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Chicago's best songwriters and musicians join host Michael Teach each week for a quick interview and a few songs.

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Episode 719 - Nickel&Rose

Nickel&RoseToday is the release date for their new EP "Americana" and they will be performing this Monday September 3rd at Uncommon Ground on Devon with Opener Emily Nott. Take one listen to this Podcast and I know you will want to join us to see them live.Link to Facebook InvileLink To Podcast Videos


1 Sep 2018

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Episode 743 - Valerie Raye

Valerie Raye, Regina, Saskatchewan and now hailing from Nashville, has been playing music and chasing that dream for 11 years now. I don't dream of American Idol or X Factor. I work hard for each dollar. I hit the highways & and the harmsways. And so far I've managed to always make it back. Some say its country, some say its rock, some say its weird when I sing with those who do Hip Hop. I say I'll give you something to hold on to, and then together WE GO! Click here to view all the Videos from the Podcast


18 Feb 2020

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Episode 733 - chicago Farmer 2019

Chicago Farmer was last in the CAU Studio in 2013. Last week Cody Diekhoff (Chicago Farmer) spent a glorious afternoon singing some of his latest songs. Chicago Farmer is one of the hardest working singer/songwriters I know. You can join us tomorrow night at City Winery where Chicago Farmer is headlining with special guest Althea Grace presenting the state of his amazing skills. Follow this link to buy your tickets Follow this link to see the Podcast Videos


2 Oct 2019

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Episode 732 - The Przmatics

Mike Przygoda, multi-talented musician, arranger, producer brought his amazing band "The Przmatics" into the studio and blew me away. What an exciting band with music that will keep you listening and wanting for more. Band Members Ausberto Acevedo: bass Stella Steell: guitar, vocals Nick Gutierrez: keyboards, vocals Lindsay Williams: drums Mike Przygoda: remainder Check out the link to the Podcast Videos


25 Sep 2019

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Episode 724 - Val Leventhal 2019

Val Leventhal came into the CAU studio with Bill kavanaugh on Bass and Patrick Reninger Reninger playing harmonica and we had a ball recording four of Val's wonderful songs. Val has been a dear friend for close to a decade and she has always delivered a powerful performance. This was no exception! enjoy... Click here to view the videos from this show


12 Feb 2019

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Episode 735 - Sheryl and Tom

Sheryl and Tom  joined us for a night of their music in support of their live show November 23rd. Come Celebrate Sheryl's BD Bash with the Music of Sheryl & Tom at Ranger Studios and Sound LLC. 450 Dominic Court, Franklin Park, Illinois 60131. As you can tell by this performance, it's gonna be a hell of a Birthday Party. Don't miss it. Follow this link to join the Party:Follow this link to the videos from this Podcast:


14 Nov 2019

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Episode 718 - TEN96

TEN96These talented musicians from Illinois combined their professional experience to create TEN96. Band founder, Anthony Frank on guitar and back up vocals has performed with major entertainers throughout the country. Dennis Hirschauer on lead vocals returned to Illinois after touring the European circuit. Mike Ray on drums plays with such and intensity and style that Anthony knew he was the right choice for TEN96. Each member has logged over 20,000 hours including studio, venues, study and tutoring, rendering them experts by music industry standards. While their main focus is Pop Rock, with original songs written by Anthony, their talents range from Metal to Jazz and even Blues.Come join Ranger Studios and CAU this coming Saturday, July 28th at Ranger Studios in Franklin Park and check out monster rockers TEN96 and Ignescent..Link to all the Videos from the show.


