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Martial Arts is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Join Marco Perazzo and Tim Carpenter as they discuss all facets of the life of THE true martial artist. They will be covering the latest news in MMA, BJJ, Grappling, Boxing, Wrestling, kickboxing, along with the training, business, mental skills, fitness, and nutrition that make up the lifestyle of the Martial Artist.

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Ninja Rob Ep. 7 How much is your Jiu-Jitsu worth?

On episode #7, of The Ninja Rob Podcast Marco and Tim answer questions from the listeners starting with a great hypothetical about how much money it would take for each to give up all of their jiu-jitsu skills and experiences and start back over from a day one white belt. Other questions include does the “training mask” help you get in better shape? How to deal with a nuisance student or an overly opinionated parent of a child student? What is “black belt entitlement”? What is the meta game of BJJ? How do Tim and Marco break down a 1 hour Jiu-Jitsu Class? and more. We also discuss the profundity of some of Mike Tysons recent statements on his podcast.

1hr 4mins

2 Jul 2019

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Ninja Rob Presents the Andocast featuring NJ Campbell

On this special episode, we are releasing an episode of the Ando Cast with Ninjarob podcast friend, listener, sometimes co host, training partner, and resident Psychiatrist Dr. NJ Campbell to discuss BJJ and mental health. 

1hr 40mins

7 Feb 2020

Rank #2

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Ninja Rob Ep. 28 Takedowns, Retro Gaming, and the Ninja Rob Universal Invitational Tournament

On Episode 28 Marco and Tim do a quick recap of the Spyder Korea $100k Tournament and discuss the possibility of a Ninja Rob Universal Grappling Invitational Tournament in the future and what ruleset the competition will follow along with how to come up with the prize money and who will be invited to compete. We also discuss promotions in BJJ and the recent upgrades in rank for the Hellfish Jiu Jitsu students. The mysterious Alpha and Omega is back with another question about how to effectively train takedowns in a BJJ class and attempts to clarify his attempt to chastise the hosts for the way they refer to Devin on the show.


26 Nov 2019

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Ninja Rob Ep. 26 Tim outs Marco, water gets spilled, and Seminar update

On Episode 26 Marco and Tim spend the majority of the show answering a lone Listeners question. They talk about the life of being a professional martial artist and business owner, and if there is anything they do outside of martial arts to make money, how to become an expert in your field in general and martial arts in particular, and finally how we decide on what and how to teach an advanced/Mixed level group of students. Seminar: Sunday November 17th 10:30 am New Jersey Martial Arts 455 Route 38 W. Maple Shade, NJ 08052 Registration : Ninjarob.com/seminar


12 Nov 2019

Rank #4

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Ninja Rob Ep. 34 Serial killers, strip steaks, and a couple of questions

On episode 34 Marco and Tim discuss some of the lesser known aspects of the martial arts lifestyle, namely using the sous vide method of cooking steaks and researching true crime and serial killers through various books, podcasts and YouTube videos. We also talk some pure Jiu Jitsu and give some tips on etiquette for rolling and critiquing others, and how to study film for bjj. 


7 Jan 2020

Rank #5

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Ninja Rob Ep. 36 Gracie Jiu-Jitsu vs 10th Planet, Connor vs Cowboy, and Tim vs addiction

On episode 36 Marco and Tim talk about guns, prostitution, drugs, kung fu and how becoming addicted to training in martial arts beats becoming addicted to heroin. We talk about two of the extreme ends of the Jiu Jitsu spectrum in the Gracie Academy and 10th planet and which style we prefer. We also recap the fights from this weekend and talk about Conor Mcgregors comeback fight against Cowboy and what we think Conors next fight will be.  

1hr 19mins

21 Jan 2020

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Ninja Rob Ep. 24 Askren sucks, USADA sucks, and Cats suck

On this special Halloween episode, Tim shows up in costume on his way to a Halloween party to talk to Marco about the Maia vs Askren fight result and the upcoming BMF title fight between Diaz and Masvidal and predict the winner. We talk about the recent USADA controversy with Nate Diaz and the problem with having USADA involved in the sport. We take questions from listeners and discuss how to break through plateaus in training, switching to a plant based diet, local MMA prospects, and the difference between cat owners and dog owners in the BJJ/fighting community.

1hr 11mins

28 Oct 2019

Rank #7

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Ninja Rob Ep. 16 A Jiu-Jitsu roundtable with Jared Weiner

On episode #16 Tim and Marco welcome their 1st guest and longtime friend Jared Weiner, owner of BJJ United and Commander in Chief of the TAC team association. This episode is a Jiu Jitsu roundtable discussion covering topics like BJ Penns recent street fights and his past altercations at Jiu Jitsu competitions. The roundtable also cover topics like the importance of understanding the various rulesets of different competitions and what set of rules each of the guys prefers, what is the “IT” factor when it comes to a competitor, the importance of a competitor believing in his coach, the pros and cons of social media and the martial arts, belt demotions instead of promotions and much much more. 

