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Measures of Truth: A His Dark Materials Podcast

Listen to Caitlin, Anya, and Alan talk about His Dark Materials! Read along with “The Subtle Knife” as we explore the philosophy, science, and religion that makes this series a classic.

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His Dark Materials 101 Lyra's Jordan

Caitlin, Anya, and Alan talk about the premier of His Dark Materials, Lyra’s Jordan. We have thoughts about the Gyptian Bar Mitzvah, opening the show with Lord Asriel, and the meaning of “EVERYONE’S SPECIAL!!” Explain yourself Beta-Asriel.Who is Lorne Balfe? He created all the amazing music on the show.String Theory?Mat Fraser has had a varied career in show-business. He has been a musician, playwright, stage actor, podcaster, and television actor. He was born with phocomelia, which shortens a person’s limbs, caused by the use of thalidomide while his mother was pregnant.The flood scene is from the prequel novel La Belle Sauvage.There is a Golden Compass video game?!What is The Shire?It might be a stretch to compare the Magisterium’s symbol to a Globus Cruciger, but that won’t stop Alan from saying it.Galileo Galilei wrote a ‘Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems’ which led to a confrontation with Pope Urban VIII. At the end of Galileo’s trial it has been told that he muttered, “All the same- it moves,” as he left the room, which is most likely what Anya was recalling.Our theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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5 Nov 2019

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Golden Compass Ch 10-13

Caitlin, Anya, and Alan talk about a universe where they banged a physicist- and a universe where they didn’t. We also talk about Chapters 10-13 of The Golden Compass. We find out that John Calvin believed in boring things, that no cats were harmed in Schrödinger’s experiment, and #NotAllBears.The slur ‘Gypsy’ comes from a mutation of Egyptian. The Roma/ Sinti / Traveler people came from northern India, and not Africa.Anya’s equation for making gas from iron filings looks like this: With dilute H2SO4, you get a standard metal-acid redox reaction - Iron (II) Sulphate & hydrogen gas are the products: Fe (s) + H2SO4 (aq) → FeSO4 (aq) + H2 (g)Quantum Theory and The Uncertainty Principle are counter-intuitive, but have proven to be the most reliable mathematical model in Physics.Richard Feynman bragged about his womanizing in his loose autobiography ‘Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman’. He often complains that women won’t give him the sex he wants, so what is the point in being polite to them?It is unclear who said, "Anyone who claims to understand quantum theory is either lying or crazy,” but it is often attributed to Feynman.What is Schrödinger's Cat?What is the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?What is the Many-Worlds version of String Theory?The Multiverse TropeDeepak Chopra melds counter-intuitive science with mysticism, and sells a lot of books.The last thing Stephen Hawking wrote was “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation?” which set a limit on the number of possible universes.What are the Northern Lights?Witches?John Calvin believed in the total sovereignty of God.Wait. The Puritans were real?A concise explanation of Calvin’s view on “Free Will”.Cartesian Dualism is a thing.Does a body need a mind to exist?Nature vs NurtureCanadian Geese are trigger-happy attack-dogs with wings.Beowulf was a were-bearTexas was its own countryWhat is a Zorro?Read Chapters 14-17 for next time!!Our theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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24 Sep 2019

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His Dark Materials 102 The Idea of North

Caitin, Anya, and Alan loved ‘The Idea of North’. Pan is perfect, Mrs Coulter is scary, and Lyra is a North fangirl. We talk knitting, daemon manners, and Spinoza. Typical for us!John Adams was in an HBO special with his name, as well as being a supporting character in Hamilton. However, he was not given a part in The Addam’s Family.The Cursed Child was indeed………. cursed.Varys in A Song of Ice and Fire, or Game of Thrones, is cooler than the Cardinal.According to Hope not Hate, 1/3 of Britons polled believe that Islam is a threat to British life.Shows outside the US can win Emmys.Trepanning holes are pretty big!Fair Isle Knitting is a thing.Art Deco was a big deal 100 years ago.How to knit an uneven rib.Matilda is a good book.Moses did some murder- then split (but not the Red Sea, that was later).Baruch Spinoza admired the way that Renee Descartes laid out his belief in Mind and Body- but did not agree with him.Psychophysical Parallelism might be a thing.Our theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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12 Nov 2019