23 Jul 2018

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Episode 741 - Conrad Merced

Conrad Merced is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based out of Chicago, IL. Being raised in a musical family, he started playing in music groups at the age of 13. He was the former front man for the indie rock band The Red Jacket, and the shoegaze, electronic duo Shoplifter. His music has been featured in films, podcasts and in various music compilations. At the age of 25, Conrad abruptly stopped writing and playing music.Tender BeatsFollowing the unexpected death of his mother, Conrad picked up his guitar after a ten year hiatus and began writing songs for the album "Tender Beats." This lush collection of songs feature catchy finger-style acoustic guitar backed behind atmospheric, digital textures and drum machines to create a unique blend of ambient electronic-folk.Conrad teamed up with engineer Rick Riggs at Handwritten Recording Studio to help shape and bring to life his wall of sound. The album could have easily stood alone as a folk album but with the composition of orchestral instruments, vintage synthesizers and electronic drum machines, the album bends genres without compromising its melody and thoughtful lyrics. Conrad's songs have been described as "Nick Drake meets Roxy Music" and "Elliott Smith meets Radiohead."The themes of the album touch on dealing with the loss and death of a loved one, reflections on aging, overcoming writer's block, breaking up, falling in love, and a nostalgia piece about growing up in the 90's to immigrant parents. Click here to view the videos from this Podcast


5 Feb 2020

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Episode 713 - Julianne Q

Julianne Q and the Band write a new definition of classic. Fronted by the powerful vocals and creative mind of Julianne Quaas, the now four-piece evolution is carving its own path into Chicago's music scene. Julianne Q's debut album (released 2017) has received international attention this year, and displays a 60s-70s tinged blues-rock flavor akin to Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, and Amy Winehouse. Julianne Q and The Band bring their classic rock and blues roots to the Chicago scene. With theatrical larger-than-life performances that embody the spirit of Woodstock, The Band leaves their audience with a truly one of a kind memorable experience. Moving into 2018, you can catch the dynamic group touring in and around the Midwest, as well as putting the talents of drummer and vocalist Jeff Mills, guitarist Chris Arwady, and bassist Egan Franke further into the spotlight. That's the best piece of advice Julianne Q has ever received. When Julianne was halfway through her senior of college, she had a choice to make: follow her heart and pursue music, or follow the theatre path she had laid out for herself through her college career. Just like her favorite poem by Robert Frost, Julianne took the road less travelled upon, and it has made all the difference. She knew she would regret more not pursuing her music dream, and so she did just that. Through her music career, Julianne is going to inspire others to listen to that little voice inside of their hearts and live the lives they were meant to live. Through soulful lyrics and powerful rock melodies, Julianne hopes you will hear her passion and drive in her music. But more importantly, she wants to inspire you to take that leap of faith and pursue your passion, just as she did.Click on this link to see all videos


21 May 2018

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Episode 729 - Paul Fowler

Paul Fowler is a true Renaissance Man. Owner of Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies by day and at night singing troubadour. Paul's songwriting skill are presented here. What a fun time we had recording this Podcast. Enjoy!Check out the Videos from the Show


7 Jul 2019

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Episode 737 - Flood County

Flood County joined us a couple of months ago. You know how much I appreciate Duos and these two lovely people are one of my favorites.Flood County is the husband and wife duo of Stewart Peck and Katie Meier-Peck. They are known for writing sparse, lyrically rich songs, echoing the work of classic artists like Kris Kristofferson and Guy Clark. The duo released We'll Be Fine, their debut studio effort, on February 9th, 2018. Recorded by Matt Wright (Turnpike Troubadours) at the famed Prairie Sun Studios in Northern California, it blends together a seamless mix of classic country, western swing, and traditional southern folk. The album has been called a "deft and well crafted collection of songs... which would rather underplay their musical hand in favor of a softening soulfulness and delicacy." They are based out of the Chicagoland area. Click here to see the videos from this Podcast


1 Dec 2019

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Episode 714 - Matthew Davies

Matthew came in one afternoon if February and we recorded this Podcast of his brilliant songs and skilled musicianship.He hails from the Milwaukee area and finds his way to Chicago on a regular basis. You know I will never steer you wrong, go see this man live, he is amazing.The music of Matthew Davies may conjure up images of your great folk heroes upon first encounter. Dive a bit further and you will find a hardworking, skillful songwriter in his prime. Davies' writing is honest and often deeply personal. With these factors in place it is possible for him to float between genres while maintaining a cohesive sound.


