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Your True Identity with Ray Leight

Welcome to Your True Identity podcast hosted by Ray Leight. Ray is an identity specialist with over 20 years’ experience partnering with God to bring healing and freedom to the church. On Your True Identity podcast Ray will interview people from all backgrounds in life who have experienced healing, received revelation of their identity, and are walking in their gifts and calling. In authentic and vulnerable conversations, you will learn spiritual and practical tools to transform your life from the fear, shame, or guilt of unresolved trauma into a lifestyle of freedom, peace, and joy. You will get to know yourself better and your heart will be empowered with freedom and the ability to choose.

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Be Free and Enjoy Your Peace with Ray Leight

Wrapping up a season of freedom, peace, and joy. On today’s episode of Your True Identity Ray reviews this last year of conversations. He also shares what to expect next season. Join in and hear how this podcast got started and how you can pursue your dreams and take the next step in what God has called you to do. Thank you so much for joining us this season. We appreciate you! Stay connected and find more information about our ministry on our website: https://www.faithbygrace.org/.


20 Sep 2022

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From Feeling Insane with Grief to Finding Healing with Robert Muncy

Robert felt insane with grief from tragic loss and found help and healing in God. Today’s conversation on Your True Identity is with Robert Muncy. Robert is an apostolic leader and the senior pastor of The House of Praise for All People in Greenwood, Delaware. Listen in and find hope as he shares his story of losing his daughter and how he struggled through the tremendous grief with God.  

1hr 11mins

13 Sep 2022

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You Have Permission to Have Boundaries with Ray Leight

Learn how boundaries can accelerate your maturing process. In this episode of Your True Identity podcast, Ray shares the different aspects of emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical boundaries. Listen in and be empowered to establish the boundaries you need to live a healthy life and mature into the fullness of your healed identity.  Find out more about Ray's latest book, Maturing into Yourself, on our website.


6 Sep 2022

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From Codependency and People Pleasing to Healthy Relationships with Laura Burwick

Today’s conversation on Your True Identity is with Laura Burwick. Laura Burwick is a state-certified drug and alcohol counselor, Sozo counselor, ordained pastor, and a recovery coach with Faith by Grace. She has been working with individuals and families for the past 30-plus years helping people identify their barriers so they can heal and have life more abundantly. Listen as she shares her own family struggles that led her to need healing and gave her the inspiration to help others.   

1hr 7mins

16 Aug 2022

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From Perfectionism and Anxiety to Understanding, Compassion, and Love with Jonathan Barone

Today’s conversation on Your True Identity is with Jonathan Barone. Jonathan is a graduate of St. John’s College, a business leader, and a gifted problem solver. Join in and hear his story of how micromanaging and perfectionism gave him his concept of significance and validation, but inevitably led him to extreme anxiety and feeling not good enough. Listen as Jonathan shares his journey of healing from a deep fear of abandonment into being secure in the testimony of God’s provision and love. 

1hr 11mins

9 Aug 2022

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Identity and Healing with Timothy Berry

Today’s conversation on Your True Identity is with Timothy Berry. Timothy has been in ministry almost his whole life. He has been a pastor, evangelist, theologian and itinerate. Tim and his wife, Elizabeth, are currently focused on helping others achieve breakthrough in their physical & emotional health through health coaching. Join in and hear Timothy share his experience of how being bullied as child developed a competitive mindset and entitlement that was healed by Jesus through learning his identity in Christ. 

1hr 4mins

2 Aug 2022

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Maturing Into Yourself with Ray Leight

On today’s episode of Your True Identity Podcast Ray talks about the maturing into yourself process. He shares how we all get stuck emotionally in areas of our life, and how we need to mature after a healing experience. Listen in as Ray breaks out the different aspects of the maturing process and how you can grow into the fullness of your healing. Join in and hear how you can be free and enjoy your peace.   Check out our resources for your healing journey on our website at: www.faithbygrace.org


26 Jul 2022

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Being Real Creates an Environment of Freedom with Tim Bice

Today’s conversation on Your True Identity is with Tim Bice. Tim has had the opportunity to lead many people from his management roles in business. Being real with himself and his community led to a journey from depression that was sapping his design. He has been able to use his struggles to come alongside others who are struggling in similar ways and together form environments in the business world that promote freedom and healing. Join in as Tim shares his story.

1hr 1min

19 Jul 2022

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Overcoming Obstacles to Leadership with Kristi Graner

Today’s conversation on Your True Identity is with Kristi Graner. Kristi is an ordained minister who holds a master’s degree in Theology and Spiritual Formation and is the cofounder of Dare to Believe Ministries. Join in and hear her journey of breakthrough as a female minister growing in leadership. Listen as Kristi shares her freedom from fear of being seen and being herself as a female leader in the body of Christ. 


12 Jul 2022

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You’re Not Doing Anything Wrong with Ray Leight

On today’s episode of Your True Identity Podcast Ray talks about love and acceptance.  He shares his own difficulties with those and how the enemy attempts to steal our acceptance and destroy our love. Listen in as Ray breaks out how the enemy tries to get us to believe that we are doing something wrong or being something wrong. You don’t have to be anything else or do anything else to be loved and accepted. If you need help understanding your identity in Christ, check out our e-course on our website: https://equip.identityrestoration.net/p/home.  


5 Jul 2022

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