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A podcast where Russ and Mark audit an old episode of Tomorrow's World from the future and discover much about the past.

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Episode Seven - 3rd April 2002 - Klass, Arson and Lars Larsson

Strap yourselves in as Russ and Mark delve into what turns out to be the worst episode of Tomorrow's World they have ever seen. Roger Black, Kate Humble and Adam-Hart Davis present an absolute disaster-packed shambles of a show, featuring metal detectors, horse whips, atrocious décor and that secret ingredient: crime. Hopefully you'll have more fun listening than we had watching.(By the way, we were plagued by technical issues, so apologies for any problems you experience with the sound quality. However, we have no excuses for the editorial quality.)

2hr 18mins

24 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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Episode Six - 29th November 1990 - Hann Shot First

It's 1990 and notorious ice cream innovator Margaret Thatcher has just been binned off in order to make way for Saddam Hussein. How will this affect the future? No idea, but the colour of Howard Stableford's jacket cannot help but define the phrase "Desert Storm".

2hr 22mins

20 Jun 2021

Rank #2

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Episode Five - 3rd June 1976 - Many Hanns Make Kraftwerk

Hold onto your escalators, as suave '70s man-of-action William Woollard reports all the way from the UN Habitat conference in Canada for this special housing-themed episode. Meanwhile back in Blighty, Raymond Baxter presents live from a playground; Michael Rodd reports from Runcorn (home to a gargantuan John Menzies) and Judith Hann gives her brain a brief wash in some IRA-approved white noise.* This 5th episode special is dedicated to the heroism of Toronto's brave little yellow police cars.

2hr 10mins

28 May 2021

Rank #3

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Episode Four - 21st October 1996 - Can't See The Forrester For The LSD

Episode Four of the podcast and Russ & Mark prepare to reminisce about their teenage years. They've got the friendly face of Stableford and the home turf of the 1990s. So why does it all seem so weird?

1hr 41mins

4 May 2021

Rank #4

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Episode Three - 18th November 1965 - It's an M.J.Thring

Episode Three of the podcast and Russ & Mark encounter Raymond Baxter for the first time. He's an absolute delight. Paper shirts and Mobots abound, this is a classic episode.

2hr 1min

25 Apr 2021

Rank #5

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Episode Two - 12th February 1987 - "Safe To Swally"

A mere six years later and Tomorrow's World is a completely different programme. Join Russ and Mark as they actually enjoy watching this episode, with its new-fangled production values, engaging presentation and a couple of genuinely historic inventions.

1hr 54mins

14 Mar 2021

Rank #6

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Episode One - 22nd January 1981 - "The Americans"

In this pilot episode of their brand new podcast, Russ and Mark watch the episode of Tomorrow's World that aired the day before Russ was born. They discover that the 1980s still haven't really happened yet, marvel at state-of-the-art gristle-based food and try their best not to compare one of the presenters to Alan Partridge.

1hr 42mins

14 Mar 2021

Rank #7