1hr 17mins

2 Sep 2019

Rank #8

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Ninja Rob Ep. 25 How to best prepare young people for real life street combat, Keenan Cornelius’ American Jiu Jitsu, the Nicky Rod phenomenon, and our experiences with pet ownership.

On Episode 25 listen to Marco and Tim give their post fight predictions of Masvidal vs Diaz UFC card along with Producer Devins take on the fights. We talk weight cutting controversies like Kelvin Gastelum and Daniel Cormiers tricks for cheating the scale and since we are part of the BJJ community we respond to an open letter from a transgender person to the BJJ  community and give our takes on the idea of an open gender division in sports and the social implications. We also discuss frauds and scams in martial arts and how to avoid them before answering questions from listeners about how to best prepare young people for real life street combat, Keenan Cornelius’ American Jiu Jitsu, the Nicky Rod phenomenon, and our experiences with pet ownership.

1hr 36mins

5 Nov 2019

Rank #9

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Ninja Rob Ep. 30 Tim gives his opinion on organized crime, Marco respectfully invokes his rights under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution on the grounds that answering questions may incriminate him

On Episode Marco and Tim discuss the upcoming trip to Florianopolis Brazil and the grand opening of the new NJMA affiliate school Team Wolf BJJ and when it is the right time for a student to open their own gym and become an instructor. We also talk about the Bo Nickal vs Gordon Ryan mixed rules match and Ruiz vs Joshua rematch in boxing. We get to answer some emails from listeners that we had missed on the previous episode and re-visit the age old debates of Muay Thai vs Jiu Jitsu and Cats vs Dogs. 

1hr 5mins

10 Dec 2019

Rank #10

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Ninja Rob Ep. 6 Promotions, Belts, Stripes and the chase for recognition

On episode #6, Marco and Tim talk about promoting students in Jiu-Jitsu class. What are some of the metrics used to promote students and the dreaded curse of the blue belt. They also discuss a viral video of an instructor punishing a student and injuring him to demonstrate his personal disdain for a certain technique. As usual, they answer questions from the listeners covering topics like overcoming the urge to quit training, how to handle training while injured, flow rolling, combat Jiu-Jitsu, and training for longevity rather than trying to get “good” quickly. 

1hr 10mins

25 Jun 2019

Rank #11

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Ninja Rob Ep. 3 Back to Bickering

On episode 3 of The Ninja Rob Podcast, Marco and Tim answer several questions from the listeners ranging from spirituality in the martial arts to dealing with the challenges of competing. The age old debate of Gi vs No-Gi comes up and is finally settled once and for all. Finally, Marco shares a harrowing tale of how he was able to use his Martial Arts training in everyday life.

1hr 3mins

4 Jun 2019

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Ninja Rob Ep. 15 Beef, Bootleg Instructors and Bobos

On episode #15 Marco is obsessed with beef. The episode kicks off with beef between Marco and Podcast contemporary Gillie the King on behalf of producer Devin based on some disparaging remarks Gillie made about Marco. Tim has some serious questions about the process and value of beefing. Marco and Tim have some beef of their own.  Continuing the theme of beefing in the martial arts world, Marco and Tim discuss some recent incidents of both verbal and physical altercations between some big names in the BJJ community. There were a lot of questions this week covering topics like, Mcgregor vs Khabib 2, some of our favorite tournament experiences, should a white belt focus on position or submission, the steep learning curve of BJJ, whats up with Marcos finger, the BJJ specialist, and applying concepts of bjj to normal life. 

1hr 11mins

27 Aug 2019

Rank #13

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Ninja Rob Ep. 10 Tim is back to rescue the podcast

On episode #10 Tim returns from his vacation in Hungary to rescue the podcast. Marco and Tim discuss the how to’s of training while traveling and talk about some of the benefits. Tim will be competing in Fight 2 Win soon and the guys talk preparation for competition. Tim and Marco figure out whats  up with  the term and concept of the  “Creonte”  and get into a heated debate on the “gaunlet” that is used at many bjj gyms as a right of passage.  Tim and Marco talk about how Bloodsport is their favorite Martial Arts movie and Finally Tim discusses the extraordinary amount of transgender students that have recently trained at his gym and Marco attempts to get him to fully commit to allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community.

1hr 12mins

22 Jul 2019

Rank #14

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Ninja Rob Ep. 22 Kron Gracie losing, winning, and loyalty

On episode 22 Marco and Tim talk about Marcos recent guest appearance on the Andocast and Kron Gracies loss to Cub Swanson and what a Jiu Jitsu fighter needs to do in training in order to compete in the ufc. Tim and Marco discuss the upcoming Ninja Rob Super Seminar as well as the direction of the podcast and what podcasts we like to listen to when we are not listening to ourselves. 


