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Cover to Cover is a podcast that helps listeners better understand some of the best apologetics books of our day. For each book, we share an interview with the author, chapter-by-chapter discussions, and key takeaways to help positively and more deeply impact our daily lives.

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7 Myths About Singleness: Chapter 1

This week, Shawn and Ivy dive into the introduction and first myth covered in 7 Myths About Singleness: "Singleness is Too Hard." Examining this topic from two different lifestyles (married and single, respectively), they examine the assumptions, definitions, and implications of singleness within both the culture and church at large. Discuss this episode with fellow podcast listeners and the RZIM team on our online community.Follow the Cover to Cover hosts on Social Media: TwitterShawn Hart - @ShawnmhartIvy Tyson - @coffeewithivy

25 Oct 2019

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