3 Jun 2018

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Episode 730 - Naomi Ashley Band 2019

Naomi Ashley Band returned to Chicago Acoustic Underground this past June. As you will see and hear we had a great time recording 6 songs. Naomi was joined by Andon Davis on guitar, Cathie Van Wert on violin, Michael Krayniak on bass, and Paul Bivans playing drums. You are going to love these songs and Naomi's pitch perfect voice. Enjoy the show! See all 6 Naomi Ashley Band Videos


25 Jul 2019

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Episode 734 - Greg Jackson combs

Greg Jackson Combs came upstairs to record this Podcast in preparation of his mini tour with Sister Speak. First they travel to Ripon WI to The Heist for a show on Friday Oct 11th, then it's back to Franklin Park, IL to Ranger Studios at 450 Dominic Ct. on Saturday Oct 12th for a show with World music band Ovadya, then it's on to Chicago at Martyr's on Oct 15th for a show with Cheryl Lynn Tomblin and John Kimler. Right now, enjoy this intimate set of Greg's wonderful songs. Follow this link to see the videos from this Podcast


9 Oct 2019

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Episode 728 - Curious Grace & Black Rabbit

Curious Grace & Black Rabbit is a bold, beautiful mix of instrumentation and vocal layers. The band's got Irish roots and two strong front women, so the name Grace fit like a velvet glove. The band's also steeped in psychedelic rock magic. That's where the black rabbit came in, like a trickster playing with a dark D minor chord. CG&BR makes progressive art rock. New wave and punk-inspired with bluesy, psychedelic grooves, progressive arrangements and anthemic, modern melodies. Their sound combines Irish/Brit-rock influences with intense electric instrumentation, driving rhythms and often dark lyrical content that evokes the beauty of ruin and renewal. Curious Grace & Black Rabbit is: Galway Tom Erangey on bass and vocals,  Mod Mary Erangey on electric cello and vocals, Hollywood John Hickey on guitar, Maestro Bojan Kolevski on keys, Hippie Heidi O'Toole on vocals and Aquaman Scott Way on drums.  Stream on Spotify and SoundCloud. Follow CG&BR on Facebook and Instagram and track them on Bands In Town for show info. For press and marketing inquiries, contact August Forte at august@novo.net. Booking agents, music supervisors, publishers, check out our digital press kit. Check out this video from their show


27 Jun 2019

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Episode 739 - Sister Speak

Sister Speak, aka Sherri Anne Nyberg joined us in October on her way to a World Tour and performed for us with another set of her original music. I have known and workded with this Lady for better than a decade and she is without a doubt one of the most amazing artists that I have ever had on the show. Enjoy this beautiful Woman and her magnificent voice. Click here to see the videos from this Podcast


13 Jan 2020

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Episode 736 - Midnight Iris

Midnight Iris is a female acoustic band, playing unique originals as well as a variety of classic covers from 60's-Today, with heart, soul, & edge! Julie Rankin, Lj Moo, and Ellen playing guitar These ladies are a blast. Enjoy! Click here to view the videos from this show


29 Nov 2019

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Episode 725 - Shadowfields and The Diving Bell Dual Podcast

Shadowfields and The Diving Bell joined us for a dual live streaming Podcast in support of their showcase out in St. Charles' Pheasant Run Mainstage. Now, here is the mixed and mastered version of that recording session. I am certain that you are going to enjoy this brilliant night of music. Click here to see videos from the Podcast


20 Feb 2019

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Episode 721 - Wilde

Here is my Christmas/New Year's Eve gift to you. Fresh off experiencing headlining the House of Blues in Chicago, "Wilde" came into the studio at the recommendation of Michael Vez. As you will hear from the Podcast and see from the videos, this is an amazing Chicago based band. We all had a blast recording this powerful rock band. This is a band that I highly recommend you go see live. Their stage presence and powerful sound and lyrics will get up on your feet. See the videos from the show here.


28 Dec 2018

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Episode 727 - Episode 727,Part 2 with Cheley Tackett

Cheley Tackett, CAU veteran and dear friend is part 2 of this 2 Episode show. This strong powerful voice combined with absolutely brilliant songwriting skill kills this set of her original music. Pay particular attention to the lyrics of "Right Side of History". Click here to see the videos from this show


23 Apr 2019

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