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The Golden Compass Ch 5-9

Caitlin, Anya, and Alan read Chapters 5-9 of The Golden Compass (The Northern Lights) by Philip Pullman. We talk about same-sex daemons, daemon sex, daemons giving away your emotions…. listen, we really like daemons! Also Astronomy, Freud, and Gyptians on the river.‘Gypsy’ is a racial slur for Romani people who had an actual Scottish leader in England named Johnnie Faa in the mid 1500s.What is Afro-Futurism? What is Binti?Who is Galileo?The Ptolemaic Planets are visible with the naked eye. William Herschel is given credit for discovering Uranus but it was his sister Caroline who first recorded it.How does a Crookes Radiometer work? Here is a video from How Stuff Works.Is a Magic 8 Ball real?? (Spoilers- no)What is an Oblate?What is Zoroastrianism?Sigmund Freud thought everything was about penises? The framework of the Ego Ideal was Freud’s explanation for how children mature.The Sensus Divinitatis is part of how we know there is a God, that the Bible is true, and what our place in God’s plan is- according to John Calvin.The Chosen One TropeThe Secret Family Legacy TropeWhat was Pullman’s trans-gender tweet scandal about again?What is The Trolley Problem?Our theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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17 Sep 2019

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Golden Compass Ch 14-17

Caitlin, Anya, and Alan talk Chapters 14-17, cassette tapes, and how Caitlin got all the science right. Anya spots a Plot Hole, Alan says scientists have no butts, and Caitlin brainstorms an ending quote live on mic.The Samoyedic is the Russian name for the Indigenous People of that region- especially Siberia.Meet Anubis from American Gods as played by Chris Obi.The CBC says that Santa is Canadian, and therefore you should believe it.The charged particles that hit the magnetic field come from the sun- called Solar Wind.Not all planets have a geomagnetic field, but Earth does because it is better than the other planets.The Aurora is as complicated as it is beautiful. Which is a lot. Very complicated.The International Space Station has taken video of the aurora.Neon Lights are a thing.Apriori and Aposteriori are big words for truth you know and truth you experience.The Correspondence Theory of Truth is the oldest test for truth in logical philosophy.What is Post-Truth?The idea of contradicting ideas in Buddhism both being true is called Catuṣkoṭi.The Parable of the Invisible Gardener is designed to illustrate that religion is intrinsically irrational. R.M. Hare came up with a similar scenario to illustrate irrational belief does not have to be religious.What is Blik?The Love, Joy, Feminism Blog by Libby Anne tackled the tangled bad science of believing in young-Earth Creationism but not Flat-Earth Theory.The Milgram Experiment showed that regular people could easily become sadistic torturers.The Covenant of Circumcision in Judaism.Bear Worship was (and kinda still is) a thing.Read Chapters 18-21 for next time!!Our theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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1 Oct 2019

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Golden Compass Ch 18-20

Caitlin, Anya, and Alan cover Chapters 18-20 which is all about Sinful Chicken Stew, Iorek Bear-Jesus, and teleology (of course). What is Mrs. Coulter’s endgame? Why will only Anya stand up for Avocados? Listen and find out!Mortal Kombat was a thing in the 90s.Jamestown was initially a failure as a colony, but Carolina was more successful. Both of these were founded for commercial and political reasons rather than religious.Jabme-Akka is the underworld spirit of the Sami people. She tends to the dead in the afterlife.The Vasconic language family includes Basque and is believed by some linguists to indicate a people-group more ancient than the current Indo-European groups that invaded the continent in waves. The Inuit-Yuptik-Unangan language family stretches into Siberia and could have had ancient contact with the Finno-Ugric language family of the Sami.Some people still eat seal meat in modern times.What is the Helium Reserve?What is the Hindenburg?Physicalism is the philosophical stance that there is only physical matter in the universe, which requires that everything is controlled by determinism.Free Will may or may not be a thing, but if it is- it requires options.Christianity is the only Abrahamic Religion to believe in Original Sin.Acquired Freedom is the idea that you can become a moral actor through knowledge of and faith in God.In The Gospel of John 3:3 Jesus says, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”Human women in Narnia are called ‘Daughters of Eve’.The Power of the Powerless was written by Vaclav Havel and is a modern parable of post-modern complicity and victimhood.Elon Musk made a submarine that no one ordered.The current British Constitutional Crisis is part of a wider cultural problem of isolation and consolidation of power with small groups.A defense of Choice FeminismWho is Laura from American Gods?Read Chapters 21-23 for next time!Our theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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8 Oct 2019