15 Oct 2019

Rank #15

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Ninja Rob Ep. 23 Tims awful match, inhalergate and Panama Lewis revisited

On episode 23 Marco and Tim breakdown some of the matches from Fight 2 Win in philly including the main event between Nicky Rod and Kaynan Duarte, Tim Williams, and Tims match against an opponent that refused to engage. Marco lays a guilt trip on Tim for not listening to his appearance on the Andocast and then they discuss the recent UFC fights including inhaler gate and Greg Hardy, and Chris Weidmans rapid decline in MMA and what it means for his legacy. In other podcast talk we talk about listening to each others recommendations and get deep into multilevel marketing and the mayhem and murder of Carl Panzram. We also answer questions from listeners about wawa donuts, favorite sports teams outside of combat sports, and training through injury and illness.

1hr 33mins

22 Oct 2019

Rank #16

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Ninja Rob Ep. 4 Helio Gracie vs Bruce Lee a definitive breakdown of an imaginary fight.

On episode #4 Tim and Marco answer some fantastic questions from the listeners. We reveal how to become more “technical” at jiu jitsu, how to use the jiu jitsu belt ranking system in the wrestling world, what techniques are considered to be “dirty” or “meathead” moves in jiu jitsu, how to recover from hard training, and who would win in a fight between Helio Gracie and Bruce Lee. We also do a quick recap of the recent World Championships in Jiu Jitsu and Boxing.Show Notes0:26 Opening, Is the Goalie in Place?1:44 Introductions2:21 IBJJF Worlds3:21 Question 1 - Did you watch Worlds? Favorite Match or Moment?3:40 Marco’s favorite thing7:14 Marco’s 2nd most interesting thing from Worlds8:25 Tim’s favorite matches11:10 Tim’s idea for how to get jiujitsu taken seriously12:35 Story of Devon and a jiujitsu first14:14 Something that holds people back from training16:50 Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz20:00 History of Fat Body Fighters22:45 Question 2 - Bruce Lee v Helio Gracie27:03 Question 3 - How did Tim & Marco get into teaching?28:10 How Marco got into teaching30:56 How Tim got into teaching33:02 Do you have to teach to get better at jiujitsu?33:31 Question 4 - How does a jiujitsu person become better at being technical?36:50 Strength vs Technique40:31 Question 5 - Any tips for balancing work, family & training?45:30 Question 6 - What skills/miles stones should be achieved at each belt?51:12 Question 7 - Do you partake in any activities to help with recovery?55:02 Question 8 - What is the place of size, strength and physicality in jiujitsu?58:03 Examples of “dirty grappling”1:06:13 Jiujitsu for everyone “gentle art” - Rickson’s meaning of the phrase1:07:23 Question 9 - How should belts/rank work in wrestling?1:09:12 Promotions through competitive success vs technical proficiency1:12:37 Would wrestling accept a ranking system?1:16:05 In Closing

1hr 18mins

11 Jun 2019

Rank #17

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Ninja Rob Ep. 37 RIP Kobe, Relson Gracie, IBJJF Euros and a prepared statement

On episode 37 Marco and Tim talk about some sad news in the sports world with the recent death of Kobe Bryant and the recent arrest of Relson Gracie in Brazil. After we get the negative news out of the way, we talk about the ibjjf European championship and answer some emails about hard work vs talent, how to visit other schools, our favorite combat sports rematches, our 5 man quintet listener only fantasy team, and which athletes got paid the most at the recent Modolfo camp. 


28 Jan 2020

Rank #18

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Ninja Rob Ep. 21 The seminar to end all seminars

On episode 21 Marco and Tim discuss the results of ADCC last weekend and some of the most talked about matches. Tim gives a review of the new joker movie and Marco reveals what he will be teaching at the upcoming Ninja Rob Seminar in November. After answering questions from the listeners they talk a little bit about some of the benefits of owning a Martial Arts school.


8 Oct 2019

Rank #19

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Ninja Rob Ep. 12 The oxford comma, proxy wars, butt scooting, and fan mail

On episode #12 Tims groin is once again the focus of the show, as the guys discuss his recent groin injury and why he had to pull out of his Fight 2 Win match last week. Tim and Marco go back to a question from last week about the debate over the oxford comma. Tim has some strong opinions on the seated guard/butt scooting position in grappling and how it is bad for the sport. Questions this week cover topics like Donald Trump training bjj, who are your favorite BJJ/MMA competitors of all time, and how to make the decision to pull out of a competition.


6 Aug 2019

Rank #20