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The Citing Africa podcast investigates the decline of Africa-based contributions in top international academic journals, provides practical guidance to young scholars seeking to publish their own work and takes a critical look at the wider context.

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Explaining the hegemony of financial inclusion

Contributor(s): Tao Platt, Jolien Thomas, Sam Cressey, Julie Zollman | Financial inclusion has not become hegemonic because of its innate potential to improve livelihoods, but because it does not require a fundamental transformation of existing social structures. Instead, it drives the interests of major development actors. In this episode, we are joined by Julie Zollman from Tufts University to discuss financial inclusion and why it has gone viral as a solution for international development. Speakers: Tao Platt, Jolien Thomas, Sam Cressey and Julie Zollman


21 Jan 2021

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Public investment and graduate underemployment in Benin (Investissements publics et chômage des jeunes diplômés au Bénin)

Contributor(s): Selena Chavez, Kayla Choun, Heloise Bertrand | Quelle est la cause du taux de chômage croissant chez les diplômés au Bénin ? À travers une série d'entretiens menés avec des étudiants universitaires et des enseignants, les faiblesses structurelles du système éducatif béninois sont analysées. En s'appuyant sur le cas du Bénin, l'épisode soutient que, en tant qu'externalité positive, l'éducation devrait être accessible à tous et devrait également faire l'objet de subventions publiques. Speakers: Selena Chavez, Kayla Choun and Heloise Bertrand


16 Dec 2020

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Neglected Tropical Diseases: the rise of a global health issue

Contributor(s): Dr Ken Shadlen, Yael Velleman, Regina Guzman, Katie Bullman, Polly Lloyd-Healey | Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) affect more than a billion people in developing countries, but they remained largely unnoticed by the international community until the the Sustainable Development Goals were drafted in 2015. Discussing why and how ideas ‘go viral’, we speak to LSE Professor Dr Ken Shadlen and NTD specialist at the SCI Foundation Yael Velleman to explore the power dynamics involved in global agenda-setting. Speakers: Dr Ken Shadlen, Yael Velleman (Regina Guzman, Katie Bullman and Polly Lloyd-Healey)


10 Dec 2020

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Digital tech and inclusive social policy

Contributor(s): Dr Andrea Matwyshyn, Lou Aubay, Charles Rodwell, Victoria Grabenwoeger | This episode discusses how digital measurement technologies are used in health insurance for risk assessments and the implications for inclusive healthcare systems in Africa. We speak to scholar Dr Andrea Matwyshyn from Penn State University, whose research focuses on the internet of bodies and health technology, as well as to two International Development Master students from LSE. The debate will show that digital health data presents considerable risks for user’s privacy, equal access to health systems and asymmetric power dynamics. Speakers: Dr Andrea Matwyshyn (Lou Aubay, Charles Rodwell and Victoria Grabenwoeger)

2 Dec 2020

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Bargaining power and market information systems in agriculture

Contributor(s): Dr Simona Sala, Amanuel Kebede, Sara Zebdi, Jorich Loubser | This episode discusses Market Information Systems (MIS) to understand whether they have managed to increase the bargaining power and economic security of rural farmers. We present two cases that argue although MIS platforms have evolved and demonstrated a capacity for adaptation, there is insufficient evidence to claim these platforms have significantly improved the bargaining power and welfare of rural citizens.Speakers: Dr Simona Sala (Amanuel Kebede, Sara Zebdi and Jorich Loubser)


25 Nov 2020

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What does data extractivism mean for African development?

Contributor(s): Nanjira Sambuli, Moses Namara, Ellen Smeele, Nicole Johnson | This episode explores how data is collected and used in African countries by discussing the power dynamics underpinning data practices. Joined by Kenyan researcher and policy analyst Nanjira Sambuli, working on digital equality, and Ugandan Phd scholar on online privacy Moses Namara, the episode discusses the critical role of the state in building regulations for data as a resource to promote development. It also examines the central role local expertise should play to enable socio-economic transformation that benefits African citizens.


20 Nov 2020

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Season two introduction: how knowledge and technology shapes development

Contributor(s): Dr Laura Mann, Tin El-Kadi, Syerammia Ohene | How does knowledge and technology shape economic and social development? We introduce season two which brings together investigative projects exploring the ways ideas and biases become hegemonic within international organisations working in African countries. The episode reflects on what progress has been made since season one towards reforming scholarly publishing, and how this might impact season two’s focus on ICTs in agriculture, health and development, and public investment in higher education.


11 Nov 2020

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#10 | An Interview with Professor Thandika Mkandawire on African Knowledge Systems

Contributor(s): Professor Thandika Mkandawire and Dr Laura Mann | Thandika Mkandawire talks to Laura Mann about the impact of structural adjustment on African knowledge and economics, the role of CODESRiA in strengthening the autonomy of Africa-based research, and the ideas that have shaped and guided his prestigious career.


2 Apr 2020

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#9 | Increasing the representation of Africa-based authors in international journals

Contributor(s): Ryan Briggs, Christine Feak, Henrike Florusbosch, Felix Mukwiza Ndahinda, Andy Nobes, Naomi Pendle | The final episode explores current efforts to increase the representation of Africa-based authors in international journals and what more can be done. We address the importance of publishing in these journals for career opportunities, and what declining rates of acceptance for Africa-based academics means for scholarship from the continent.


11 Oct 2019

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#8 | The funding environment for African institutions

Contributor(s): Divine Fuh, Cyril Obi, James Smith | In this episode we assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current funding environment for social science research in Africa and for Africa-based scholars. Speaking to leading funders about their experiences, we ask where investment to higher education institutions comes from, where opportunities exist, and how knowledge infrastructure can be built.


19 Aug 2019

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