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Golden Compass Ch 21-23

Caitlin, Anya, and Alan Book-Over The Golden Compass (Northern Lights) by Philip Pullman. We spoil the Narnia books, the Bible story of Abraham and Isaac, and the amount of energy needed to break chemical bonds. We spoil everything. So much spoiling.Horseshoe Theory is a thing.Cliffhanger vs Game ChangerHarry Potter changed the world of publishing.The King James Version of the Bible was influenced by the English Reformation.Different traditions in Africa related to the ideas of zombies.Africa is not a country.www.AfricaIsNotACountry.com is not an owned domain as of the time this podcast was published.John Faa was a real person.An article by Jessica Reidy about the use of Roma in fiction which mentions the Gyptians.Releasing a chemical bond requires more energy to go in than comes out.More energy is released in splitting an atom, than is used to split it- called fission.The story of Abraham and IsaacDivination is a thing.What’s a Dark Matter?Zee or Zed is the only real fight worth fighting.The Problem of Susan TropeOur theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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15 Oct 2019

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Ruth Wilson Please Hurt Me

Caitlin, Anya, Francis, and Alan wrap up the first season of His Dark Materials by reading all the emails we’ve gotten. We love Ruth Wilson, pick daemons for each other, love Ruth Wilson, and- oh did we mention we love Ruth Wilson? We go over our favorite moments, music, and knitwear of the season and discuss the letter “U” much more than anyone would have guessed!British Brevity is certainly a feature of Commonwealth shows, as compared to American TV.Musical Episodes are a thing.Lani Diane Rich is a Story Expert who has said that Characters should drive Story, not Plot or Theme, if you want an audience to be emotionally involved.There is a Golden Compass movie?The Empty Child is an award winning episode of Dr Who.Ariyon Bakare is awesome in all the ways that you can be- and he also makes Lord Boreal awesome.The UK isn’t a part of Europe?Caitlin’s daemon picks: Alan = Border Collie, Anya = Raccoon, Francis = PheasantAnya’s daemon picks: Caitlin = Hedgehog, Alan = African Grey Parrot, Francis = TamarinAlex the Grey Parrot helped to demonstrate that Avian Intelligence is comparable to Mammal Intelligence.What is Alan’s actual daemon?Alan’s daemon picks: Francis = Charlotte the Spider, Anya = Texas Coral Snake, Caitlin = KinkajouFrancis’ daemon picks: Caitlin = Weaver Bird, Alan = Elephant/ Tortoise, Anya = ServalCaitlin’s friends said she was a goldfish?What’s a Parasitoid Wasp?Ermines!Lyra the ConstellationThe Good Place is about the afterlife and is pretty funny!On the Marionette Theatre by Heinrich Von Kleist was a direct influence on Phillip Pullman according to what he says in his book Daemon Voices.Jason and Vivian have a great podcast called Forkin Bullshirt about The Good PlaceAunt Viv from Fresh PrinceStar Wars Fan Edit: Dawn of the EmpireHouseboats are a thingCaitlin and Jennifer have a Star Trek podcast called A Command of Her OwnBrutalist Architecture is a thingWhy don’t Americans spell with British “U”s?Ruth Wilson also stars in LutherWhat is L33T?There is a creepy (but cute!) puppet of Lyra!YouTube version of HDM SoundtrackFollow Francis on Twitter: @franciswindramOur theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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23 Jan 2020

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His Dark Materials 108 Betrayal

Caitlin, Anya, and Alan talk about the finale of His Dark Materials! Caitlin doesn’t care about Roger. Anya sees a Buffy connection. Alan can’t stop himself from saying Moses. We love the look of the show, Mrs Coulter, and we want Season Two right now.The Folger’s incest ad is a Holiday TraditionWhat is heteronormative?Soldiers actually do parachute with attack dogs.Article about Ruth Wilson leaving The Affair.Our theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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24 Dec 2019

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His Dark Materials 107 The Fight to the Death

Caitlin, Anya, and Alan talk about great screams, too much hugging, and the heroine’s journey. We liked the bear fight but loved Lord Boreal and Elaine Perry. We stay on topic with robot murder, Spaceballs, and debating if Beyonce has a last name.Lord Asriel’s reaction in the video game of The Golden Compass.Meat-O-Vision is a visual trope in cartoons that tells us the character is hungry.Parsimonious? Occam’s razor?Beyonce has a last name?! (Spoiler: it’s Knowles-Carter)Roger’s daemon is named Salcilia.Here is why the bears had no armor (armour?) on.Dostoevsky talked about mental repression and polar bears.Spaceballs doll sceneThe Hero’s Journey and the Heroine’s JourneySchrodinger’s Cat is a thing.Accidental Murder TropeTed was a murdered robot who was killed by a Vampire Slayer. Named Buffy.Ralph Ellison had thoughts about being invisible and black.British slave trade was a thing.Our theme song is Clockwork Conundrum by NathanGunnFollow us on Twitter: Anya @StrangelyLiterl Cailtlin @inferiorcaitlin The Podcast @MoTPodPlease email us contact@hallowedgroundmedia.com

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17 Dec 2019

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