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The Education Vanguard is on a mission to seek out and discover interesting educators building, changing and improving the way we deliver education. Insightful questions, a casual atmosphere, and frank discussion help this show deliver value.

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At The Open School Self-Directed Learning and Democratic Decisions Are The Norm | Education Vanguard #102

When you hear the idea of a self directed democratic school, you might wonder if that means the students will vote for ice cream everyday.Or, more likely, you have a more mature viewpoint than I and are curious how a school can be democratic in its educational mission and still deliver a strong learning environment. Cassi Clausen is a core founder of Open School based in Southern California.  At Open School, self directed learning is expected and democratic decision making is the norm.  She explains how this concept works and what types of students, teachers (she does not call them teachers), and parents learn in this type of environment.


20 Mar 2020

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