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Tales of the Liberty Flyer

It's 1927 and the world is in the grip of the terrifying Red Baron and his Iron Storm. Will the heroic crew of the Liberty Flyer be able to save the world?

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5. In the Court of the Mole King

The Stars and Stripes, borne aloft by the wonders of science and the spirit of freedom. Wherever danger issues a mighty challenge, the Liberty Flyer will go. These are the Tales of the Liberty Flyer!In today's adventure, our heroes venture deep into the dark past of Mannheim Munsterberg...a path that leads straight into the Court of the Mole King!Created by Chris Nebergall and Drew Franzblau.Additional mole voices supplied by Brian Jerz, Josh Greenberg, Matt Shuster, and Julie Ruck.


27 Apr 2018

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