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The Week at Work

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News Commentary
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Reviewing the weekly news and how those stories impact on workers.

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Reviewing the weekly news and how those stories impact on workers.

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The Week at Work

Latest release on Jan 10, 2021

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

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Rank #1: 39. Covid hindsight, Trump mania & George Nkencho

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In our first episode of 2021 we're joined by activist and author Conor McCabe to discuss:  

  • George Nkencho's death, mental health failures & racism
  • Trump & the American Revolution II
  • Will Trump pardon himself?
  • The "darkest day of Covid" - "a price worth paying"
  • Vaccination rollout
  • Working from home allowances
  • The Leaving Cert & Norma Foley
  • Boeing fine
  • Plans to cut property tax in rural Ireland
  • Rising house prices in rural Ireland
  • OECD warn against austerity

Jan 10 2021

1hr 16mins


Rank #2: 38. The Debenhams Strike with Gillian McSweeney from Cork

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Gillian McSweeney, ex-Debenhams worker and Mandate Trade Union member talks to us about their 9 month strike with the company. 

Almost 1,000 workers were made redundant back in April 2020 and their employer failed to pay them their agreed redundancy package. Gillian talks about her experiences on the picket line and how the strike has impacted on her politically.

Dec 17 2020



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Rank #3: 37. CETA , Whistleblowers mistreatment, Project Eagle, Student Nurses & Sinn Fein

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This week Clare and Dave look at CETA, Noel McGree Whistleblower, Tribunal Costs, An Post, PornHun, Kingspan & Grenfell, Nama & Project Eagle, Student Nurses, SInn Fein & much more

Dec 13 2020



Rank #4: Trans rights, respect retail workers, the pensions timebomb

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This week we’re joined by Councillor Dean Mulligan (Independents4Change) and Lilith Carroll (TENI) to discuss:

  • Trans rights & bodily autonomy
  • Student Nurses and Midwives pay
  • The magic money tree or austerity up ahead?
  • Increase in retail worker abuse
  • Deaths of people in homelessness
  • Palestine not being included in Israel EU vaccine deals
  • Sinn Féin comments and coverage
  • 17,000 undocumented to receive residency permits
  • Who will pay for our pensions
  • Greyhound industry v Bus Eireann
  • Coca Cola – the new Apple
  • Public sector pay talks
  • Traveller Discrimination
  • Niall O Hara death
  • 4 Day Working Week

Dec 06 2020

1hr 12mins


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Rank #5: 35. ex-Debenhams striker Michelle Gavin explains their dispute

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Michelle Gavin, an ex-Debenhams worker from Waterford with 27 years service, explains the strike and its impact on all workers. The workers have been on strike for 230 days now - in rain, hail and storms. She talks about government inaction and being left high and dry first by the company and then by the State. Michelle also talks about loss and trauma during the strike as well as how she has taken actions she never thought she would.  We hope this will form part of a series of interviews with ex-Debenhams workers. Because they deserve to be heard.

Nov 25 2020



Rank #6: Direct Provision, Debenhams, Image Based Violence

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This week we’re joined by People Before Profit Councillor Tina MacVeigh to discuss:

  • Direct Provision
  • Oscar Traynor site campaign victory
  • Image Based Violence leak
  • RTEGate
  • Autism Services
  • Debenhams
  • Lloyds Pharmacy
  • 100 years after Bloody Sunday
  • Declan Ganley suing the state
  • Solas Youth Services

Nov 22 2020

1hr 12mins


Rank #7: Fine Gael’s obsession with Sinn Fein, domestic violence & Oscar Traynor housing campaign

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This week we’re joined by Eoin O’Broin TD & Sinead Redmond discuss:

  • Sinn Fein: the cause of and solution to all of Fine Gael’s problems;
  • The Teflon Tánaiste;
  • Rewarding Seamus Woulfe;
  • Data centres must provide own power;
  • Oscar Traynor Road Housing Campaign;
  • Dublin Airport drinking sessions;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Vaccines, capitalism and public health;
  • Infections crisis linked to three deaths in Rotunda;
  • Garda corruption;
  • Precarious working in academia;
  • “Eviction-hit hermit nun hellbent on selling bogus cure for cancer”;
  • Slainte Care: a vision, not a plan;
  • Church to pay “penal law” VAT on candles;
  • Wild Mountain Thyme: an accent crime.

Nov 15 2020

1hr 21mins


Rank #8: President Biden, Undercover Policing Inquiry & water charges are back

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This week we’re joined by our new Washington correspondent Joe Guinan (Anglo-Irish exile in the imperial metropolis · Vice President Democracy Collaborative) & activist Mark Malone (activist, communicator & researcher) to discuss:

The election of Joe Biden; 

Kamala Harris and the glass ceiling; 

Irish coverage of the new President; 

Will another Trump emerge? 

Could Bernie Sanders have won? 

The importance of political education; 

The new Undercover Policing Inquiry; 

Water charges to re-emerge; 

Services for children with special needs; 

Facebook moderates ads for moderators; 

Kingspan and Grenfell tower fire; 

The long-term impact of COVID19; 

Nov 08 2020

1hr 16mins


Rank #9: #LeoTheLeak, Mother & Baby Homes, Homeless deaths

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This week we’re joined by Paul Murphy TD and Ber Grogan to discuss:

  • #LeoTheLeak;
  • Mother & Baby Homes;
  • Judges won’t sit with Woulfe;
  • Abortion rights campaign in Poland;
  • Pharma Companies manufacturing COVID19 vaccines;
  • Homeless deaths this week;
  • Direct Provision;
  • Glanbia stealing water;
  • Bottled water companies and data centres go unregulated;
  • Coveney seeks compensation for Israeli authorities destroying Palestinian homes;
  • Big tobacco firms use Ireland to avoid tax;
  • Facebook workers and their shitty conditions;
  • Support Ber’s Basket Brigade;
  • Launch of Clare O’Connor Appreciation Society.

You can support us at www.patreon.com/leftbloc 

Nov 01 2020

1hr 11mins


Rank #10: Mother & Baby Homes, Zero Covid Ireland & Hand Sanitizer deals

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This week we’re joined by Dave Murphy & Diana O’Dwyer from RISE and Rupture Radio Podcast to discuss:

  • The Mother & Baby Homes records;
  • “Silent majority” backs lock-down;
  • Zero Covid Ireland with Socialist Policies (article by Diana);
  • Have we learned anything from the first wave of Covid?;
  • Hand sanitizer that’ll make you sick;
  • CEOs who volunteer for vaccine trials, but don’t really;
  • Far right v far left – sure they’re all “extremists”;
  • Arrest of John Gilligan;
  • Tusla and failure to act on child abuse;
  • Budget 2021 and the ‘baby bounce’ for Fianna Fail;
  • Warnings of Austerity;
  • The Great Gig Economy;
  • “Asking too much of our younger generation” by the party saddling them with debt;
  • Apple tax appeal is appealed by EU.

Oct 25 2020

1hr 10mins