity, passion, commitment, and self-expression from his students in every layer of their fabric.Pushing them to compete not for a seat at the table but instead for a chance to craft their own.Helping them to realize that the tables have been turned and that it was their turn to create seats for others to join.In this interview, you will hear just how Don Wettrick did this and after I will share what he and I created.An opportunity to open doors for the next generation, regardless of where they came from or where they wanted to go.Don’s classroom of high school visionaries has been recognized in Forbes 3 times, established multiple patents, has caught the attention of Tom Bilyeu, Gary V, Seth Goddin, Tim Ferris and many more.Welcome to the #LIFEWITHEASE Podcast and here is a chance to step into the mind of Don Wettrick!Learn more at: https://startedupfoundation.org/Connect with us at www.itsease.com


9 Dec 2019

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How To Use Data To Design A Customized Work Experience with One Workplace

One Workplace is based in the Bay Area and is the nation’s largest commercial interior design company. They engage in a number of activities to support businesses.One is creating tailored commercial office furniture, meeting pods, focus rooms, and phone booths that match the culture of your business. One Workplace also provides services like interior architecture construction and design workspaces by using office sensors to collect employee behavior data so that they can predict the best ways to optimize your working environments.Key Takeaways:-They people that come into your office are all individuals with very individual needs and it's our job to be serving them.-Use data to understand the personality, learning styles and working styles that your team members will thrive in. Then work to create that experience for them and it will not only improve efficiency but it will also increase retention and drive collaborative innovation.-The digital era is changing the way that we work so you have to create both physical working environments for people to thrive in but also virtual environments as well. -Work location flexibility can improve employee productivity.Our partnership with One Workplace, Steelcase and Configura allowed us to become the first freelance marketplace that provides on-demand access to CET so that designers can build a business from home to support furniture dealers. Here is a link to the case study to learn more and to gain access to this community: https://www.itsease.com/blog/one-workplace/Here is a link to learn more about One Workplace: https://www.oneworkplace.com/Subscribe to our YouTube ChannelFollow us on Instagram


1 Dec 2019

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