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We’re two guys who are passionate about ending the killing of pre-born children in Canada, and this is a podcast dedicated to giving you the tools you need to change minds and save lives from abortion. We work for a pro-life organization called the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR), and together with our colleagues have reached millions of Canadians with the truth about abortion.Join us as we discuss all the pro-choice justifications for abortion and share how we navigate them on the streets with clarity and compassion. We'll also talk to leaders in the movement and experts within fields that impact the abortion conversation to hear their stories and learn from them!

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116: Optimizing Campus Outreach | ft. Blaise Alleyne

Post-secondary campuses are often of the most important places for pro-lifers to have a regular presence, but there are often a lot of things that going into being effective on or around campuses.In today's episode, Cam sits down with Blaise Alleyne, Eastern Outreach Director for CCBR and long time student and student leader at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and probably a tonne of other campuses (the guy's a legend around most GTA campuses!), to talk about how to effectively engage this important demographic.To support The Pro-life Guy's Podcast, go to: www.patreon.com/prolifeguysFor upcoming events and opportunities to get involved with life-saving pro-life efforts, go to: www.endthekilling.ca


25 Oct 2022

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115. The Battle for Life in Michigan | ft. Kristen Day of Democrats for Life

The intersection between pro-life education and politics is constantly present, and in today's episode, Cam continues the conversation regarding the radical constitutional challenge in Michigan by talking with Kristen Day, president of Democrats for Life, about the role pro-life Democrats and even some moderate abortion advocates can play in rejecting an amendment which would make Michigan an abortion haven in America if accepted.For more from The Pro-Life Guy's Podcast, check out www.prolifeguys.comFor more from Democrats for Life, check out :https://www.democratsforlife.org/To support Protect Life Michigan in their fight against global abortion pressure, go to: https://www.protectlifemi.org/For more about this radical pro-abortion bill, go to: https://supportmiwomenandchildren.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/22-3-approved-summary.pdf


18 Oct 2022

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114: The Battle Begins in Michigan | ft. Trevor Pollo Protect Life Michigan

In what feels eerily like a Helm's Deep-esque battle for the lives of Michigan's pre-born children, Protect Life Michigan, along with a handful of other pro-life organizations and groups, have risen up to defend the state's pre-born children against Planned Parenthood and their abortion supporting millionaires.Today, Cam talks with Trevor Pollo, long time leader and team member with Protect Life Michigan, about the radical state constitutional amendment soon to be voted on which will not only strip the existing protection from pre-born children and make it nearly impossible to pass future protections for the weakest members of the human family, but which will surely serve as the sentry posted at the gate of nearly every other state with any protection for pre-born children.Simply put, should the amendment be halted, it will be a tremendous act of defiance and a rallying cry for pro-lifers across the country that Planned Parenthood and their unbelievably deep pockets can be defeated. Should the amendment pass, Michigan will become one of, if not the most pro-abortion state in America, with Planned Parenthood only being emboldened to attack other states moving forward.For more about the PLG podcast, check out: www.prolifeguys.comTo learn more about Protect Life Michigan, go to: https://www.protectlifemi.org/To learn more about the radically pro-abortion constitutional amendment which will be voted on in less than a month, go to: https://supportmiwomenandchildren.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/22-3-approved-summary.pdf


11 Oct 2022

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113: Unpacking Abortion in the UCP Leadership Race | ft. Cam Wilson from TWP

Conversations about abortion often spark from conversations about politics, and in today's episode, Cam talks to Cameron Wilson, political coordinator for The Wilberforce Project, about the intersection of the UCP leadership and conversations about abortion.For more PLG content go to: www.prolifeguys.comFor more about The Wilberforce Project go to: https://www.thewilberforceproject.ca/


4 Oct 2022

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112: What Does Pierre Poilievre Mean for Pro-Lifers?!?! ft. Scott Hayward

Pierre Poilievre is officially the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and Scott Hayward, president and co-founder of Right Now, joins Cam to talk about what this means for pro-lifers going forward.For more about Right Now go to: www.itstartsrightnow.caFor more PLG content go to: www.prolifeguys.comTo help us change more minds and save more lives go to: www.patreon.com/prolifeguys


27 Sep 2022

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111: Common Mistakes We All Make

Now that we know the road map for effective conversations about abortion (see Episode 110 if you haven't already!), here are two common mistakes which pro-lifers often make (Cam included!) that we need to work to avoid to ensure the pro-life worldview is clearly communicated and accepted.Thanks (yet again!) for your patience in posting; Cam and his wife just welcomed little one number two to this side of the womb, hence no episode last week while we spent time with our new addition and helped our two year old with the transition!For more PLG content, go to: www.prolifeguys.comTo help us mobilize churches in the fight for life, go to www.endthekilling.ca/donate and select Virginia Wight as your donation recipient!To help us support and mentor community groups across Canada, go to www.endthekilling.ca/donate and select Jeff Owen as your donation recipient!


20 Sep 2022

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110: The Road Map for Effective Conversations about Abortion

Sometimes conversations about abortion can feel like you are stumbling around in the dark, somewhat randomly rolling out arguments in hopes that they will resonate with the person you are speaking with. In today's episode, Cam talks through a simple road map that you can apply in nearly every conversation you have to ensure that you connect with the person/people you are speaking with, and have an intentional plan for how you will walk with them towards the pro-life worldview.If you have questions or ideas that you'd like covered on future episodes, let me know on any of our social media accounts!For more PLG content, go to: www.prolifeguys.comTo help put more pro-life boots on the ground, go to: www.patreon.com/prolifeguys


7 Sep 2022

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109: Do Pro-Lifers Not Trust Mothers?!?!?!

While having conversations about abortions there are often some pretty wild accusations thrown around, including the focus of today's episode, namely, "Do pro-lifers not trust mothers to make their own health decisions?!?!".While it may be tempting to respond with one of several quick rebuttals, in today's episode Cam talks through some of the background behind this question and how to offer a clear and concise response.For more PLG content go to: www.prolifeguys.comTo help us put more boots on the ground, check out: www.patreon.com/prolifeguys


30 Aug 2022

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108: Responding with Charity in the Face of Hysteria | ft. Josh Brahm

Even before the overturning of Roe, abortion advocates frequently responded to the proposition that society can (and should) function without abortion with varying degrees of hysteria.This has only been amplified since the Dobbs decision, and in today's episode Cam is joined by Josh Brahm of the Equal Rights Institute to talk about how to keep the conversation moving in a productive way when the person you're talking with is somewhat (or full-blown!) frantic about the idea of limiting abortion access.For more PLG podcast content check out our website at: www.prolifeguys.comCheck our our YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheProLifeGuysPodcastHelp us put change more minds and save more lives at: www.partreon.com/prolifeguysCheck out Josh Brahm's work at the Equal Rights Institute here: https://equalrightsinstitute.com/For ERI's position statement on Prosecution, check out: https://blog.equalrightsinstitute.com/eri-statement-should-women-be-prosecuted-for-illegal-abortions/For ERI's live stream reacting to the Dobbs decision check out: https://blog.equalrightsinstitute.com/dobbs-court-overturns-roe-v-wade-what-now-for-the-pro-life-movement/


19 Aug 2022

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107: Sidewalk Advocates for Life with Lauren Muzyka

Sidewalk advocacy outside of abortion facilities may be one of the most familiar forms of pro-life outreach and advocacy, with pro-lifers urgently seeking to reach mothers and fathers before they enter abortion facilities. Lauren Muzyka, founder, president, and CEO of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, and her team have taken amazing strides to optimize the success of this 11th-hour ministry, and today she joins PLG host Cam Côté to talk about their approach, the support that they offer to sidewalk ministries around the world, and what the future of sidewalk advocacy looks like in a Post-Roe America.For more PLG content go to: www.prolifeguys.comTo learn more about Sidewalk Advocates for Life and the support that they offer go to: sidewalkadvocates.orgTo help us change more minds and save more lives, support the show at: www.patreon.com/prolifeguys


11 Aug 2022